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domingo, 12 de novembro de 2017

The Alliance of the Two Hearts


The Alliance of the Two Hearts

Every writer is supposed to carry a pen and small notebook to capture those precious moments when inspiration strikes.   But when you sit through a talk given by the exorcist Fr. Jose Viola of the Oblates of Alliance of the Two Hearts, you quickly realize that what you should have brought was a stack of papers and that you should have taken your stenography classes in high school more seriously.  Thankfully, my seatmate had plenty of pages to spare and my hurried loopy hand-writing, which has been dormant since the computer age, could pass for stenography with a bad perm.  And lucky for you, I can still decipher my cockamamie penmanship and translate the wisdom of a wonderful priest to Times New Roman for your benefit. 
            Fr. Jose explained that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the revelation of God’s love to mankind and the Immaculate Heart of Mary represents mankind’s perfect response and acceptance, a fiat to the love of God.  The alliance between the two hearts forms the perfect covenant of love.  

            This alliance should be the model and source of love for all families and was highly encouraged by then Pope John Paul II.  In a letter to the Alliance of the Two Hearts, Blessed John Paul II wrote: “I encourage you to promote among the people of God a better understanding of the devotion to the hearts of the Son and His mother…The act of entrusting ourselves to the Heart of Our Lady establishes a relationship of love with her in which we dedicate to her all that we have and are.  This consecration is practiced essentially by a life of grace, of purity, of prayer, of penance that is joined to the fulfillment of all the duties of a Christian, and of reparation for our sins and the sins of the world.”
 Heeding this call, the Alliance of the Two Hearts through it's oblates and third orders enthrone homes and encourage families' consecrations to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   It’s members/participants are encouraged to live a lifestyle of reparation through daily Mass, daily rosary, frequent Confession and weekly Adoration.   It has established in many parishes internationally, and in mine particularly, a special 9 hour vigil which begins with First Friday Confession & Mass, a Eucharistic Adoration all the way to a First Saturday Mass. Their spiritual director, Fr. Bing Arellano appears on EWTN preaching this regularly.  (His teaching videos can be found on youtube.) 

         Outside of these, the Alliance of the Two Hearts promotes a lifestyle of making reparation through offering our daily sufferings to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Since in every family life, there are unavoidable crosses, when we consecrate our lives to the Alliance of the Two Hearts, our suffering and reparation for sin is used by heaven to turn the sinners in our families (including ourselves), the sinners in the entire human family, into saints. 
            Case in point:  When St. Stephen was martyred and stoned to death, he prayed for his persecutors, which included Saul.  This prayer and suffering was used by heaven for graces of conversion for Saul to become St. Paul, the pillar of the Church.  
            The Alliance of the Two Hearts is dear to me not only because it was founded by Cardinals and Bishops from the Philippines but because my family and I have been converted and are still undergoing conversion because of the graces of this devotion.   And the greatest grace is still to come.  Sr. Lucia of Fatima gave this promise: that those consecrated to Our Lady would see the prophesied era of peace.  I don't know if we'd see it from heaven or on earth butthat is something worth waiting for.