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Who is Padre Pio

"Padre Pio: Heavenly Facts and Words of Wisdom"
Revised June 2019 PDF

From the Blog of Dr. Vincent Di Stefano, from Australia:
"In the presence of the Transcenden

 Padre Pio

 Padre Pio anno per anno, giorno dopo giorno"
(Dalla culla agli Altari. Con abbondanza di foto e dettagli.)

I doni profusi dallo Spirito Santo su Padre Pio" PDF

Bibliografia (2020)

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 Detailed bio, spectacular pictures, very rare videos and audios.

 1. Birth and childhood of Francesco Forgione in Pietrelcina.

 2. Francesco Forgione becomes Padre Pio da Pietrelcina: Novice in Morcone, theology student in Sant'Elia a Pianisi, San Marco la Catola, Serracapriola, Montefusco, and Gesualdo. Ordained priest in Benevento.

 3. Seven years passed sick at home in Pietrelcina after becoming a priest. Early ministry. Receives the invisible wounds.

 4. Padre Pio enlisted for 3 years of Military service in the Italian Army. He is stationed in Napoli during World War I. 

 5. Padre Pio receives the Transverberation of the heart and the five Wounds.

 6. The wounds are examined by drs. Merla, Bignami, Romanelli, Festa.

 7. The wounds are investigated multiple times by the Holy Office. Hernia operation. Decree of isolation. 

 8. The building of the grand hospital "CASA SOLLIEVO DELLA SOFFERENZA" and the gigantic input of Barbara Ward.

 9. Mary Pyle "Maria l'Americana". The heiress from New York offers her life for the poor, the friars, and the needs of Padre Pio."

 10. Padre Pio had many spiritual children, female and male, organized in Prayer Groups, and enrolled in the Third Franciscan Order, professing firm allegiance to the Pope and the Church. 
 11. P Padre Pio had the gift of PROFECY and read the souls and minds of people. Here are a few of the numerous facts reported and documented.

 12. Padre Pio never left the convent, but still was seen in BILOCATION around the world in many places, in every Continent. We report  several of these episodes.

 13. For the process of Sainthood of Padre Pio many people reported, accompanied by medical documentation, complete, immediate and permanent HEALING through his intercession. We report several documented facts.       

 14. The PERFUME of Padre Pio was smelled in the most unusual ways and locations. It was always the sign of his presence. Also, he was seen in ecstasy, and at times radiated luminosity around him.

 15. While alive, Pio Pio visited hell, Purgatory and Heaven. He knew many things about the departed. He obtained reprives to extend life and better prepare. He was familiar with his guardian angel, and was frequently badly beaten by the devils.

 16. Padre Pio's Mass lasted between 90 minutes and 3 hours. It was like the Passion unfolding. He spent long hours in the Confessional, reproaching, transforming, and cleansing.      

 16a. Padre Pio had an immense love for the Virgin Mary. He prayed the Rosary continuously.    

 18. You can hear the live voice of Padre Pio reciting "The Angel of the Lord", waving at the crowd from the window (finestrella), praying the "Visit to the most Holy Mary", "Consecration to the most Holy Heart" of Mary, "Novena in preparation to the visit of Madonna of Fatima", You may follow the voice in italian and read the text in Italian and English. See also the video of "1959 Madonna di Fatima visit to Padre Pio", in italian with english subtitles.
  19. Padre Pio met people in the St. Francis hall, administered Baptisms, First Communions, and weddings. Many pictures.   

 20. People would follow Padre Pio when he went downtown to vote in the Italian elections. He received a lot of mail. He enjoyed watching the religious plays. Many pictures.

 21. Padre Pio's life evolved around the cells, the altars, the confessionals and the choirs.   

 22. Padre Pio had great personality traits, but his health was poor. He ate very little, lost a lot of blood, wore special sandals because of the permanently swollen feet.    

 23. Padre Pio used poetical expressions in his letters, and used to tell jokes frequently. Here are some of them.

 24. Many quotes of Padre Pio regarding himself, life, virtues, defects, the Catholic Church, the Universe, are reported. St. Francis, St. Paul the Apostle, St. John of the Cross and Padre Pio side by side. Who really is Padre Pio.   

 25. Full ministry of Padre Pio. Investigations and restrictions. The last years.   

 26. The last day of Padre Pio's life. Unique video of the last Mass. The last five hours detailed. Death. Video of the funeral.     

 27. Padre Pio PERFECT VICTIM.    

 28.The miracles received by  Lina De Martino  and  Matteo Pio Colella, for the proclamation of Padre Pio Blessed and Saint.   

 29. The masterpice of San Pio church by Renzo Piano.   

 30. The spectacular gold crypt and mosaics by the Jesuit artist Marko Ivan Rupnik. 

Bibliography on Padre Pio.