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The Mystical Body Shares in the Passion of Jesus Christ By Monsignor John Esseff


The Mystical Body Shares in the Passion of Jesus Christ:

Padre Pio and the Theology of the Body
By Monsignor John Esseff
September 23rd marks the feast day of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) canonized by Blessed John Paul II and the forty-fourth anniversary of his death. I would like to offer a reflection on how the Theology of the Body relates to the body of Padre Pio.
When I studied Mystici Corporis (On the Mystical Body of Christ) by Pope Pius XII, I was on fire and consumed with the idea of being in Christ, of being Him in the world among my fellow men and women. Six years after I was ordained, on the exact anniversary of my ordination, being one with His Mystical Body, I was gifted a trip to Rome by my parishioners. A friend of mine, Father Robert Galligan, and I left Pennsylvania, where we were both priests of the Diocese of Scranton, and we flew to Rome. During that trip, I had extraordinary experiences of grace. I had hoped that while I was in Italy I might see Padre Pio, a man I knew little about except that he had the stigmata. In Rome, we then took a rapido to Naples and from Naples we went by bus to San Giovanni Rotundo, the monastery where Padre Pio lived on the Adriatic Coast.
Neither Bob nor I spoke Italian and the only name I knew was Mary Pyle. When we got off the bus, we inquired about Maria, and it seemed that everyone in that town knew her name. Eventually, Bob and I were directed to a cottage where we met Mary Pyle, who welcomed and introduced us to Padre Pio's nephew who was at the cottage. We had a delicious meal of wine, bread and cheese and a beautiful introduction to San Giovanni Rotundo. In the midst of this wonderful hospitality, Padre Pio came to visit and I was amazed that he had shown up. I knew that he knew Mary, but I was still amazed that he was there. He came to the table and directly challenged me with "What are you doing here? Are you a curiosity seeker?" I was really surprised, but I did tell him what I was really thinking. I didn't know why having the stigmata was so important. We did not talk about his wounds. I did say that I thought nothing was more important than the Eucharist and that I believed that when I offer Mass my body is the Body of Jesus and that I am one with Him. What I said to Padre Pio about my experience of celebrating the Eucharist was a truth I had lived since my ordination. Every day of my priesthood I had the awareness that I had union with Christ, that He was in me and I was in Him. I knew that everything that happens to me happens to Him and everything that happens to Him happens to me. The two of us are one in the suffering, and the dying and the rising. The Paschal Mystery takes place in me. The kind of dramatic manifestation of Christ's suffering in Padre Pio was something that I thought so extraordinary and I didn't say I didn't believe it, because there it was in front of me. Here was a man with the wounds of Jesus Christ and he and I were talking together and I was saying to him and him to me what his experience in the suffering and the dying and the rising was. We had the most wonderful exchange and conversation, and I'll always remember it. I'll always remember too the loving eyes that were looking back at me during those twenty minutes.
When I turned to ask Mary if he came there often, she told me something strange. "We didn't know he was here. If he had a conversation with you, he came to see you. No one else at the table saw him. He often does that; he has the gift of bilocation." I had never heard that before. It was a unique and beautiful experience.
After a night of rest, we got up at about 2 o'clock in the morning to go up to the monastery. We had been told that while we were waiting we would have to sign up in the sacristy to celebrate Mass, because in those days they didn't have concelebrated Masses. There were people there from all over the world and we were all waiting our turn. Suddenly a door opened that was just a few feet away from me and Padre Pio walked in. I knelt down. With hundreds of people around, there he was standing right over me, but this time the eyes were not gentle as they had been the night before. They were quite angry. What he was experiencing that was causing what I perceived as anger, I didn't know then and to this day, I still don't know. Finally, he left and went to the kneeler to prepare to offer his Mass. When he got up from the kneeler, he came right back to me, smiling this time and he took off his glove. I saw the wound in his hand and it appeared to be more than a half inch long. It looked like a burn blister on his hand. As he raised his hand, I could actually see light through the wound. Still smiling, he put his hand on my head and then blessed me with his pierced hand. I can still to this day recall that blessing. What a powerful blessing it was! Some days after this encounter, I was told that Padre Pio also had the gift of reading souls. That day in the sacristy, I was unaware that he had that gift. I often think about what he might have been responding to in me. Some of the people who were there that day, told me that he stood over me for about twenty minutes. I had no grasp of the time and so I assume that what they told me was so.
Padre Pio left to go to his altar. All of us went to that unforgettable celebration of the Eucharist by Padre Pio. The first part of the Mass, we prayed as always, but after the Liturgy of the Word, as he began offering the bread and wine and throughout the Consecration, blood appeared running from his hands and from his sandaled feet. When Mass was over, many people, with small swabs of cotton were dabbing the blood that had fallen onto the floor near the altar. They obviously believed this to be a relic that they wanted to preserve.
That day was truly unforgettable, a gift that God wanted for me in my time. How many others, thousands and tens of thousands were able to participate and see a man of God become Jesus at the altar, to see that transformation of Padre Pio into Christ. The Eucharist, Padre Pio and Jesus. It was right in my time. I couldn't have been closer to Calvary.
At my own celebrations of Eucharist, I have always been aware that Jesus Christ suffers, dies and rises. I had no question when I manifest that great truth in my own body, in my role as priest, in my celebration at the altar. I do believe I do that, but experiencing the unique manifestation of Padre Pio was huge for me.
If I had any kind of question within me that day or the night before, I might have asked why God gave Padre Pio such an extraordinary manifestation of Christ's passion. I know that many had questions about him. He was Jesus in our time---suffering, and eventually dying in 1968. His was in union with Christ, as he manifested in a unique way in his own life the wounds, which Jesus manifested. This is what I testify to in relation to the entire body of belief in the Theology of the Body: My body and your body and all the bodies in the Mystical Body will share in the Passion of Jesus Christ. I go through the anxiety, worry and pain about what He went through when Jesus was left alone and in dialogue with His Father. "Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from me." On each occasion that I am at the altar and I am about to drink from the chalice, I respond to the question, "Can you drink this cup? with "Yes, Lord, if you want me to." How many days has that happened over my fifty-nine years as a priest! Each and every person has had this experience in their lives. When did you go through an agony, a suffering in your interior self when no one understood? You wanted a Peter, or James or John to share with you and to be with you in dialogue about what you were going through, but no one did. They were all asleep. Have you ever had an awareness of God and what He wanted from you? Yes, every Christian, I believe, at some time in his or her life will go through the Agony in the Garden. Padre Pio was alienated from his bishop, alienated from his fellow monks, rejected and alone. In his aloneness in the garden, Padre Pio suffered the Agony, too.
Each Christian in his or her body suffers the scourging. I have met so many people who have been beaten and scourged physically. Each person in his or her own way has a scourging that we undergo in our hearts. Like Padre Pio, we have that intimate union with Jesus Christ that never leaves us.
Each Christian is also crowned with thorns. When we are called on to experience a special kind of pain and suffering, we sometimes fail to recognize that it is He, the suffering Christ, who is within us. Every single Christian as a member of the Body must endure and will endure the Paschal Mystery. We will carry the Cross. We will be crucified.
My experience with Padre Pio was that his stigmata glorified God all through his life. He was born, baptized and gave glory to God. Then, for a time, he did not have the stigmata and during his priesthood, the stigmata was manifested for the glory of God. There are countless priests, like me, who do not have stigmata; we do not have this manifestation that gives glory to God. Still I, as well as others, do have other pains. Each day that you and I believe in the theology of the body, we can accept those aches and pains, which unite us to Jesus.All of us experience union with Christ when we embrace the sufferings we endure in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. By loving Him who is in us, we manifest the glory of God in our sufferings, for only Christ can embrace with total love the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sufferings of the body, mind and heart. This ordinary manifestation of Divine Love is expressed in the extraordinary love of St. Pio in the Eucharist when his whole body, mind, heart and soul were united in Christ. The union of the divine with the human in the embrace of spousal love in the sacrament of marriage, the one flesh union is here expressed in the union of Padre Pio's body with God in Divine Love, the stigmata which is the suffering and death of Jesus Christ here present in the Eucharist. Through my contemplation of Padre Pio and the stigmata he bore, I experience a union with Christ in his suffering. I suffer in Him and He in me. We are not all called to have the stigmata, but we are called to offer our bodily pain in union with Jesus Christ for the glory of God.
Monsignor John Esseff is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Msgr. Esseff served as a retreat director and confessor to Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. He continues to offer direction and retreats for the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity around the world. Msgr. Esseff encountered St. Padre Pio, who would become a spiritual father to him. He has lived in areas around the world, serving in the Pontifical missions, a Catholic organization established by Bl. Pope John Paul II. Msgr. Esseff assisted the founders of the Institute for Priestly Formation and continues to serve as a spiritual director for the Institute. He continues to serve as a retreat leader and director to bishops, priests, sisters, seminarians and other religious leaders around the world. Listen to podcasts and read more from Monsignor Esseff on his website: www.msgrjohnesseff.net

Prayers for Spiritual Healing


The Secret of Sanctity (Joseph Cardinal Mercier)
I am going to reveal to you the secret of sanctity and happiness. Every day for five minutes control your imagination and close your eyes to the things of sense and your ears to all the noises of the world, in order to enter into yourself.
Then in the sanctity of your Baptized soul, [which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit] speak to that Divine Spirit, saying to Him:
Oh, Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul. I adore Thee.
Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me.
Tell me what I should do . . . give me Thy orders.
I promise to submit myself to all that Thou desireth of me
and to accept all that Thou doth permit to happen to me.
Let me only know Thy will.
If you do this, your life will flow along happily, serenely and full of consolation, even in the midst of trials. Grace will be proportioned to the trial, giving you the strength to carry it and you will arrive at the gates of Paradise, laden with merit.
This submission to the Holy Spirit is the secret of sanctity.
The following prayer covers most of the significant areas of forgiveness. Often, such a prayer will bring to mind other areas that need forgiveness. Let the Holy Spirit move freely and guide your mind to persons or groups that you need to forgive. This is especially useful before confession.
Lord Jesus Christ, I ask today to forgive everyone in my life. I know that You will give me the strength to forgive and I thank You that You love me more than I love myself and want my happiness more than I desire it for myself.
Father, I forgive Your for the times death has come into my family, hard times, financial difficulties, or that I thought were punishments sent by You and people said “It’s God;s will,” and I became bitter and resentful toward You. Purify my heart and mind today.
Lord, I forgive MYSELF for my sins, faults and failings, for all that is bad in myself or that I think is bad, I forgive myself. For any delvings in superstition, using ouija boards, horoscopes, going to seances, using fortune telling or wearing lucky charms, I reject all that superstition and choose You alone as my Lord and Savior. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.
I further forgive myself for taking Your name in vain, not worshipping You by attending church, for hurting my parents, getting drunk, for sins against purity, bad books, bad movies, fornication, adultery, homosexuality. You have forgiven me, today I forgive myself.
Also for abortion, stealing, lying, defrauding, hurting people’s reputation, I forgive myself.
I truly forgive my MOTHER, I forgive her for all the times she hurt me, she resented me, she was angry with me and for all the times she prefered my brothers and sisters to me. I forgive her for the times she told me I was dumb, ugly, stupid, the worst of the children or that I cost the family a lot of money. For the times she told me I was unwanted, an accident, a mistake or not what she expected, I forgive her.
I forgive my FATHER. I forgive him for any non-support, any lack of love, affection or attention. I forgive him for any lack of time, for not giving me his companionship, for his drinking, arguing and fighting with my mother or the other children. For his severe punishments, for desertion, for being away from home, for divorcing my mother or for any running around, I do forgive him.
Lord, I extend forgiveness to my SISTERS ANDBROTHERS. I forgive those who rejected me, lied about me, hated me, resented me, competed for my parents’ love, those who hurt me, who physically harmed me. For those who were too severe on me, punished me or made my life unpleasant in any way, I do forgive them.
Lord, I forgive my SPOUSE for lack of love, affection, consideration, support, attention, communication; for faults, failings, weaknesses and those other acts or words that hurt or disturb me.
Jesus, I forgive my CHILDREN for their lack of respect, obedience, love, attention, support, warmth, understanding; for their bad habits, falling away from the church, any bad actions which disturb me.
My God, I forgive my IN-LAWS, MY MOTHER-IN-LAW, FATHER-IN-LAW, SON/DAUGHTER IN-LAWAND OTHER RELATIVES by marriage, who treat my family with a lack of love. For all their words, thoughts, actions or omissions which injure and cause pain, I forgive them.
Please help me to forgive my RELATIVES, my grandmother and grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins, who may have interfered in our family, been possessive of my parents, who may have caused confusion or turned one parent against the other.
Jesus, help me to forgive my CO-WORKERS who are disagreeable or make life miserable for me. For those who push their work off on me, gossip about me won’t cooperate with me, try to take my job, I do forgive them.
My NEIGHBORS need to be forgiven, Lord. For all their noise, letting their property run down, not tying up their dogs who run through my yard, not taking in their trash barrels, being prejudiced and running down the neighborhood, I do forgive them.
I now forgive all PRIESTS AND NUNS, MY PARISH, PARISH COUNCIL, PARISH ORGANIZATIONS, MY PASTOR, THE BISHOP, THE POPE, AND THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH for their lack of support, affirmation, bad sermons, pettiness, lack of friendliness, not providing me or my family with the inspiration we needed, for any hurts they have inflicted on me or my family, even in the distant past, I forgive them today.
Lord, I forgive all those who are of different PERSUASIONS, those of opposite political views who have attacked me, ridiculed me, discriminated against me, made fun of me, economically hurt me.
I forgive those of different religious DENOMINATIONS who have tried to convert me, harrassed me, attacked me, argued with me, forced their views on me.
Those who have harmed me ETHNICALLY, have discriminated against me, moscked me, made jokes about my race or nationality, hurt my family physically, emotionally or economically, I do forgive them today.
Lord, I forgive all PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE who have hurt me in any way; doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, politicians and civil servants. I forgive all service people: policemen, firemen, bus drivers, hospital workers and especially repairmen who have taken advantage of me in their work.
Lord, I forgive my EMPLOYER for not paying me enough money, for not appreciating my work, for being unkind and unreasonable with me, for being angry or unfriendly, for not promoting me, and for not complimenting me on my work.
Lord, I forgive my SCHOOLTEACHERS ANDINSTRUCTORS of the past as well as the present. For those who punished me, humilitated me, insulted me, treated me unjustly, made fun of me, called me dumb or stupid, made me stay after school, I truly forgive them today.
Lord, I forgive my FRIENDS who have let me down, lost contact with me, do not support me, were not available when I needed help, borrowed money and did not return it, gossiped about me.
Lord Jesus, I especially pray for the grace of forgiveness for that ONE PERSON in life who has HURT ME THE MOST. I ask to forgive anyone who I consider my greatest enemy, the one who is the hardest to forgive or the one who I said i will never forgive.
Lord, I beg pardon of all these people for the hurt I have inflicted on them, especially my mother and father, and my marriage partner. I am especially sorry for the three greatest hurts I have inflicted on each.
Thank You, Jesus, that I am being freed of the evil of unforgiveness. Let Your Holy Spirit fill me with light and let every dark area of my mind be enlightened. AMEN
John 15:12 ”This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”
HEALING PRAYER by Fr. Larry J. Hess
HEAVENLY FATHER I call on you now in a special way. It is through your power that I was created. Every breath I take / every morning I wake / and every moment of every hour / I live under your power. Father I ask you now to touch me with that same power. For if you created me from nothing / you can certainly recreate me. Fill me with the healing power of your spirit. Cast out anything that should not be in me. Mend what is broken. Root out any unproductive cells. Open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection.
Let the warmth of you healing love pass through my body to make new any unhealthy areas so that my body will function the way you created it to function.
And Father / restore me to full health in mind and body so that I may serve you the rest of my life.
I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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What will convert America and save the world? My answer is prayer.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

What will convert America and save the world? My answer is prayer. What we need is for every Parish to come before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Hours of prayer.” “Perpetual Adoration with exposition needs a great push.” “Jesus has made Himself the Bread of Life to give us life. Night and day, He is there. If you really want to grow in love, come back to the Eucharist, come back to that Adoration.” “Our lives must be woven around the Eucharist…fix your eyes on Him Who is the light; bring your hearts close to His Divine Heart; ask Him to grant you the grace of knowing Him, the love of loving Him, the courage to serve Him. Seek Him fervently.” “Through Mary the cause of our joy you discover that no where on earth are you more welcomed, no where on earth are you more loved, than by Jesus, living and truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament...He is really there in Person waitin just for you.” “We cannot separate our lives from the Eucharist; the moment we do, something breaks. People ask, ‘Where do the sisters get the joy and energy to do what they are doing?’ The Eucharist involves more than just receiving: it also involves satisfying the hunger of Christ. He says, ‘Come to Me.’ He is hungry for souls.” “When you look at the crucifix, you understand how much Jesus loved you.When you look at the Sacred Host you understand how much Jesus loves you now.This is why you should ask your parish priest to have Perpetual Adoration in your parish. I beg the Blessed Mother to tough the hearts of all parish priests that they may have Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in their parishes, and that it may spread throughout the entire world.” “The time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the best time you will spend on earth.
Mother Teresa PRAYERS:
“O God, we believe You are here. We adore You and love You with our whole heart and soul because You are most worthy of all our love. We desire to love You as the Blessed do in Heaven…Flood our souls with Your spirit and life. Penetrate and possess our whole being utterly, that our lives may only be a radiance of Yours. Shine through us, and be so in us, that every soul we come in contact with may feel Your presence in our soul. Let them look up and see no longer us, buy only Jesus!”
The fruit of silence is PRAYER
The fruit of prayer is FAITH
The fruit of faith is LOVE
The fruit of love is SERVICE
The fruit of service is PEACE
Roman Catholicism has taught to pray for people who died before us. The Old Testament even has alms and prayers for those who died. A person that dies most likely will spend some time in purgatory. The length of time depends on what God deems fair.


EL CONCILIO DEL PAPA JUAN de Michael Davies. POPE’S JOHN COUNCIL Michael Treharne Davies

El Concilio del Papa Juan - Michael davies
Título original inglés: POPE’S JOHN COUNCIL Michael Treharne Davies (Aagustine Publishig Company, Devon, 1977)

Tapa de la edición original argentina de Iction. Pintura de la tapa: “Cristo en el Huerto de los olivos” El Greco, Domenikos Theotokópulos (1541-1614) (Museo de Bellas Artes, Budapest) Traducción de ésta edición: Ana María Zuleta Revisión: Gustavo Daniel Corbi © Editorial ICTION – 1981 www.statveritas.com.ar 4

Sobre la obra y el autor

Michael Treharne Davies (1936-2004), es un autor apologista católico británico converso del anglicanismo, conocido mundialmente por su trabajo por la restauración del Rito Latino Tradicional. Autor de obras fundamentales para la crítica de la reforma litúrgica, militó en los movimientos tradicionalistas, abriéndose de la Fraternidad San Pío X en 1988, después de una larga amistad con su fundador, sobre quién escribió la conocida “Apología pro Marcel Lefebvre”. Por medio de Una Voce International, extendida en todo el mundo, trabajó incansablemente en defensa de la liturgia y la doctrina tradicionales. Desarrolla en éste libro, con claridad, y la objetividad de un ―scholar y basado en la impecable evidencia de los hechos, su tesis sobre la responsabilidad del último Concilio en la actual ―autodestrucción y desintegración de la Iglesia Católica. Las fuentes citadas–católico liberales y protestantes en su mayoría– ofrecen un inequívoco consenso que avala su posición respecto a muchos hechos claves. Por su seriedad y su extraordinaria documentación de primera agua, “El Concilio del Papa Juan”, con cuatro ediciones en Inglaterra y otras tantas en los Estados Unidos, es ya una obra indispensable en toda la bibliografía de base sobre el Concilio Vaticano II. En sus diversos artículos y obras sobre la Iglesia luego del Concilio Vaticano II, se encuentra publicado otras dos obras de documentación sobre la “Revolución litúrgica”: “El ordo divino de Cranmer” y “La Nueva Misa del Papa Pablo”. La trilogía de ―La Revolución Litúrgica se compone de: I: ―El Ordo Divino de Cranmer II: ―El Concilio del Papa Juan II: ―La Nueva Misa de Pablo VI 5

EL CONCILIO DEL PAPA JUAN Michael Davies (Segunda parte de “La revolución litúrgica”) ÍNDICE ANALÍTICO INTRODUCCIÓN DEL AUTOR I. EL PAPA JUAN ES INSPIRADO El papa Juan declara que Dios lo inspiró para convocar a un Concilio Ecuménico. — Falta de entu-siasmo en la Curia. — Los Concilios previos condenaron los principales errores de su tiempo. — El Vaticano II no ha producido buenos frutos. — Evidencia de que la Iglesia posconciliar está comprometida en un proceso de autodestrucción. — Los males que afligen a la Iglesia surgieron en el Concilio mismo. — El papa Juan no previó en absoluto los resultados de su decisión de convocar un Concilio. — No pretendía sino un Sínodo de Roma magnificado. — La mayoría de los Padres compartió las ilusiones del papa Juan. II. LA IGLESIA ANTES DEL CONCILIO El Papa Juan rinde tributo a la vibrante vitalidad de la Iglesia preconciliar. Esto se manifestaba no simplemente en la predicación del Evangelio sino en un interés sin precedentes por las necesidades materiales de toda la humanidad. — Las debilidades en la Iglesia preconciliar eran normalmente exageraciones de aspectos válidos de la Fe. —Dichas debilidades analizadas por Dietrich von Hildebrand. — La doctrina social católica ampliamente ignorada antes del Concilio. — Considerable espacio para la renovación litúrgica según los lineamientos sostenidos por el Movimiento Litúrgico con la aprobación papal. Una quintacolumna modernista existía dentro de la Iglesia preconciliar. — El Concilio creó el clima para que ésta emergiera. — Los documentos conciliares no pueden ser absueltos de toda responsabilidad por la presente crisis. — Esta opinión es ahora compartida por Dietrich von Hildebrand. III. BLITZKRIEG La mayoría de los obispos no estaba preparada para el Concilio. — Pocos comprendieron claramente su papel. — Un grupo de obispos de mentalidad liberal de los países del Rin fueron al Concilio con un plan definido para reformar la Iglesia de acuerdo con sus propias ideas.— Los ―expertos (periti) conciliares tuvieron mayor influencia que los obispos. — El grupo del Rin desbarata el procedimiento de elección establecido e inicia una campaña para asegurar la elección de sus propios candidatos para las influyentes comisiones conciliares. — La elección es un triunfo para el grupo del Rin, que rápidamente se extiende cuando su éxito inicia un movimiento de adhesión. IV. OPERACIONES DE LIMPIEZA El grupo del Rin se consolida por medio de un cambio de las normas de procedimiento y se asegura el nombramiento de sus miembros en más puestos clave. — Tienen lugar elecciones adicionales y cada candidato ganador es un miembro del Rin; el grupo del Rin logra el control total. V. TROPAS DE CHOQUE LIBERALES

Los periti son las tropas de choque del grupo del Rin. — El Vaticano II es el Concilio de los periti. — Los esquemas preparatorios (borradores de documentos) para el Concilio son desechados a instancia de los periti. — El cardenal Heenan atestigua que los peritipodían introducir fórmulas ambiguas en los documentos conciliares oficiales. — Los obispos no se dan cuenta de lo que estaban planeando los expertos. — El cardenal Heenan teme lo que va a suceder si los periti obtienen el poder de interpretar el Concilio al mundo. — Los 6

periti se aseguran este poder consiguiendo el control de las comisiones posconciliares investidas con el poder de interpretar e implementar los documentos oficiales. — La importancia del Concilio como un evento que posibilitó a los católicos liberales de todo el mundo organizarse a sí mismos y planear su campaña. —Existe ahora un ―magisterio paralelo de los expertos que impone su voluntad a la Iglesia. — La naturaleza de la conspiración liberal. — Algunos de los periti del Concilio están ahora entre los más vociferantes opositores a la doctrina católica sobre fe y moral. — La importancia en la presente crisis de la encíclica Pascendi Gregis de San Pío X. VI. BOMBAS DE TIEMPO Monseñor Lefebvre previene contra las bombas de tiempo en los documentos del Concilio. —Ésos son pasajes capaces de una interpretación modernista después del Concilio. — Un eminente teólogo niega que dichos pasajes existan. — La opinión de monseñor Lefebvre es confirmada por voceros de todos los matices de la opinión católica y protestante. — Los documentos mismos prueban que está en lo cierto. — Para demostrarlo, se examinan detalladamente pasajes de algunos documentos. VII. LOS PREFABRICANTES Nunca la prensa había tenido tanta influencia en ningún Concilio como en el Vaticano II. El padre Bouyer declara que el Concilio se entregó a la dicta-dura de los periodistas. — Los periodistas liberales fabrican un mito. — Ahora este mito ha sido generalmente aceptado como la verdadera historia del Concilio. —Una pequeña élite liberal puede hacer pasar sus propias políticas como opinión pública. — Los puntos de vista contrarios son excluidos de la prensa del ―establishment. — Los obispos y los periti liberales cooperan estrechamente con los periodistas liberales. — La importancia del IDOC. — Otro ejemplo de la importancia de Pascendi Gregis.VIII. EL TRASFONDO DEL PROTESTANTISMO La historia del protestantismo es una de fragmentación. — Cada protestante es su propio Papa. — El rechazo de la autoridad papal por los reformadores protestantes inició un proceso que sólo puede terminar en el Racionalismo. — Sin embargo, muchos protestantes llevan una vida cristiana ejemplar. — El movimiento ecuménico no es un movimiento hacia el protestantismo, sino hacia el racionalismo. — El cardenal Heenan confirma que el racionalismo está ahora exuberante dentro de la Iglesia Católica. — Liberales católicos y protestantes unidos para prosternarse ante el mundo. — Consideran que el primer deber de un cristiano es construir un paraíso en la tierra. — Los errores de la ―teología de la liberación. Un diálogo ecuménico con protestantes ha demostrado ser a la vez inútil y peligroso. — La única verdadera base para un ecumenismo católico es invitar a los protestantes a abandonar sus errores y volver a la única verdadera Iglesia fundada por Jesucristo. IX. PRESIONES PROTESTANTES

Los efectos del Vaticano II excedieron las más descabelladas esperanzas de los protestantes. — El Concilio marcó el final de la Contrarreforma. — La satisfacción protestante con el Concilio debe ser una causa de preocupación para los católicos. — La fuerte influencia protestante garantizada con el establecimiento del Secretariado para la Unidad Cristiana como un cuerpo completamente independiente de la Curia. — La presencia de los observadores protestantes en el Concilio tuvo un efecto inhibitorio sobre los Padres. — Algunos Padres hicieron discursos en nombre de los observadores. —Los observadores ejercen considerable influencia detrás de la escena. — Su in-fluencia puede verse en el lenguaje de los documentos. — Como resultado del Concilio, la Iglesia Católica se vio arrastrada a una política ecuménica de apaciguamiento en la que la unidad es buscada a expensas de la verdad. — Por más que los ecumenistas católicos puedan ser sinceros, sus políticas no pueden terminar sino en un desastre. — La evangelización ha sido reemplazada por el diálogo. — A muchos clérigos les parece que el diálogo ecuménico es una alternativa agradable y sin exigencias para la evangelización. A mayor progreso del ecumenismo, mayor declinación de todas las denominaciones interesadas. —Los protestantes declaran que la implicación católica en el movimiento ecuménico es ahora irreversible. — En lo referente al futuro inmediato esta opinión puede muy bien ser correcta. — Cambios 7

litúrgicos alabados por los protestantes. — La Misa en su nueva forma ya no es más causa de disensión. — Los católicos motivados por su caridad hacia sus hermanos separados no escatimarán esfuerzos para llevarlos a la comunión con el Vicario de Cristo. — Ésta es la única base válida para el ecumenismo católico. X. MADRE DE LA IGLESIA El trato dado a la Virgen durante el Concilio ilustra la magnitud de la influencia protestante. — Un documento separado sobre Nuestra Señora encontró la oposición de los protestantes porque reforzaba su importancia. —Los Padres votan por sólo diecisiete votos, para que se relegue el esquema de Nuestra Se-ñora a la Constitución sobre la Iglesia. — Los observadores protestantes expresan su satisfacción de que se haya evitado el desastre. — Los protestantes objetan el título de Mediadora de todas las gracias. — Se llega a un compromiso. Se conserva Mediadora pero se suprimen las palabras de todas las gracias. — Los protestantes objetan el título de Madre de la Iglesia. — Es suprimido. El papa Pablo declara a Nuestra Señora como Madre de la Iglesia por su propia autoridad. — Los protestantes y los Padres liberales se enfurecen. — El Capítulo sobre Nuestra Señora en su forma final tiene mucho de loable. — A pesar de la magnitud en que sus demandas fueron aceptadas, los observadores protestantes están lejos de estar satisfechos. XI. GIRO A LA IZQUIERDA La política del papa Pío XII de enfrentamiento al comunismo ha sido reemplazada por una de diálogo. Esto dio por resultado continuas concesiones de par-te de la Iglesia. — Se analiza la táctica comunista de ―la mano extendida. — Los comunistas usan el diálogo como un arma para hacer más fácil su obtención del poder. — La prueba de que una actitud más simpática hacia el comunismo puesta de manifiesto por un Concilio ecuménico ayudaría el esfuerzo de Rusia por conquistar el mundo. — Desde el Concilio, muchos católicos no simplemente dejaron de oponerse al comunismo, sino que han hecho todo lo que estuvo en su poder para hacerlo avanzar. — La traición al cardenal Mindszenty.— Los observadores ortodoxos concurren al Concilio bajo la condición de que no habría una nueva condenación del comunismo. — La nueva Ostpolitik del Vaticano se basa en una desastrosa ilusión y ha tenido desastrosos resultados.— Mediante un proceso de calculado fraude se impide al Concilio condenar el comunismo ateo. — Ningún católico está obligado a apoyar a la Santa Sede en su Ostpolitik.— En 1975 se obtiene la evidencia de las segundas intenciones por parte del Vaticano. — Probablemente, la situación se ha desarrollado más allá del punto en que un cambio de política pueda tener algún efecto sobre el avance comunista al poder. XII. ADVERSARIOS PERNICIOSOS El libro del obispo Graber revela la magnitud de la conspiración masónica contra la Iglesia. — Los li-berales ridiculizan a todo católico que sugiere que existe una conspiración contra la Iglesia. — Los liberales son ayudados por los católicos que sufren la manía de la conspiración. — Los papas han enseñado que el catolicismo y la masonería son fundamental-mente irreconciliables. — Ningún católico puede ser nunca masón. —Esta prohibición se halla incorporada al derecho canónico. — Fue revocada en 1974. — Los masones, así como los comunistas, no hacen de sus intenciones ningún secreto. — No siguen intentando destruir a la Iglesia sino utilizarla infiltrándose en ella. — El Concilio y la evolución posconciliar han hecho un largo camino hacia el encuentro con los objetivos masónicos. — Pero algunos masones están lejos de estar satisfechos con los documentos conciliares. — La importancia de no ir más allá de la evidencia cuando se afirma la teoría conspirativa. —Muchos liberales no son siniestros sino tontos. XIII. EL ENIGMA DE PABLO VI

Es necesario estar en comunión con el Vicario de Cristo para ser miembro del Cuerpo Místico de Cristo. Algunos católicos manifiestan una comprensible pero exagerada lealtad a la persona del Papa y actúan como si cada decisión suya fuera inspirada por Dios. — Semejante actitud es históricamente indefendible. — La infalibilidad no es una asistencia ligada a la persona del Papa, sino una cualidad inherente a su investidura. — La primacía del Papa se ejerce sólo cuando su finalidad es la Iglesia universal, e incluso entonces sólo cuando la 8

enseñanza concierne a la fe y a la moral. — La idea de que el Papa no puede ser criticado es una actitud de la posreforma. — Aquéllos que creen que el Papa no puede equivocarse inventan increíbles teorías para explicar el hecho de que el papa Pablo esté permitiendo medidas que perjudican a la Iglesia. — La conducta del Papa puede explicarse a la luz de su adhesión a la filosofía del Humanismo Integral. — La naturaleza del Humanismo Integral. — El papel de Jasques Maritain. — El papa Pablo, discípulo de Maritain. — El espíritu del Humanismo integral penetra la Constitución sobre la Iglesia en el mundo moderno. — El discurso del papa Pablo en las Na-ciones Unidas, un aval para el Humanismo Integral. — El abbé de Nantes y el papa Pablo. — El papa Pablo y el comunismo. — El papa no es procomunista, pero se ha negado a seguir una política anticomunista. — Su política de diálogo ha promovido los objetivos del comunismo. — El Papa ha criticado las políticas de algunos gobiernos occidentales. — El Papa y el modernismo. — Apoya la auténtica doctrina católica en principio, pero permite que sea socavada en la práctica. — El papa y el protestantismo. — Su ansiedad por el diálogo ha contribuido al espíritu de falso ecumenismo que está arruinando a la Iglesia. — Su error al designar a la Iglesia de Inglaterra como a una ―Iglesia hermana. — Condujo negociaciones secretas con los anglicanos durante el pontificado del papa Pío XII. — Los protestantes esperaban su elección cuando el papa Juan murió. — Su pedido de disculpas a los protestantes por la responsabilidad católica por el pecado de cisma es considerado de monumental importancia. — Sus intervenciones durante el Con-cilio no gustan a los protestantes. — Es atacado por su Credo y por sus encíclicas Mysterium Fidei y Humanae Vitae. — Algunas de sus políticas no son de-sarrollos sino retroceso ante la enseñanza de sus predecesores. — El Pana quiere dialogar con cualquiera excepto con los católicos tradicionalistas. XIV. CATEGORÍA DE LOS DOCUMENTOS Debe hacerse una distinción entre los documentos oficiales y el trasfondo de su promulgación. El Concilio no pretendió que ninguna de sus enseñanzas fuera infalible. — El Vaticano II es infalible sólo cuando cita definiciones infalibles anteriores. — El cardenal Heenan explica que el Vaticano II deliberadamente limitó sus objetivos. — Éstos fueron primariamente pastorales. — Un católico no tiene derecho a negarse a aceptar la doctrina conciliar promulgada oficialmente sólo porque no es infalible. — Existe una considerable diferencia en el grado de asentimiento requerido por los diferentes pronunciamientos conciliares. — Existen principios acertados que el católico puede usar rara ayudarse a discriminar. — Nunca podemos ser forzados a aceptar una interpretación de un documento conciliar en conflicto con la doctrina tradicional. — Se verá que la mayoría de los abusos posconciliares no puede ser específicamente justificada por referencia a un documento oficial. —La mayoría de los abusos deriva de las proclamadas interpretaciones o implementaciones de los documentos oficiales. — Pero el Concilio no puede ser absuelto de toda responsabilidad por esos abusos, debido a la atmósfera que generó y a las deficiencias de varios de sus documentos. Debemos aceptar los documentos conciliares con prudencia y reserva e interpretarlos a la luz de la tra-dición. XV. COLOCANDO LAS BOMBAS DE TIEMPO La Comisión Litúrgica estaba dominada por los liberales. — Las reformas encaradas coinciden no so-lamente con las demandas protestantes sino con los principios del Sínodo Jansenista de Pistoya. — También corresponden con los principios de la herejía antilitúrgica condenada por Dom Guéranger. — La conservación del latín, un punto clave en el debate. — El cardenal Montini se opone al Canon en vernáculo. — Pocos Padres imaginan que el latín virtualmente desaparecería de la liturgia. — El Padre Bouyer declara que la interpretación de la Constitución Litúrgica es una traición no sólo a lo que quisieron los Padres Conciliares sino al Movimiento Litúrgico. — Los protestantes y los liberales están muy satisfechos con la Constitución. — Los liberales obtienen el control de la comisión posconciliar encargada de implementar la Constitución. — La Constitución es disciplinaria y no de carácter doctrinal y no involucra la infalibilidad de la Iglesia. XVI. DESENTERRANDO LAS BOMBAS DE TIEMPO

La Constitución sobre la Sagrada Liturgia (CSL) pudo haber sido el medio de implementar una reno-vación litúrgica. — Fue usada para iniciar una revolución. — La importancia de la encíclica Mediator Dei del papa Pío XII. -- La naturaleza de la liturgia. — Las semillas de la revolución litúrgica se hallan en el prefacio y en el primer capítulo de la CSL. — Cualquier cambio drástico en los ritos existentes es contrario a toda la 9

tradición de la Iglesia. — La declaración de que la liturgia debe ser adaptada a las circunstancias y necesidades de los tiempos modernos otorga un mandato para una permanente revolución litúrgica. — La CSL no incluye la palabra ―transubstanciación. — Contraste entre la CSL y la encíclica Mysterium Fidei del papa Pablo. — La necesidad de tener en cuenta ante todo la participación activa del pueblo también proporciona un mandato para una revolución litúrgica. —Análisis de otros artículos redactados con vaguedad. — La recomendación de adaptar la liturgia a los diferentes grupos, regiones y pueblos provee un mandato adicional para la revolución. — Ya en 1965 algunos sacerdotes dejan de lado toda restricción y celebran misa a su gusto. — El Consilium encargado de reformar la liturgia los condena pero no toma ninguna medida efectiva para prevenir los abusos. — Su política final es legalizar los abusos incorporándolos a la reforma oficial. — La virtual abolición del latín. — La CSL ignorada. La destitución del arzobispo Bugnini puede ser una señal de esperanza. XVII. CALCULANDO EL COSTO Ni el Concilio ni su doctrina acapararon el interés de los católicos comunes. — Incluso la autodenomi-nada ―intelligentsia tiene a veces un escaso conocimiento de primera mano de los documentos oficiales. — Una estimación del costo material del Concilio. — El costo para la vida de la Iglesia nunca puede calcularse. — ―Cuando crean un desierto, lo llaman una renovación. APÉNDICE I: Los Concilios Ecuménicos de la Iglesia. APÉNDICE II: Cronología del Concilio. APÉNDICE III: La Prensa y el Concilio Vaticano Primero. APÉNDICE IV: Mitología liberal. APÉNDICE V: Sillonismo. APÉNDICE VI: Salieron sobre Maritain. APÉNDICE VII: La herejía antilitúrgica. APÉNDICE VIII: Los frutos del Vaticano II. ABREVIATURAS BIBLIOGRÁFICAS LISTA DE PUBLICACIONES RECOMENDADAS ÍNDICE DE TEMAS Y NOMBRES ÍNDICE GENERAL. 10

DEDICATORIA Con respeto y gratitud dedico este libro al Arzobispo Marcel Lefebvre y a todos los miembros del Grupo Internacional de Padres (Coetus Internationalis Patrum) que lucharon para sostener la Fe católica tradicional a lo largo del Concilio Vaticano II. INTRODUCCIÓN La entusiasta acogida que tuvo Cranmer's Godly Order me provocó no poca inquietud al presentar este segundo trabajo. Gran cantidad de los que me escriben cartas amistosas respecto del primer tomo de la trilogía, expresan lo mucho que esperan del segundo de ellos. Es mi sincero deseo que no se vean defraudados. No espero que disfruten con El Concilio del Papa Juan; su contenido no es para complacer a ningún católico devoto. En la página 23 cito al Padre Louis Bouyer cuando asegura que, a menos que seamos ciegos, debemos admitir que lo que presenciamos no es la esperada regeneración del catolicismo sino su acelerada descomposición. Mi intención ha sido proporcionar una explicación documentada y objetiva del hecho de que la Iglesia de Occidente verdaderamente esté desintegrándose, y de que la responsabilidad de esa desintegración deba situarse a las puertas del Segundo Concilio Vaticano. En lo posible, he tratado de minimizar la expresión de mis ideas personales, a las que espero no se les otorgue ningún énfasis especial. La mayoría del material de El Concilio del Papa Juan consiste en hechos evidentes o en opiniones de hombres de la estatura de Dietrich Von Hildebrand, las que no pueden desecharse a la ligera. Se hallará también que la mayoría de las personas citadas son católicos liberales u observadores protestantes. De ningún modo ha sido necesario recurrir a las fuentes tradicionalistas para probar mi tesis. Como ejemplo citaré una obra que leí por vez primera cuando este libro había sido enviado ya a la imprenta, excepto esta introducción, y por lo tanto no pude citarlo dentro del texto. Three Popes and a Cardinal es una obra de Malachi Martin, ex jesuita y profesor en el Pontificio Instituto Bíblico de Roma. Fue un íntimo colaborador del Cardenal Bea durante el Concilio, ha escrito varios trabajos eruditos y ¡jamás ha sido sospechoso de tener simpatías tradicionalistas! Con respecto a la desintegración de la Iglesia, Malachi Martin comenta en el prefacio que: Mucho antes del año 2000 ya no existirá ninguna institución religiosa que pueda reconocerse como la Iglesia Católica Apostólica Romana de hoy día... Más bien habrá, en lugar de la Iglesia que conocemos, una serie de“iglesias” independientes, además de un núcleo central congregado alrededor del obispo de Roma... Pero ni podremos llamarlas realmente iglesias. No habrá autoridad central para la enseñanza y la jurisdicción. Habrá una similitud general —pero virtualmente nominal— entre todos los grupos. No existirá ningún control centralizado, ninguna uniformidad en la enseñanza, ni universalidad en la práctica del culto, en las oraciones, en el sacrificio y en el sacerdocio. Esos grupos no poseerán iglesias, ni catedrales, ni escuelas, ni conventos, ni monasterios, ni seminarios, ni nada similar. Ni los desearán. No los necesitarán (págs. VII y VIII). No resulta exagerado afirmar que la situación que profetiza Malachi Martin ya se ha concretado en tales países como Holanda y que ya está en marcha inclusive en los EE. UU. de América, el bastión más fuerte de la Iglesia en Occidente antes del Vaticano II. Las estadísticas del Apéndice VIII revelan la extensión de la decadencia en los EE. UU., Inglaterra y Gales, Francia, Holanda e Italia. Malachi Martin es también claro acerca de la causa de la situación que predice: “El punto de ruptura o aurora de este vasto cambio sobrevino con el Concilio Vaticano II (1962-1965). Fue la situación que proporcionó la apertura”. (IX)

Deseo que uno de los efectos positivos de El Concilio del Papa Juan sea colocar en su perspectiva correcta la controversia en torno a Monseñor Lefebvre. Este santo prelado ha sido objeto de gran cantidad de informaciones inexactas en la prensa laica y de una campaña de deformación y denigración sistemáticas en algunos órganos de la prensa católica. Sus enemigos consideran que han probado su culpabilidad por un pecado, que clama venganza al cielo, simplemente por el hecho de que Monseñor Lefebvre ha criticado al Vaticano II y las subsiguientes reformas y orientaciones dirigidas a implementar el Concilio. Sus enemigos jamás se han atrevido a refutar sus críticas, y mucho menos a permitir que el público católico se entere cuáles son esas críticas. Monseñor Lefebvre es un sucesor de los apóstoles, un obispo consagrado para defender la 11

verdad de Dios, y si él considera que hay deficiencias en los documentos conciliares, es su deber ante Dios hacer públicas sus dudas. Debe señalarse también, como lo mostrará este libro, que Monseñor Lefebvre fue miembro de la Comisión Central Preparatoria del Concilio. Estuvo familiarizado con todos los Esquemas originales (borradores de documentos), que se arrojaron al cesto de desperdicios a instancias de los periti (expertos) liberales, en favor de los nuevos esquemas que ellos mismos redactaron: Nadie más competente que Monseñor Lefebvre para formular una crítica objetiva de los documentos y reformas conciliares, y si sus observaciones son exactas no hay que acusarlo a él, sino a todos los otros obispos del mundo por no haberlo acompañado. Es mejor quedar solo y fiel a la verdad que abandonarla para acompañar a la mayoría. Esta situación ya tiene precedentes en la historia de la Iglesia. Sólo un apóstol permaneció con la Virgen al pie de la Cruz, y no fue San Pedro. Atanasio se enfrentó no tanto contra el mundo, contra mundum, como contra los obispos del mundo, hasta el punto de que el papa Liberio confirmó su excomunión, pero luego el mismo papa tuvo que retractarse y arrepentirse. Hoy Atanasio es un santo y ¿quién se acuerda de los otros obispos de la época? Los lectores advertirán algunas reiteraciones en este libro. En mi esfuerzo por hacer cada capítulo lo más independiente posible he citado algún material importante en más de una ocasión en que pude hacerlo con brevedad. Algunos documentos de índole más técnica o suplementaria se han consignado como apéndices, pero no debe considerárselos como menos interesantes o importantes que los que contiene el cuerno del libro. Uno de los más interesantes es el Apéndice III, sobre la labor periodística durante el Primer Concilio Vaticano, extraído de obras del Cardenal Manning; uno de los más importantes es el artículo del profesor Louis Salieron, sobre Humanismo Integral, reproducido en el Apéndice VI. Como en el caso del primer tomo, agradecería que me hicieran llegar comentarios o críticas. Los únicos errores de Cranmer's Godly Order fueron tipográficos y serán corregidos en ediciones posteriores. Algunos lectores se preguntarán por qué este libro no lleva imprimatur, y en el caso de haberlo solicitado, si me lo negaron. La respuesta es que como me negaron el imprimaturpara Cranmer's Godly Order, con la sola excusa de que ni el Censor ni el Obispo correspondientes aprobaban al sacerdote a quien dediqué la obra, no había razón, pues, para que me sometiera a semejante farsa por segunda vez. Este incidente tiene valor como epítome en miniatura del ―espíritu del Vaticano II. No obstante, el original fue revisado por una cantidad de sacerdotes calificados que me aseguraron que no contiene ningún error doctrinal o moral. Querría consignar mi agradecimiento por su ayuda, pero no los nombraré porque sería una ingratitud a su gentileza señalarlos ante sus perseguidores. Debo agradecer al Profesor Salieron por permitirme reproducir el artículo contenido en el Apéndice VI, y a Geoffrey Lawman por su excelente traducción en tan corto tiempo.

Agradezco por segunda vez a Bernadette Keenan por la ilustración de la tapa, que resume lo que mi obra quiere comunicar con mucha mayor efectividad que lo que pudiera yo escribir1. Si algún lector se sintiera abatido después de la lectura, quisiera reiterarle mi confianza en que las Puertas del Infierno jamás prevalecerán contra la única Iglesia de Cristo fundada sobre la roca de Pedro, aunque violentas borrascas parezcan sumergirla por un tiempo y el propio Pedro aparente tambalear. Escribo esto en la Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Santo Rosario, en 1976, instituida por San Pío V en 1571 para conmemorar la salvación de la Europa católica por medio del rezo del rosario. ¿Será el rosario el arma espiritual que nuevamente salve a la Iglesia, cuatrocientos años después? El rosario, al menos, es algo que no podrán quitarnos. Regina sacratissimi Rosarii, ora pro nobis. Michael Davies

1 El autor se refiere, evidentemente, a la portada de la edición inglesa. (N. del E.) 12

THE CHURCH SINCE VATICAN II and Works Related to the Holy Eucharist by BY Michael Davies

The text of this pamphlet was delivered as a lecture in Belfast and Dublin in October 1984. No attempt has been made to adapt the Format to the printed word. Two months later L'Osservatore Romano, the official journal of the Holy See, carried a report of an interview given by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which endorses the conclusion of Mr. Davies concerning the effects of Vatican Il in a very dramatic manner. We quote:


"Certainly, the results [of Vatican II] seem cruelly opposed to the expectations of everyone, beginning with those of Pope John XXIII and then of Paul VI: expected was a new Catholic unity and instead we have been exposed to dissension which---to use the words of Paul VI---seems to have gone from self-criticism to self-destruction. Expected was a new enthusiasm, and many wound up discouraged and bored. Expected was a great step forward, and instead we find ourselves faced with a progressive process of decadence which has developed for the most part precisely under the sign of a calling back to the Council, and has therefore contributed to discrediting for many. The net result therefore seems negative. I am repeating here what I said ten years after the conclusion of the work: it is incontrovertible that this period has definitely been unfavorable for th Catholic Church."

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger,
L'Osservatore Romano (English edition),
24 December 1984

Published on the web with permission of the author.



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segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

MARY: The events will happen soon. Many will be unprepared. MARIA: Ritorna, o occidente, alla Madre celeste. Vi aspetto.

So soon! The events will happen soon. Many will be unprepared. Therefore, I must speak and speak and speak until the Church understands that this voice must be listened to, and even exalted, so that more can listen.
These locutions began as a tiny voice, heard only in the heart of the one I chose. “How long will they continue? What topics will they explain?” These were the early questions. It is clear that I will speak each day and I will speak on every topic that is important to the trials that face mankind today.
These locutions are a surprising light which Satan never planned for. They are sent forth under obedience and made available immediately to the whole world. The locutions go step by step. They are bold, but not reckless. They speak of terrible events, but always with hope. They are my means of speaking quickly and accurately to the whole world.
These locutions are signs of my care and concern. They will continually pour forth and, in the moments of great darkness, their light will grow stronger. No one will put out this light because no one can stop me from speaking to the one whom I love and have chosen.
Satan will attempt to destroy this website but those whom I have chosen will constantly find ways to communicate the messages.
Comment: Mary described her own work during these three years in speaking to the world.

8. Locutions That Save

Mankind is like a child lost in a forest, who long ago left the road to chase after the butterflies of momentary pleasures. Although the child realizes that he is lost, he knows nothing else but to continue seeking the passing delights. As the pleasures increase and as the way of satisfying his cravings grow, then the sense of loss is assuaged. He begins to enjoy the forest and forgets that he is lost.
However, a moment comes when truth forces itself upon him. Who will be there for him in that moment of his despair? Who will say, “All is not lost. A path exists to bring you back to the road of your childhood faith. Then, you can take up your journey to God as you did before”.
I am that voice and these locutions are my words They resound right now in your heart. O child of God, you are lost. You have set aside the goals of your faith. You have abandoned your religious pursuits for passing delights. But I have a new life for you. Do not believe that your past wanderings condemn you to remain forever in the forest of sin. Come, take my hand. I will lead you back.
Comment: Mary describes so many Catholics who have left their practices of faith. These locutions are her motherly actions to recall her children.


6. Speaking Every Day

“No one knows the day and the hour. Stay awake”. So many sleep! They are taken up with the daily cares and engrossed in their own pursuits. “The heavenly Father knows all that you need. Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be given you besides.” This was Jesus’ teaching.
I must speak every day because modern man hears so many voices. These voices penetrate his heart and bombard him. He cannot escape their constant knocking. They always vie for his attention.
I speak a different word, which contradicts the world’s daily message. My word is about a kingdom that is coming in great power. God will come to save man in the day and hour unknown to everyone. Stay awake! Do not let your spirits be bloated. My word is daily calling you every day. Whoever stays awake will see. Whoever is asleep will miss out.
Comment: Mary wants a daily life of prayer. This is the only way to watch.

5. The Locutions – Mary’s Stream of Light

When man does not know or believe in God, the lights go out. Although walking in darkness, man believes that he sees. With great love, the heavenly Father pierced these clouds of darkness and sent his only Son, Jesus, who offers light to the world. However, time and again, mankind rejects this light and casts itself back into the darkness.
At this moment, fateful and irreversible choices are being made. Human history is different. The stakes are higher and the consequences are stark. So, the Father has sent me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, to release a great light, never before given to the human race. At a moment when all could become total darkness, man will be able to choose the light.
I say this again and again. The hour of Jesus’ death was a moment of darkness. This present era is a similar moment of darkness and only heaven’s light can save the world. Do not be surprised that I speak every day. The darkness will be so complete that the whole world will depend on these locutions. They will be my stream of light.
Comment: These locutions are extraordinary but they are helps needed to understand what is happening.

4. God Must Intervene

The human person and human history are blessed when God comes first. This is the order of creation. When God is not given his rightful place, human life unravels and mankind falls into many unforeseen dangers. God himself is the very core of human life. When he is rejected, nothing fits together. All is subjected to destructive forces that inevitably bring about confusion and decay. At each of these moments, God must intervene to correct human life and restore balance.
This is what I have been describing so clearly. Because God no longer comes first, destructive forces have torn apart human life, which is constantly more vulnerable to even greater evils. Evil upon evil. Destruction and violence. Do you not see this every day?
However, I do not come to emphasize what you know, but to speak of what is hidden. As always, God wishes to intervene, to gather mankind, and to bring order out of chaos. Was this not his original intention in creation? When his creation was ruined by sin, did he not promise a Woman whom he would use to intervene? The Woman is ready. When she is invoked and when Russia is consecrated to her heart, order will begin to return to creation.
Comment: Without God, creation inevitably returns to chaos.

3. The Locutions Speak of Satan’s Plan

In the great light given to me by the heavenly Father, I see all of reality. I see the causes of illness, of strife and of war. I also see all that sin destroys. I want to speak of these realities (which mankind takes for granted) and how they change the original plan of the Father.
All of human history is not what God intended. From the very beginning, human life was stolen from the Father’s hands, pulled away from the orbit of his love and set upon this path which mankind calls inevitable, namely the rise and fall of nations, the collapse of family life, the constant wars, and violence. These are inevitable only because mankind, from the beginning, walked away from heaven’s blessings. From the beginning, the Father also promised a Woman whose Son would offer mankind a new moment of life, a way of reversing that original moment of sin, and a chance to be freed from what seems to be the inevitable cycles that plague human life.
However, this has happened only infrequently, when in eras of great faith, a new civilization was born, with ideals born from His words and His Spirit. The world has put away this gift and instead, has plunged ahead into unimaginable darkness.
The world has not just come into a destructive moment in the cycle of history. Mankind comes to a moment of unbelievable destruction, carefully plotted out by the Evil One. He wants to tilt the whole world in his favor, so that all of mankind slides to him and only the few are able to gain God’s life.
He sees this moment on the horizon. He is not interested in just a particular nation. He wants the whole world. He wants to complete the result of that original sin. He wants to destroy those helps which God promised immediately to Adam and Eve, specifically the promise of the Woman and her Son.
We are in a war, and sides must be chosen.
Comment: Mary’s vision is clear. The violent and destructive world events are not just the usual cycle of history. They are much more dangerous.

2. The Locutions Speak About Human History

Mankind always stumbles and falls, never reaching the heights to which God calls it. Human history is filled with frustrations. Goals are gained for a moment and then lost. Eras of greatness are soon followed by decline. The highest altruism gives way, in time, to selfishness and venality. Some make great sacrifices to gain peace followed by others who squander the victory.
I do not speak of just one moment of human history, or of just one era. In all of history, growth turns into decline. What was built soon falls apart. Such is the human condition.
However, what is happening today flows not just from the selfishness of mankind but from the intelligence and hatred of hell itself. The very linchpins of civilizations are loosened. The structures themselves will collapse. What is happening is not just a cycle of human history which will correct itself, but a complete collapse from which there will be no return.
I must awaken the whole world. I must enlighten every intellect and stir every heart. Only the gifts placed in my Immaculate Heart can prevent and save. O reader, do not wait for others. Come and bring others to me. The rosary is the door of entrance.
Comment: Mary constantly tries to awaken the world to the uniqueness of these problems

1. The Locution’s First Word – The Family

The world must struggle with so many problems. It has overreached and stretched itself too thin, believing that it can accomplish far more than its resources will permit. Its plans have gone beyond its true powers. I will now speak about these issues and what has happened.
From the beginning, God wanted the family as the central foundation of the nation. The child was to be born from the mutual love of a man and a woman, totally committed to their marital union and willing to accept this responsibility for a new life. From the parents, the child would learn its language, its name and its place in the wider community. This was God’s plan and the community was to foster this and keep the family as its primary goal, realizing that its strength and vitality came from family life.
The family is in shreds. Outside forces have destroyed it, placing pressures that so few can withstand. What can be done? The problem began with over-reaching and wanting too much. The families must scale back, placing their focus on intimacy and relationships, rather than on things and income. I will help every family who calls on me. The rosary is the means to accomplish this goal.
Comment: Even the strongest of families is pulled in so many directions by the pressures of modern life

22 marzo 2014


Ci sono più cose che devo dire, così che il mondo saprà che lo voglio abbracciare e salvare. Quali sono gli elementi nascosti del mio piano? Ho parlato con tanta chiarezza dei disegni malvagi di Satana. Devo anche rivelare quello che sto facendo.

Questo piano è incentrato sull’unione del mio Cuore Immacolato al Sacro Cuore di Gesù. I due Cuori sono l’inizio del piano del Padre per salvare il mondo.

La rivelazione del Sacro Cuore, secoli fa, ha rilasciato una gigantesca marea di benedizioni e salvò la Chiesa dalle tenebre. Purtroppo, i re di Francia rifiutarono di ascoltare ed il pieno potere all’interno del Cuore di Gesù non è stato rilasciato. La Chiesa si trova ad affrontare la stessa situazione. Come la storia si ripete. Dio offre la sua benedizione, ma l’uomo si rifiuta di ascoltare. Questo è il motivo per cui devo parlare così chiaramente. Non solo parlare, ma agire.

Commento: Gesù disse a Santa Margherita Maria Alacoque (1647-1690) che voleva che il re di Francia consacrasse il suo paese al Sacro Cuore. Tutti i re rifiutarono questa richiesta. Cento anni più tardi, in quel giorno, il re di Francia fu spogliato dei suoi poteri e, infine, è stato ghigliottinato. La sanguinosa rivoluzione e la distruzione della Chiesa francese avrebbero dovuto essere evitate.

23 marzo 2014


Gran parte del piano di Dio è ancora nascosto e sconosciuto. Tuttavia, quando gli eventi di distruzione avranno inizio, il suo piano emergerà. Questo avverrà quando le persone che egli ha preparato usciranno sulla scena. In tempo di guerra non vi è forse una chiamata alle armi? Non vengono messe da parte le altre attività? Così sarà con il mio esercito.

Quando gli eventi cominceranno, non siate sopraffatti dalla paura. Non allontanatevi e non arrendetevi. Tutti devono mantenere la loro posizione. Quelli che io ho scelto e preparato devono uscire allo scoperto. Non ascoltate le voci della paura e soprattutto non ascoltate la voce della rabbia. La paura e la rabbia distruggono i miei piani.

Io susciterò le persone di buona volontà il cui cuore mi appartiene. Altri porranno la loro fiducia in loro. Essi guideranno il mondo e la Chiesa. Voci che erano state accantonate fino ad ora improvvisamente saranno ascoltate. La follia del mondo di oggi sarà messa da parte. La Chiesa, a sua volta, si renderà conto che le false soluzioni e risposte superficiali non avranno più influenza.

Sarà un momento di penitenza, di profondi cambiamenti e di profonda e prolungata preghiera. Questa sarà la risposta iniziale. Anche se questo invito verrà respinto da molti, sarà grande abbastanza per renderlo un movimento vitale all’interno della Chiesa. Poi verranno le mie grandi sorprese.

Commento: La risposta di Dio al male inizierà nei cuori di molte persone buone.

24 marzo 2014


Al momento giusto, quelli che ho preparato si faranno avanti. Uno per uno, io li posizionerò. Io metterò alcuni in posizioni di autorità. Ad altri darò il dono della parola che susciterà i cuori. Ad altri darò poteri di organizzazione, in modo che migliaia di persone si uniscano in cause di luce.

Io improvvisamente toglierò i figli delle tenebre dai loro troni. Questo sarà un segno per tutti che io sono la Donna ed impugno l’autorità data a me dal Padre.

Io susciterò miei figli speciali. Uno voglio portarlo alla presidenza degli Stati Uniti. L’altro lo porrò sulla Cattedra di Pietro. Ognuno avrà il suo posto al momento giusto. Saranno le indicazioni per tutti che io non ho abbandonato il mondo.

Nel frattempo, io consolerò coloro che soffrono e guiderò coloro che cercano la mia luce. Sto lavorando anche adesso nei cuori di tutti coloro che mi amano. Quindi, risvegliati, o lettore. Non basta attendere fino a quando le mie parole saranno realizzate. Il piano di Dio richiede la tua cooperazione oggi, adesso. Non devi aspettare per qualche domani che non arriva mai.

Commento: Maria rivela quelle parti del suo piano che coinvolgono le persone che la amano.

24 marzo 2014


(Lettore, queste sono locuzioni molto speciali, date in modo straordinario.)

L’orso russo ha inghiottito il suo primo territorio (Crimea). Lui ha ancora fame e continuerà a inghiottire persone e territori. Capisce solo una cosa - una forza che non gli permetterà di fare questo. L’Occidente siede ai suoi tavoli e discute, mentre la Russia divora i suoi territori.

L’Occidente non vede l’importanza dei prossimi mesi. Né la misura che la Russia è pronta a raggiungere, per aggiungere più persone e più terra al suo impero. Quando questi mesi saranno conclusi e la Russia avrà raggiunto la piena misura della sua aggressione (per ora), l’Occidente avrà perso molto del suo prestigio e non potrà mai più riconquistare la posizione che detiene ora.

Quello che sta accadendo in questi mesi non sarà reversibile. Questi eventi saranno come l’amputazione di un braccio o di una gamba.

Ci sarà una nuova realtà mondiale. Tutto sarà distorto. Le ramificazioni toccheranno tutti i paesi in Europa ed in America. Questi leader avranno stupidamente ritardato, mentre la Russia si è mossa in avanti con un obiettivo ben definito. Tutto questo è il frutto di politiche che non hanno preso sul serio il male della Russia, come se il crollo della cortina di ferro o la rimozione del muro di Berlino avessero davvero cambiato l’anima della nazione Russia.

Quando questi mesi saranno completati ed il popolo e la terra saranno stati dati alla Russia, senza un solo colpo ferire da parte dell’Occidente, allora la prossima serie di eventi avrà luogo. L’Occidente sarà molto più debole. Non ha leader e nessun obiettivo. Soprattutto, non ha fede.

Commento: Gesù parla dei prossimi mesi e dei risultati dell’aggressione russa.

24 marzo 2014


(Ancora una locuzione speciale)

Non voglio più tacere. Per decenni, ho raccontato alla Chiesa che la Russia è il problema e che deve essere consacrata al mio Cuore Immacolato. La Chiesa ha scelto di non ascoltare la mia voce. Ha anche messo a tacere quelle voci, in particolare suor Lucia, che hanno proclamato il mio messaggio. Ora state raccogliendo i frutti che avete seminato.

Non voglio più aspettare. Tu, Chiesa, hai seppellito i miei messaggi. Tu li hai nascosti. Ti sei rifiutata di rivelarli. Li hai anche distorti. Poiché la tua voce non proclama al mondo i segreti di Fatima, né tu obbedisci ai comandi che ti ho dato a Fatima, io ti bypasserò.

Comincerò ad usare queste locuzioni speciali in un modo nuovo e più potente. Non terrò indietro nulla. Io rivelerò attraverso queste locuzioni quello che doveva già essere stato rivelato dalla Chiesa. Lo farò lentamente, pezzo per pezzo, verità da verità. Lo farò in modo coerente, in modo che ogni persona possa facilmente seguire le mie parole ed essere portata a conclusioni corrette.

Devo fare questo perché tu, Chiesa, non hai fatto questo. Hai sviato da Fatima e dalle profezie di Fatima sulla Russia che avrebbe diffuso i suoi errori. Non sei stata un guardiano fedele, avvertendo il mio popolo ed il mondo. Poiché non hai usato la tua voce in tutto il mondo, io userò questa piccola voce delle mie locuzioni.

Commento: Per qualche ragione, la Chiesa ha mantenuto i segreti di Fatima nascosti. Maria promette di usare queste locuzioni per rivelare ciò che le persone hanno bisogno di sapere.

26 marzo 2014


Nel tempo a venire, si svolgeranno gli avvenimenti che convinceranno il mondo che seri cambiamenti sono avvenuti. Le persone si adegueranno, convinte che le loro vite non saranno seriamente cambiate. Questi, tuttavia, sono solo gli eventi iniziali. Ho detto spesso che gli eventi verranno in serie, in gruppi di eventi correlati. Tutto ciò non accadrà subito. Dio vuole dare agli uomini costanti opportunità di pentirsi e di rivolgersi a lui.

Molti non sapranno leggere questi segni correttamente, pensando che questi eventi sono di origine umana e che soluzioni umane saranno efficaci.

La verità è questa. Il fatto che questi eventi non si abbattano improvvisamente sul mondo è dovuto alla misericordia di Dio. Alcuni eventi sono trattenuti. Altri eventi sono in ritardo. Alcuni eventi non possono più accadere. Alcuni eventi sono ammorbiditi e non così distruttivi come Satana li aveva predisposti. Anche negli eventi distruttivi, la misericordia di Dio è all’opera.

Comprendete questo ritardo, questo posporre ed il conseguente rinvio per un momento successivo. Comprendete tutto ciò che riguarda la misericordia di Dio. I ritardi consentono all’umanità di rivolgersi a Dio e meditare su ciò che sta accadendo. Se l’umanità e la Chiesa utilizzano questi ritardi e rispondono con tutto il cuore, la misericordia di Dio può trionfare. Ancora più eventi possono essere alleviati. È certo che la terra deve essere purificata. Che la verità non può essere modificata. Come la terra sarà purificata (dalla misericordia e dalla giustizia) dipenderà da come il genere umano utilizzerà i ritardi per ascoltare. Questo è il motivo per cui ho fatto fuoriuscire queste locuzioni.

Commento: La prima serie di eventi sono state le rivoluzioni in diversi paesi. Ora, la Russia inizia le sue aggressioni. Quando queste aggressioni saranno terminate, una nuova serie di eventi accadrà. Ogni serie di eventi invita il mondo a cercare Dio e la sua misericordia.

27 marzo 2014


Quando tutti questi eventi saranno accaduti, il mondo sarà ancora più vulnerabile. Quando sembrerà che tutto stia scivolando in un oblio senza speranza, io finalmente arriverò sulla scena mondiale nella pienezza dei doni posti dal Padre celeste nel mio Cuore Immacolato. A questo punto, posso solo parlare di questi doni, cercando di descrivere questi aiuti speciali, che saranno completamente adeguati alla necessità del mondo e completamente in grado di invertire quello che tutti pensavano fosse irreversibile.

Tuttavia, accettare i miei doni richiederà un grande livello di fede e devozione. Questi doni straordinari avranno bisogno di una risposta straordinaria.

Purtroppo, questa effusione di benedizioni avverrà in ritardo, dopo il verificarsi di tante sofferenze che non dovevano accadere. Quanto prima le mie benedizioni si riverseranno fuori, più facile sarà riceverle. Quanto prima le mie benedizioni si riverseranno avanti, meno danni verranno inflitti da Satana.

O lettore, osserva l’importanza dell’oggi. Non sprecare l’oggi. Non dire: “Un giorno, Maria risolverà tutti questi problemi”, come se fosse possibile sedersi e guardare. È necessario intercedere. È necessario digiunare. Dovete chiedere con vera fede. Il mondo intero ha bisogno delle vostre preghiere quotidiane, specialmente il rosario.

Commento: Maria vuole che il nostro giorno sia riempito con attività spirituale e profonda fiducia.

28 marzo 2014


Nessuno può vedere la fine della strada, quel momento in cui io sconfiggerò il Maligno. Sì, la fine della strada termina in una vittoria, una vittoria finale. Satana è gettato fuori. Il mondo ricomincerà con semplicità. La pace regnerà per un po’ di tempo. La presenza di Dio coprirà la terra perché le persone, avendo sperimentato gli eventi, avranno rivolto il loro cuore a Dio. Questa è la fine della strada, ma vi è tanto da viaggiare prima di allora ed è di questi pellegrinaggi che devo parlare.

Il tempo a venire sarà riempito delle più grandi prove e del più grande aiuto che Dio abbia mai elargito all’umanità. Dovete vedere due realtà a fare le scelte giuste e non perdere la speranza.

La prima realtà è che la storia del mondo sarà piena di catastrofi (che è l’unica parola che posso usare), molte di queste saranno causate dall’uomo stesso, e in particolare dalla Russia. Tuttavia, non lasciate che la paura riempia i vostri cuori perché c’è una seconda realtà, un mondo colmo dei doni più grandi mai dati all’umanità da Dio. Dovete sapere che questi straordinari aiuti sono disponibili. È necessario che vi raduniate con gli altri così che la vostra fede si moltiplichi e non vi venga rubata. È fermamente necessario credere e cercare tali potenze. Le mie parole devono sempre guidarvi. Non temete. Io sono sempre con voi.

Commento: L’umanità dovrà affrontare momenti di catastrofi. In quei momenti, potrà credere negli straordinari aiuti di Dio?

29 marzo 2014


Quando il pericolo è lontano, una madre parla in modo generale, cercando di preparare i suoi figli. Dice loro cose non troppo specifiche, in modo che non crescano pieni di paura. Mentre le prove si avvicinano, lei può dire loro come prepararsi. Quando le prove sono su di loro, dà parole molto specifiche, in modo che sappiano esattamente cosa sta succedendo. In questo modo, ella riduce le loro paure e porta via la loro confusione. Le parole di una madre consolano e danno pace.

Le mie parole sono specifiche e cresceranno in tal senso ancora di più. Tra le vostre tante paure, potete fidarvi pienamente che io vi parlerò. Fidatevi delle mie parole. Non vi portano fuori strada. Ora devo parlare del male crescente.

Questi mesi si concentreranno sull’Ucraina e sui grandi desideri di Putin. Ora che ha la Crimea, dove si fermerà? C’è qualche linea magica che lo porterà a dire: “Fin qui e non oltre?” Saprà l’Occidente tracciare una linea ed essere disposta a sostenere le parole con la forza militare?

Queste domande e le risposte sono ovvie. Purtroppo, divorare la Crimea non soddisferà l’appetito di Putin né terminerà la sua aggressività. Questi mesi dell’orso russo sono solo all’inizio.

Commento: Le aggressioni di Putin lo porteranno dovunque egli trovi un’apertura.

30 marzo 2014


Ora, verso cosa stiamo andando? Non dico un bivio perché l’umanità tempo fa è giunta a quel punto ed ha cominciato a camminare su questa attuale strada. Non si arriverà ad un punto morto, perché con la storia umana, non c’è vicolo cieco. Il tempo si muove sempre avanti e nuove nascite stanno sempre avvenendo.

Stiamo arrivando al momento del mistero, un grande mistero ben oltre la capacità dell’uomo ancora di immaginarlo.

Di fronte a questo mistero, l’uomo sarà totalmente impotente. Di tutti i poteri che ha afferrato nelle sue mani non potrà avvalersi di nessuno. Tutta la sua saggezza umana sarà come stoltezza. In questo momento di mistero, l’uomo dovrà confrontarsi con i poteri soprannaturali.

Come è difficile descrivere questi poteri soprannaturali per un mondo che è ancora stabile e che opera secondo il proprio potere. Tutto quello che posso dire è che un evento seguirà un altro. Gradualmente, l’umanità vedrà che i suoi poteri non sono di alcuna utilità. Alcuni si dispereranno. Tuttavia, quelli con la fede e tutti coloro che vogliono ricevere il mio aiuto (io moltiplicherò il loro numero) mi invocheranno ed io sempre più manifesterò il mio potere come la Donna vestita di sole.

Commento: Iniziate adesso. Non aspettate. Date a Maria potere sulla vostra vita quotidiana. Dite il rosario. Questa è la catena che vi lega a lei.

31 marzo 2014


Quando la polvere si depositerà ed il nuovo riallineamento dell’Europa sarà completato, i paesi associati con l’Occidente si saranno ridotti. Sorgeranno nuovi pericoli, perché i confini dei poteri di Putin toccheranno direttamente sempre più l’Occidente. Sarà una realtà nuova, totalmente imprevista da parte dell’Occidente, che era impreparata a queste mosse.

Tutto questo si aggiungerà ancor più rapidamente alle pressioni economiche che già affliggono le nazioni europee. Un problema si aggiungerà ad un altro, tutto condotto molto abilmente da un intelletto satanico che supera di gran lunga i piani umani. Ho spiegato le forze che sono rapidamente salite in superficie. Molte di più sono pronte a farsi avanti in altri luoghi e in altri settori della vita umana.

Quando questi eventi porranno l’uomo in ginocchio e ad un ritorno alla fede cattolica che tanti hanno abbandonato? La fede ha formato l’Occidente. La fede ha portato alla grandezza dell’Occidente. La fede ha inviato i missionari e scoperto nuove terre. La fonte della grandezza dell’Occidente è l’unica fonte di salvezza dell’Occidente. Ritorna, o occidente, alla Madre celeste. Vi aspetto. Le mie braccia sono tese. Tengo ancora un posto speciale nel mio Cuore.

Commento: Nonostante tutti questi problemi, Maria conclude sempre con una nota di speranza.