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sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

A Seeker's Path: Interiority

What is the contemplative life? And can I live it in my ordinary circumstances or is it only reserved for a special few? In the next six months, I will illuminate a spiritual quality that the world’s most ancient seekers say is a cardinal component of a life dedicated to seeking God in the moments of the daily. That’s people like you and me, seekers who go to work every day, care for love ones, pay bills, and are immersed in the complexities of contemporary life. Each week I will offer a brief excerpt from a long-standing spiritual alphabet that I explored in my book, Illuminated Life. Each of these values—that have been tried over time and found to be true—can make us contemplatives in the midst of chaos. — Joan Chittister
the making of interior space
for the cultivation of the God-life,
is of the essence of contemplation.
Interiority is the practice
of dialogue with the God
who inhabits our hearts.
God is not beyond us,
God is within us
and we must go inside ourselves
to nourish the Breath that sustains our spirit.