quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

Difusão da Missa Tridentina no mundo

The New 38 Year Old Abbot the Cistericans of Mehrerau, Austria

Br. Stephen, O.Cist, in Sparta Wisconsin, and blogger at Sub Tuum, notified the NLM of the Blessing of Dom Anselm van der Linde, O.Cist, who, by appointment of Pope Benedict XVI, is the new Territorial Abbot of Mehrerau, the Austrian mother house of Br. Stephen's own Cistercian congregation. The ceremony took place in the Klosterkirche Mehrerau.

In his letter, the Pope said that Dom Anselm was chosen because of his "faith, morality, piety, wisdom and sound teaching."

Dom Anselm was born in 1970, and was ordained a priest in 1999. He is thus only 38 years old.

Here are some photos of the event with a few comments interspersed.

(For those wondering, the very large books are likely the Cistercian Antiphonale which are used during the chanting of the Divine Office)

(The Decree of Pope Benedict XVI is read)

(One will note that the new Abbot is wearing a pontifical dalmatic)

The coat of arms of the new Abbot of Mehrerau:

Solemn Mass at the Shrine of the Little Flower

solemm Mass in the usus antiquior was offered in the Shrine of the Little Flower, near Detroit, Michigan. The Mass was celebrated by Msgr. George Browne as part of the Shrine's "Lenten Presentations on Catholic Ritual Liturgies".

The series consists of four Eastern rite liturgies, and the ancient Roman liturgy. Detroit's St. Josaphat Parish and Windsor's Assumption Parish provided the servers as well as choir.

A special mention should be made of Mr. Alex Begin, who can be seen next to the subdeacon in the last photo, who helps coordinate so many of the liturgies in the usus antiquior in the greater Detroit and Windsor area.

Thanks to a reader from the area who sent these in to the NLM.