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quinta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2017

De Mattei: Pope Francis and his “Lutheran turning point”


Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
November 8 2017

On October 31st 2016, Pope Francis inaugurated the year of Luther by meeting with representatives of Lutheranism from all over the world in the Swedish Cathedral of Lund. Since then, meetings and “ecumenical” celebrations ad abundantiam have followed one after the other in the Catholic Church.

A year exactly from that date, the “”Lutheran turning point ”was sealed by a symbolic act the gravity of which very few have noticed. The Vatican Post Office issued a stamp which celebrates the birth of Protestantism on October 31st 1517, the date Luther hung his 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg Cathedral.

100 years later, the Lessons of the October Revolution

In the post-Christian West, this is seen over and over again: in the end of the 20th century, and first decades of the new one, the same mistake that paved the way in the mighty Russian Empire in the end of the 19th century, and first decades of the new one: a rejection of good CONSERVATISM, a "slavery to Progressive quirks."

Hill of Crosses, Šiauliai, Lithuania 

Dostoevsky's DEVILS - apparently a provincial nightmare fantasy of the last century - are crawling across the whole world in front of our very eyes, infesting countries where they could not have been dreamed of; and by means of the hijackings, kidnappings, explosions and fires of recent years they are announcing their determination to shake and destroy civilization! And they may well succeed.

The young, at an age when they have not yet any experience other than sexual, when they do not yet have years of personal suffering and personal understanding behind them, are jubilantly repeating our depraved Russian blunders of the Nineteenth Century, under the impression that they are discovering something new. They acclaim the latest wretched degradation on the part of the Chinese Red Guards as a joyous example. In shallow lack of understanding of the age-old essence of mankind, in the naive confidence of inexperienced hearts they cry: let us drive away THOSE cruel, greedy oppressors, governments, and the new ones (we!), having laid aside grenades and rifles, will be just and understanding.

IL FOGLIO: A prayer to St. Charles Borromeo - bless the artists who stand firm where priests are giving in

Camillo Langone
   Il Foglio
November 4, 2017

Oggi, festa di San Carlo, flagellatore dei protestanti, Gasparro sta dando le ultime pennellate a questo clamoroso soggetto. Giovanni Gasparro, San Pio V e San Carlo Borromeo difendono il Cattolicesimo dall'islam e dall'eresia protestante. Olio su...
St. Pius V and St. Charles Borromeo defending Catholicism against Islam and the Protestant Heresy
By Giovanni Gasparro

St. Charles Borromeo, flagellator of Protestants, I entreat you on this your feast day, concerning the infatuation many priests have for Martin Luther, witnessed recently in Milanese exhibitions and Vatican stamps. Yet, where priests are surrendering, painters are resisting. In Imola, Sergio Padovani at present is exhibiting a portrait fittingly entitled "Martin Luther, the Heretic" while in Aldefia Giovanni Gasparro is busy putting the final brushstrokes to his work of the following sensational title: "St Pius V and St. Charles Borromeo defending Catholicism against Islam and the Protestant Heresy." Commissioned, naturally, not by an ecclesiastic, but a member of the laity. He who was called “a blind heresiarch” by St. John Bosco and by St. Peter Canisio  “an impious blasphemer” is depicted alongside a pig and with swinish eyes: inclined to evil, to guzzling and nuns, [in fact] his contemporaries used to call him Porcus Saxioniae.

Event: SSPX reconciliation of the stunning St. Willibrord Church in the Netherlands

On Sunday, November 12th, His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, will perform the reconciliation of the St. Willibrord church in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A Pontifical Mass will be celebrated afterwards. A reconciliation is the ritual restoration of the dedication of an unholy church. The public is invited and a reception will follow.


10:30 a.m. Reconciliation and Pontifical Mass

1:30 p.m. Reception

6.00 p.m. Adoration with Rosary

Address of the church: Minrebroederstraat 21, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Reception Address: Restaurant Zindering (City Theater), Lucasbolwerk 24

Utrecht, the Netherlands (max 10 minutes on foot from the church)