terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2014

Mary; The Crisis of 2015, The greatest events will be the collapse of the economic structures. This will lead to even more enormous problems. There will be rivalries among nations, breakups of friendly cooperation that has been in place for years. All of these divisions come from the Evil One.

2. Russia Destabilizing the European Economy

I plunge you into the great mysteries and reveal all that is possible because I can no longer hold these events in my heart.  Like a sorrowing mother, I must speak to relieve the burdens.
Russia will continue to persecute my people in the Ukraine.  The sanctions will not turn Putin back.  Even though they inflict great wounds, he will absorb the punishment, like a fighter who will not give up,
Russia will become like Syria, a constant source of disruption.  However, something even deeper is happening.  Just as the Syrian revolution has destabilized the Middle East because it has perdured for many years, so will Russia become to Europe.  Russia had become an important part of the European economy.  President Obama insists upon economic sanctions and refuses to aid the Ukraine militarily.  He is weakening the European economies.   This is the long term fallout from the sanctions, which will have many repercussions as other problems come forth this year.
All of this is not foreseen but I see Satan’s plan all too clearly.  He hides his real goals and gets nations to walk along his paths.  This year it will be step by step, one event at a time with each event linked closely to what has happened and will happen.
Man’s intellect is no match for his.  Human solutions are like paper walls placed in his fires.  Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun knows the true path to peace and I am trying to enlighten the world.
Comment:  Without heaven’s light, human solutions only play into Satan’s hands.

1. The Crisis of 2015

These words must be recorded now so all the world will know that I have issued the gravest warnings.  The words must go forth, published openly, “written on the walls” so to speak, so that when they come true, all must say that I had been a true mother and did not hold back my wisdom.
This is the year of the events.  Many, many dangers are present.  They are already in the headlines, but I am speaking of new events, surprising events which no one foresees.  This is already happening in the racial divide that is now appearing in America, when all thought that the issues had been resolved by the Civil Rights legislation.  That is only the beginning of new events.
These forces are already imbedded in human history, forces that will divide and separate, forces that will break forth in great destruction.
The greatest events will be the collapse of the economic structures.  This will lead to even more enormous problems.  There will be rivalries among nations, breakups of friendly cooperation that has been in place for years.  The causes of these divisions will vary but when you see various nations pulling away from each other, when you see relationships being strained and even broken, then you know that I have told you ahead of time.
All of these divisions come from the Evil One.  The divisions are not the final steps, but they prepare for greater problems.  When nations are together in peace, they can overcome and work out difficult situations.  When they are separated by divisions, they cannot adequately respond to new crises, those which they did not foresee.
Comment:  In the past, Our Lady has spoken of the Arab revolutions, the problems of Syria, Russia, Ukraine and ISIS.  These are now seen by all.  They are evident.  She now begins to speak of what cannot be seen.

8. Enlightened Confidence

When the world comes to the edge of the cliff, what happens then?  Some continue to move on and plunge to their destruction.  Others are filled with panic and are paralyzed with fear.  Some, having been prepared by these locutions, will say, “Mary has always spoken about this moment.  She has prepared us well.  We are not to fear.  We must act according to her word”.
How will I describe this great gift that flows from my heart right now?  It is not a gift that you should receive when the world comes to the edge of the cliff.  It must be received beforehand, like the oil needed for the lamps to meet the Bridegroom.
I will call this gift enlightened confidence because it contains two powers.  The person is filled with light.  They know what to do, even in the greatest darkness.  They also experience no panic or anxiety.  They are confident that I have prepared them and will guide them.
How do your receive this enlightened confidence?  Slowly, daily.  By many moments spent in my presence.  By the Eucharist.  By little sacrifices.  By trusting me more.  By choosing my ways.  By removing yourself from every aspect of the world’s darkness. By fidelity. By loving your family.  By reading about me.  By helping the poor. By living with truth.  Especially, by hearing my voice speaking in your heart.
Come.  We will learn together.  Light brings new confidence and confidence brings greater light.  They go together, like your right foot and your left foot.  One step at a time, we walk this road of enlightened confidence.
Comment:  What an important gift.  So needed in the coming darkness.

7. Clothing You With Light

Because the works of evil, the great designs of the Evil One, will increase and because world leaders do not know to turn to me for help, I must protect those who do believe.  Later, after Russia is consecrated to me and the Holy Father has turned all the eyes of the world upon my saving role, I can act in universal and visible ways.  For now, I can act freely only in the hearts of those who believe.  Why should I wait?  Why should I leave those who believe shorn of protection.
Like a mother clothing her children for a walk in the snow, so I will clothe my children.  The first piece of clothing is light.  Each person will understand.  They will see the ways of evil which are at the door and are everywhere.  In my light, they will turn away from evil.  Even more, they will remove these causes of evil from themselves and their children.
This light will also show them the road.  This path is not easy to discover.  Years ago, when the culture was filled with light, the roads to light were many and easy to follow.  Now, they are few, hard to find, and not easy to walk.  This is my promise.  If you ask, I will give you the needed inner light.  You will become acutely aware of the ever-expanding darkness.  You will say, “I must seek the road of light”.  You will search.  You will find others.  You will also find new paths of light.  Do not hesitate.  Begin immediately.  The inner light and the paths which you find are my gifts.
Comment:  Our Lady’s great lights for the whole world are delayed but her lights for you, personally, are available now.