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domingo, 15 de novembro de 2020

Blessed Mary Candida of the Eucharistic : The Eucharist is all of Heaven fallen down here into exile! When you go to church, think: I am going to Heaven!


139. Looking at the Tabernacle I say: "I have everything in Him! All the beauty of the countryside, of the sea, of the valleys, of Heaven, all the freshness of the shadows; He is my Sun".

140. How many times, especially in the evening, looking at the holy Tabernacle and breathing with happiness, he thought and said: "What you have down here is great, beautiful, precious, there is nothing that matches the Treasure that is enclosed here. - Here is the only Treasure that there is on earth. - I possess it, I am close to it.

141. Oh little child of love, I find every newborn child on the altar, wrapped in the white wraps of the wretches! I welcome You every day without ceasing to find You all love in Your perennial Bethlehem of the Holy Custody.

142. Look at me, O Lord, and let me be Your living Host, in which You can, in a certain way, fulfil Your Passion.

143. O Host of Love, Divine Sacrament how much you love us! You are only the joy of all my days!

144.. O Holy Eucharist, You make me die in order to live better.

145. O Divine Sun... . Eucharist dazzle me . . . illuminate all minds!

146. Blessed art thou, O Divine Eucharist! You are the most marvelous of the marvelous works of infinite Omnipotence, of uncreated Wisdom and of eternal Love!

147. If you are looking for a lever to lift you up or a spark to ignite you, turn with all ardor to the Divine Eucharist.

148. The Eucharistic soul not only lives of Jesus in the Eucharist, daily at the sacred table, but it is also studied in order to maintain the Eucharist.

his thought and affection before the Eucharistic throne: always! He also takes care to transfuse the virtues of the Holy Host

in all his acts.

149. This is the love of your Eucharistic Jesus: in order to make you happy with just one Communion, he would have exposed himself

to all the outrages and irreverences that come to Him in His Eucharistic Life.

150. The Body of the Lord is on the table! There is His beautiful Heart, resting on the flames and gushing flames:

plunge into it! The Communion of each of us gives you all this.

151. May every Communion of yours be as fervent as the first and last.

152. In the birth of Jesus he became ours; in Holy Communion he becomes mine.

153. Happy is the Sepulchre that received Jesus dead; happier are you who receive Him alive.

154. In the Resurrection, the Soul of Jesus gave life to His Body; in Holy Communion, the Body of Jesus gives life to your soul.

155. Be an apostle of Jesus in the Sacrament and His reparation.

156. Put all the fervor of the will into your Communions. Nothing does if you do not feel; but sigh for your Jesus; keep with Him after communion with the Heart of Mary and do not forget His great gift during the day.

157. God made the Sacrament! Have you ever studied this in depth? He is alive, true; and for centuries the bonds of the cursed have kept Him bound in a state of victimhood.

158. Drink from the Holy Host purity, life! May Your Heaven also contemplate You in spirit. Delight in the Lord, and He will grant you what you ask.

159. Jesus desires to be received by souls, not only under the Eucharistic species, but every moment. under the appearances of opposition, of contrasts, of punishment!

160. That Holy Host, our Eucharistic Jesus, how I would like to love and repay Him! May He give us to live among the immense spaces of the divine Host!

161. Where is your treasure, there is your heart. Jesus, your treasure, sits at the right hand of the Father and lives in the Holy Tabernacle. Here you enclose your heart, to Heaven your thought. Do not want to know or seek only heavenly things.

162. A day without Communion can be compared to a day without sun without bread, without a smile, without rest. Pray

so that this never happens because of your fault.

163. Heavenly Mother is enough for everything! Do not look for anything else. She is food and support, light and sweetness. comfort and blessing.

164. This supreme bread has the taste of every virtue! As you approach to receive it, yearn to buy now this, or this other virtue, and be docile to Her instructions.

165. When you listen to the Holy Mass, you too are the offerer of so much Sacrifice, and that Precious Blood is also yours. Immerse yourself in it, with complete trust, and it will communicate to you the ardor to sacrifice yourself generously.

166. May your sacred wonder, before your Eucharistic God, always be renewed: the Body of the Lord is there! His beautiful Heart is there, bursting with flames! There is His immense Soul, a sea of light and holiness! The Communion of every day gives us all this. . . Would it be too much to go mad with love?

167. That: little  Host would be able to set the world on fire: you too! It is capable of hurting more than sharp sword: abandon your heart!

168. The Immaculate Host reminds us of the Immaculate Mother of Jesus! It is to Mary that we owe the Eucharist. - It is the Dawn of the Blessed Sacrament. - Mary desires that you take Her place with Jesus in the Sacrament. Be for Jesus. . . Mary!

169. The Eucharist is all of Heaven fallen down here into exile! When you go to church, think: I am going to Heaven!