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terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2020

Viganò Calls Francis An "Argentinian Liquidator”

Viganò Calls Francis An "Argentinian Liquidator”

Already before Vatican II, the Faith was weak, Archbishop Viganò wrote on June 24 to Italian Father Alfredo Morselli (, July 14).

Viganò explains that many bishops at Vatican II were intellectually corrupt, since the solid preparatory documents could so easily be replaced with cheap innovation texts.

For Viganò, Vatican II was a "dishonest operation" and a "scam carried out against the faithful and the clergy.”

Since Vatican II, he explains, the Church went on a "slippery, unfortunate and destructive path” that finally reached "the bankruptcy of the company at the hands of its Argentinian liquidator" who is "ready to deliver the Church of Mercy Co. into the hands of the New World Order.”

Viganò suspects that Francis is confident to be given "some sort of managerial role" in this new structure "if only out of recognition for the work of destruction he has accomplished."


If diocesan bishops spoke like this, the only vocations crisis would be building new seminaries