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domingo, 1 de dezembro de 2019

With the help of the Jesus Prayer, we begin to believe and experience the presence of God dwelling within our heart and around us.


The Jesus Prayer

also known as
“The Prayer of the Heart”
“The Prayer of the Most Holy Name”

Is a prayer that developed in the early monastic tradition, but quickly spread throughout the Church. Today, it is practiced by thousands of faithful, laity as well as religious and monastics, all over the world.
The Jesus Prayer is a very simple and easy prayer to learn. It consists of just a few powerful words repeated over and over again:

“Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner,” or

“Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us,” or

“Lord, Jesus, have mercy,” or just the single word “Jesus.”

The exact wording is not important, as long as it includes the most holy name of JESUS. If we persevere in saying the prayer frequently, we will find a formula that best suits our particular needs and speaks to us the most.
Although very simple, the Jesus Prayer is also a very profound prayer. In one brief sentence, it expresses the essence of our Christian faith and summarizes the entire Gospel message. When we say, “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God”, we proclaim that Jesus is indeed Lord, the eternal and unbegotten Son of the living God. He is the “Christos,” the “Anointed One” promised by our Heavenly Father — the Saviour of the world. When we say, “have mercy on me, a sinner,” we confess our faith and our trust in His infinite mercy and love. The Lord God will pour out an abundance of His mercy and loving kindness upon us; He will love us, forgive us, heal and comfort us. All we need to do is to ask. Each time we sincerely call upon His name, we receive His grace, His forgiveness and peace. The Jesus Prayer is a holy, wonderful prayer, and it is a great gift from God to be able to pray it.
With the help of the Jesus Prayer, we begin to believe and experience the presence of God dwelling within our heart and around us. The prayer sows deep within our souls the great truth, that God is always present within us, and that we are truly, in the words of St. Paul, “living temples of the Holy Spirit.”