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quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2018

1 Mini-Course On Prayer

The Unquenchable Fire Of Love – Part 1 Mini-Course On Prayer

Mini-Course on Prayer
Part 1: The Unquenchable Fire of Love

The first Jews used the symbol of unquenchable fire to depict the all-consuming power of God’s love. The first Christians however believed that this love was now embodied in the Risen and glorified body of Jesus, as he rose from the dead on the first Easter day, and they used the radio-active energy of the sun to symbolize its saving power for all of us. This was most particularly manifested when Jesus released it on us all on the first Pentecost day like a supernatural tsunami of love.
That is why the name Sunday was used by the first Christians to describe the most important day of their week, because the sun became for them a symbol of the Risen Christ. Like most symbols they are no more than a shadow of the reality that they symbolize. If you wish to compare the energy released by Our Lord at the Resurrection, you would have to add to it the energy released by the sun plus the sum total of the energy released by all the other stars in the firmament concentrated together. Multiply that energy by infinity and transpose it into love, into pure unadulterated loving. READ...ho