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Articles about the Jesus Prayer - Prayer of the Heart

The Jesus Prayer is very simple:
"Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner,"
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The Jesus Prayer according to numerous Church Fathers is "essential" to our spiritual growth. The Jesus Prayer proclaims our faith and humbles us by asking mercy for our sinfulness. The Jesus Prayer is thought to be as old as the Church itself.

The Jesus Prayer, says Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, “more than any other,” helps us to be able to “stand in God’s presence.” This means that the Jesus Prayer helps us to focus our mind exclusively on God with “no other thought” occupying our mind but the thought of God. At this moment when our mind is totally concentrated on God, we discover a very personal and direct relationship with Him.
Jesus Christ - the Power In the Name
The Jesus Prayer's power comes from the use of our Lord's Name, Jesus Christ, Son of God. It is a confession of our faith. more about the power of the name Jesus Christ
Jesus Prayer requires Humility
The Jesus Prayer in its practice assumes you are a regular participant in the worship services of the Church, in her Sacraments and aware of your sinfulness. Be sure to consult with and follow the advice of your spiritual Father. Humility is a prerequisite for all prayer, especially the Jesus Prayer. more about role of humility in practicing the Jesus Prayer
Jesus Prayer Has Two Functions
The Jesus Prayer has two important purposes. The first is worship as with all prayer. The second is a discipline to help our soul gain control our overactive brains and create stillness so the Holy Spirit can work through us and help us live the virtues in union with God. more about the two functions of the Jesus Prayer
Jesus Prayer Has Three Stages in PracticeThe Jesus Prayer involves three stages of progress in its practice. You begin praying the Jesus Prayer by repeating the words of the prayer out loud or at least moving the lips. This is called verbal prayer. After some time saying of the Jesus Prayer becomes silent or mental and is repeated only in the mind. This is mental prayer. Finally, the Jesus Prayer becomes a continuous prayer in the heart, the inner core of our being. We begin with vocal prayer and do not force the move to mental prayer. This will happen naturally when you are ready.
... read more about the three stages of the Jesus Prayer
Jesus Prayer in Practice
In praying the Jesus Prayer, our holy Fathers tell us, we say it over and over hundreds of times as part of our daily prayer rule. It is best to add the Jesus Prayer to your morning prayers as this is when the mind is the quietest. Begin by saying the Jesus Prayer verbally focusing on each word. Repeat the Jesus Prayer continually for 15 minutes at first and then expand to 30 minutes. You will experience the challenge of dealing with your thoughts, the tendency for you mind to wander. Attention when praying the Jesus Prayer is important. Be sincere in your prayer and repeat it with contrition. Praying the Jesus Prayer is that simple!
... read more about how to practice the Jesus Prayer
Jesus Prayer is A Long and Difficult Path
Do not be fooled by its simplicity. The Jesus Prayer practice is a difficult task and like all ascetic practices it requires commitment of time, patience and perseverance. Remember the Jesus Prayer's aim is not to obtain a calmness or any kind of spiritual experience, but to become in communion with God and participate in His grace.
... read more on difficult path in practicing the Jesus Prayer
Jesus Prayer's Possible Problems Encountered and Cautions more Problems in Using the Jesus Prayer
Jesus Prayer - When To Pray
The Jesus Prayer will eventually be prayed throughout the day and when this happens, you will find that your life changes. more about when to pray using the Jesus Prayer
Jesus Prayer is Not a Form of Eastern Meditation
The praying of the Jesus Prayer should not be confused with methods used in Eastern Yoga or meditation. In praying the Jesus Prayer as in all Orthodox Prayer we are seeking a relationship with a personal God based on faith and love. more about how the Jesus Prayer differs from the eastern meditation.
Jesus Prayer - History
BrochureJesus Prayer Trifold Brochure (pdf)For use in your parish bookstore

"Prayer without Ceasing" is necessary for all Christians
By St Gregory Palamas
"bear in mind the method of prayer – how it is possible to pray without ceasing, namely by praying in the mind. And this we can always do if we so wish...."
On Practicing the Jesus Prayer
by St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov)
"The correct practice of the Jesus Prayer proceeds naturally from correct notions
about God, about the most holy name of the Lord Jesus, and about man's relationship
to God. ..."
The Jesus Prayer
by Saint Theophan the Recluse
"Only with the help of this prayer can the necessary order of the soul be firmly maintained; only through this prayer can we preserve our inner order undisturbed even when distracted by household cares."
Guidance about the Jesus Prayer
By Father Paisios the Athonite:
"only certainty is repentance and let every spiritual edifice be built upon it and let us continually seek repentance from God and nothing else..."

On Prayer
Purification of the Heart
The Jesus Prayer: Method
by Archimandrite Sophrony
"Through prayer in the Name of Jesus in its ultimate realization unites man with Christ fully..."
The Jesus Prayer in St Gregory of Sinai
by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware
He describes both the for of the Prayer and the inward and outwrd techniques of prayer of the heart. Saint Gregory was on Athos the same time as St. Gregory Palamas but was not involved in the theological disputes so his teaching is focused on the practice of the Prayer.
The Power of the Name
by Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia
A classic exposition of the the Jesus Prayer. Excellent introduction to the teachings of the Hesychasts, the masters of stillness, showing us how anyone can make use of their teachings to come closer to God.
Jesus Prayer of the heart for the faithful living in the world.
By Elder Josheph
In the beginning it is necessary to say the prayer in a whisper, or even louder when confronted by duress and inner resistance. When this good habit is achieved to the point that the prayer may be sustained and said with ease, then we can turn inwardly with complete outer silence."
Omnipotent Prayer 
Elder Joseph, the quieter and Spilaiotou
Always try to make sure that the prayer of Jesus Christ is included in your daily cycle, your work, your every breath and your every sense.
Saint John Chrysostom
Thoughts on the Jesus Prayer…constantly call: “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me!” in order that this remembrance of the Name of our Lord Jesus should incite you to battle with the enemy. By this remembrance, a soul forcing itself to do this practice can discover everything which is within, both good and bad.
Jesus Prayer - by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom
"The use of the prayer is dual, it is an act of worship as is every prayer, and on the ascetical level, it is a focus that allows us to keep our attention still in the presence of God."
Hieromonk Ilie Cleopa preaching on the levels of the Prayer of the Heart (video)
Introduction to the Jesus Prayer - by Mother Alexandra
formerly Her Royal Highness, lleana Princess of Romania and Archduchess of Austria
On the Jesus Prayer - by Tito Colliander
"Prayer will call forth in inner calm, a peaceful relaxation in grief, love, gratitude, humility."
Jesus Prayer by Deacon Charles Joiner
"The Jesus prayer is recognized in the Church as a very important form of prayer to help us progress in our spiritual maturity by coming closer to a unity with God. Some say it is the only prayer we need to learn. The prayer is very simple."
Praying the Jesus Prayer
by Dr. Albert Rossi, of St. Vladimir's

"The Jesus Prayer provides one good way to pray constantly. In fact, the Jesus Prayer is the most widespread and most specifically Orthodox spiritual prayer..."
Use of Prayer Rope
From an article published in "Agioritiki Martiria," amagazine issued by the Xiropotamos Monastery. on Mouint Athos.
Difference Between The Jesus Prayer and a Hindu Mantra
by Dionysios Farasiotis
"What constitutes the infinite distance separating the Christian Jesus Prayer from the Hindu mantra, however, is that which lurks behind the name of the god being invoked in a mantra and invited into the soul."