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MARY: There will be my victory. The heavenly Father has ordered this and will bring it about. When? That is the question and why I speak in these locutions

13. The Woman in World History

 May 31st, 2014

Before the world began, the heavenly Father thought of me. He dreamed of the moment when he would create me, and bring me forth from the hiddenness of his own heart. How many centuries he waited and waited!
He had promised my coming from the beginning. I was the Woman who would conquer the Evil One by bringing forth Jesus. (Gen.3:15) The centuries passed. The sins of the world increased. The powers of Satan spread. Finally the moment had come – the moment of my Immaculate Conception. At last, he had created the Woman. Still, all was hidden. Even while Jesus lived on earth, I was still hidden, present but always in the background.
So, it has been for the centuries of the Church. Now, all is changing. How the Father has looked forward to this moment in history, the moment of the Woman, the moment of the battle, and, yes, the moment of the victory of the Woman. There will be my victory. The heavenly Father has ordered this and will bring it about. When? When? When? That is the question and why I speak in these locutions. I speak to hasten the victory, to prepare the way, to awaken the Church and to prepare for the moment when I will bring my priest son on to the scene. He will know exactly what to do.
Comment: The Church has always venerated Our Lady. In this century, God’s full plan for Mary will unfold.

12. Wake Up!

I have given you a sweep, a quick overview of history. Do not forget or put aside what I have said. As you realize the forces that form human history, you will not remain passive.
I want to wake you up. While you sleep, the forces of evil claim more and more. Only as you awaken and take action does the power of Jesus turn mankind away from darkness.
Just listen carefully to my words. You need light because you do not even know the way. You need others because alone and unaided you cannot persevere. You need the Church with all of its sacraments. You need my words in these locutions. Most of all you need me as your Mother. Come to me and I will provide all the rest.
I speak so clearly because the time is short and when the events begin, no one can prepare. Remember the ten virgins. Only half were ready to meet the bridegroom. Did Noah build his ark when the rain started to fall? Not at all.
Begin now, at whatever stage you are. Return to mass. Pick up your rosary beads. Wear my scapular. Especially, find others who also realize the need to prepare. I will be there as you gather. I will bless even your smallest efforts. Every step is a victory. Not to prepare is to accept defeat as inevitable. The enemy is at the gate, but I am at your side.
Comment: Our Lady ends this series with words of direction and hope.

10. The Unseen Forces

The forces that bring about these historical events are not irrational. However, they are hidden and easily escape the light of man’s understanding. Often, people are surprised and wonder how an event happened, but the seeds of good or evil were planted, sometimes years or even centuries before. I want to enlighten everyone.
Some persons are more important, meant to play a greater role in history.

However, every person is a battlefield. Every person makes a decision for light or for darkness. According to this decision, they enlist in God’s army or in Satan’s, able to be used to bring about God’s plan or Satan’s destruction.
Each person is aligned with other persons, sometimes at the highest levels. Forces are released in history, like waves upon the shore. Each force leaves its mark. Human life is changed, for good or evil. More important, history is tilted one way or another, to good or to evil.
It is quite easy to see the present tide of history. Whole nations fall into chaos. Wars, revolutions and uprisings happen in so many places. Countries that were strong and in the light, grow weak and move into darkness.
Remember one event leads to another. An evil event prepares for another, sometimes for far greater evil. History is never quiet and still. These forces, good and evil, never rest. The battle is always raging. Human history is a constant battlefield.
Mankind considers itself the author of its own history but the clarity of my vision reveals the helplessness of man. Left alone, he cannot survive.
Comment: Our Lady pulls back the veil and reveals the forces that truly form human history.

9. The Shooting of the Pope

I can place my hands upon these evil centers, even though they might bring forth the event, the effects are limited. Look at the shooting of Pope John Paul II. This was an evil of the greatest magnitude. All the good that he was to accomplish in his pontificate would have been wiped away in one minute.
The event took place because I respected the free will of Ali Agca. However, I placed my hand on the event. Two things happened. The pope suddenly bent over to greet a little girl and the first two bullets missed his head. Then, I actually moved Ali Agca off course, so the other shots were not fatal. The evil took place but the full effects were limited and repairable.
This was an act of the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the Woman of Fatima. Let this be a sign to all the world that I will protect all my children even in the face of the greatest threats.
It is my prerogative to limit the effects, even when the evil event takes place. I reveal this so all know to constantly invoke my help.
Comment: Centers of evil cause evil effects but we do not have to experience or suffer all the effects of these events. The shooting happened on May 13, 1981, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.


8. After the Ukrainian Elections (Special Locution)

 May 26th, 2014
Even after the presidential election, the Ukraine will not enjoy peace. As the dust settles, Putin will see the true state of the Ukraine. He sees those parts which are firmly his, those parts which want to belong to Russia and those parts that lean toward Russia. He also sees the weaknesses and divisions in those parts that choose the Ukraine.
His method will be constant disturbances. A government and its president must provide security or else they are seen as weak. By continuing to cause problems, Putin will constantly weaken these already shaky foundations. The Ukrainian government does not have great resources and would have difficulties even in times of peace.
Putin’s method will be to constantly cause turmoil. He needs only to continue to disrupt in order to claim more and more of the Ukraine.
The election will not end these disturbances nor bring peace. The election is on the surface while the divisions are deeply engrained into the Ukrainian culture.
Comment: The problems in the Ukraine will not end quickly.

7. Centers of Evil

May 26th, 2014
Events twist and turn, as if no one is in control. They often involve many people, at times even thousands and millions. Yet, there is always a center to each event, good or evil. This is my theme.
An event whose center is evil will bring about evil. How great that the evil is will be determined by its own inner resources and by all the subsequent events that follow. Look at the so-called Arab Spring. Are the people better off? Has there not been constant turmoil? Did not the Egyptian army have to reject this Spring and take control, so as to limit the evil?
The inner resources of evil are still powerful in Syria, where the death and destruction continue, bringing great social evils to neighboring countries like Lebanon and Jordan. In the Ukraine, the evil center will continue its work. In spite of the presidential election, peace will not return.
This is my message. In the years ahead, greater centers of evil will arise, especially China which will come more and more onto the world scene. As Russia sees China as a willing partner, these two centers of evil will cooperate and pool their inner resources to protect their interests and to insure that outside forces cannot turn them away from their goals. The constant rising of new centers of evil and, especially, their joining together, will cause the events that will shape the world’s future.
Comment: Our Lady gives an easy-to-understand description of the causes of the world’s problems.

6. The Obama Darkness (Special Locution)

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In his decisions, President Obama chooses the darkness. He exalts evil, protects evil, proclaims the goodness of evil and makes sure that evil spreads. B

ecause he continually chooses darkness, he will remain in darkness.
His final years in the presidency will be clouded over by constant scandals. As these final years go on, the darkness will grow greater and greater. No light will come forth. No great blessings for the American people will result. All will just be darkness for him and for those around him.
All efforts to remove the scandals will be fruitless. I will not allow him to emerge from this darkness into light. In these first five years of his presidency he has made his choices. His heart belongs to darkness. This comes from his own free will.
Comment: President Obama embraces politically so many evils that contradict God’s law. These are his choices of darkness.

5. Events Leading to Other Events

Nothing in human history stands alone and isolated. All events converge. One event leads to another, setting the stage for a new good or new evil. All the events of these centuries have led up to the present age, in which a culmination will take place. These years are an extremely important moment in human history.
The events which you see – the revolutions in Libya and Egypt, the continuous civil war in Syria, the breakup of the Ukraine, and soon, the emergence of a more aggressive China, are the beginning. They are not just historical events. They are the door to unthinkable events, culminating moments. At least, that is Satan’s plan. There will be an ever-more aggressive Russia and a Putin who enjoys the world’s spotlight. There will be the hidden works of Iran, which has every reason to continue its nuclear program.
These forces now control the world scene. America is nowhere in sight. Europe is fearful and unsure. No human force exists to change this course of events.

My children understand this history. They see the events in their true perspective. They are not fooled. They will not compromise. They will not turn away. Their faces are turned totally to me and their hearts are completely mine. These will be my instruments. I must move quickly. I must raise them up and put them in high positions. I cannot wait any longer. I must have Church leaders who understand that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun.
I will multiply the power of these locutions. I will use them to cry out in the loudest possible voice. Mankind is headed into indescribable darkness unless the Woman Clothed With the Sun is given her place chosen by the heavenly Father.
Comment: Our Lady will not be silent. The heavenly Father has chosen her as his instrument to destroy Satan’s plans.

4. The Winds of History

May 23rd, 2014
How quickly the winds of change blow. Suddenly, history moves in a different direction. Who is wise enough or clever enough to understand the wind? Who can chart its course or predict its path? Only the heavenly Father, who so much wants to protect his children. This is why I speak now. I will describe the winds that have blown mankind off course, and what is needed to regain the true path.
The first wind is the new technology and man’s total absorption into that false world. How dangerous this is. It has already sparked upheavals and removed much of man’s free will. This is a powerful new wind and mankind is herded like cattle that have no choice.
The second wind is the destruction of faith, the only power that frees man and allows him to stand firm while the mighty winds blow against him.
The final, and greatest wind, is the Satanic intelligence that cleverly has led mankind to this moment, where vast numbers of evil groups, equipped with devastating weapons plot the overthrow of governments and the destruction of nations.
These are winds that blow so fiercely. Who can stand against them? Does mankind even see, or understand? You are children whose only hope is your heavenly Mother. I will never abandon you. In my Immaculate Heart are other winds, surprising and more powerful, ready to be released at a moment’s notice. In the twinkling of an eye, I can change the entire course of human history. However, the Church must prepare. It is not ready for these new winds. It is a boat that does not have its sails in place. These sails of faith have been replaced by reason. Even in the Church, reason has replaced faith. O Church, regain your faith in your heavenly Mother and your will experience fresh winds.
Comment: Our Lady has much more to give us if only we will believe.