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FIUV General Assembly photos: Pontifical Low Mass in St Peters. On the Sunday of the FIUV General Assembly, we went to the church of the Fraternity of St Peter, Sta Trinita.


FIUV General Assembly photos: Solemn and Low Mass on Sunday

On the Sunday of the FIUV General Assembly, we went (as we did in 2009) to the church of the Fraternity of St Peter, Sta Trinita. This is a very lovely church, of which Fr Kramer FSSP is the Parish Priest, and Fr William Barker FSSP his deputy. Although I've already referred to the Solemn Mass we all attended on Sunday morning, and the Low Mass said by Fr Barker I attended the same evening, since I have finally processed my photographs of these Masses here is a small selection. The church was packed for the morning Mass. IMG_8081 IMG_8088 IMG_8095 IMG_8116

More photos of Solemn Mass here. Low Mass, which was preceeded by Benediction and followed by the blessing of a very beautiful catafalque, with the singing of the Libera me. IMG_8175 IMG_8182
More photos of the Low Mass here.

FIUV General Assembly photos: Pontifical Low Mass in St Peters

I returned from the Una Voce Federation gathering in Rome in November unable to process my photos, so here, finally, they are, first, for the wonderful Pontifical Low Mass was had in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St Peter's, celebrated by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, Prefect Emeritus of the Pontifical Council Ecclesia Dei.

It was the first such Mass I have attended. The first thing to notice is that the celebrant vests in the sanctuary, as at Pontifical Solemn Mass. IMG_7998

You can't see it, but the server next to the Missal for the Gospel had a hand candle (ie in a silver candlestick with a handle) to illuminate the Gospel (again as at Pontifical Solemn Mass).

Cardinal Castrillon preaching. IMG_8005

The choir loft was occupied by some superb singers, who usually sing for the FSSP at Sta Trinita. Although this was a Low Mass, they sang some motets.


The 'Second Confiteor': Cardinal Castrillon gives the absolution. IMG_8027

The Cardinal's red zuchetto (skull cap) is made ready, on a silver tray. They also used a ewer, rather than a little cruet, for the water.

The final blessing.

Having remonved his vestments, the Cardinal is again in his 'day clothes', as it were. IMG_8035

Midnight Mass in Reading

We had a splendid and very well-attended Solemn Mass in Reading for Midnight Mass. Fr Simon Leworthy FSSP was celebrant, Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP deacon and the FSSP Seminarian James Mawdsley subdeacon.
IMG_8572 IMG_8594 IMG_8602

By coincidence I was given a copy of James Mawdsley's extraordinary book, 'The Heart Must Break', for Christmas. It is about his experiences campaigning for democracy in Burma. It is written from a rather different perspective to that of the seminarian of today - it was published in 2001 and he has naturally moved on - but it is very interesting none the less. How many seminarians have been tortured and kept in solitory confinement under a brutal dictatorship?

A meatless Epiphany

Friday was the first, and I think perhaps it will be the last, time that English Catholics will be required to abstain from flesh meat on 6th January, which is the Feast of the Epiphany in both the reformed Universal Calendar and the 1962 Calendar. We had a splendid candle-lit Mass in SS Gregory and Augustine to celebrate this important feast.

A good occasion for lobster and caviar, perhaps!  IMG_8633
The Church of SS Gregory & Augustine's looks quite well lit, but it is a trick of the camera. It was lit entirely by candles, except for the choir loft - we had a single electric bulb!
The solemn proclamation of the moveable feasts of the year, after the Sermon: chanted in Latin.

Juventutem London

Another set of photos which has been waiting for for PC to be fixed was that of the Juventutem London Solemn Mass, October 28th. Old news now, but their NEXT Mass will be

taking place at St Mary Moorfields, Eldon Street at 6.30pm on 23rd December. Facebook here
At the October Mass, in St Patrick's Soho Square, the celebrant was Fr Simon Leworthy FSSP; deacon, Fr Andrew Southwell; subdeacon, Fr Leon Pereira OP. The Mass was accompanied by the Juventutem London Schola led by Matthew Schellhorn. IMG_7902 IMG_7937FONTE