domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2014

MARY: This is my promise. If you ask, I will give you the needed inner light. You will become acutely aware of the ever-expanding darkness. You will say, “I must seek the road of light”. You will search. You will find others. You will also find new paths of light. Do not hesitate. Begin immediately. The inner light and the paths which you find are my gifts.

7. Clothing You With Light

Because the works of evil, the great designs of the Evil One, will increase and because world leaders do not know to turn to me for help, I must protect those who do believe.  Later, after Russia is consecrated to me and the Holy Father has turned all the eyes of the world upon my saving role, I can act in universal and visible ways.  For now, I can act freely only in the hearts of those who believe.  Why should I wait?  Why should I leave those who believe shorn of protection.
Like a mother clothing her children for a walk in the snow, so I will clothe my children.  The first piece of clothing is light.  Each person will understand.  They will see the ways of evil which are at the door and are everywhere.  In my light, they will turn away from evil.  Even more, they will remove these causes of evil from themselves and their children.
This light will also show them the road.  This path is not easy to discover.  Years ago, when the culture was filled with light, the roads to light were many and easy to follow.  Now, they are few, hard to find, and not easy to walk.  This is my promise.  If you ask, I will give you the needed inner light.  You will become acutely aware of the ever-expanding darkness.  You will say, “I must seek the road of light”.  You will search.  You will find others.  You will also find new paths of light.  Do not hesitate.  Begin immediately.  The inner light and the paths which you find are my gifts.
Comment:  Our Lady’s great lights for the whole world are delayed but her lights for you, personally, are available now.

6. Believing Before Seeing

I want to pour out my gifts like a mighty river, but why waste these waters if hearts are not ready to receive?  Before everything else, I must pour out the gift of faith.  O reader, how I want to stir up your faith, deepen your faith, activate your faith so you can receive.  Let us begin.
You see for yourself the problems which the world faces, unsolvable problems for a world that has few resources to respond.  These problems will grow.  They will multiply.  They will interconnect and will evolve into greater problems which will seem totally resistant to any solution.
The Church is on the sidelines.  While the world moves along its own road, the Church is a voice crying in the wilderness.  Her voice is not heard in the marketplace and she brings no great power to the world stage.  Will this state of affairs continue, to the total detriment of the world?
Here is where I pour out new faith.  True faith is to see with supernatural eyes what cannot be seen and to believe with supernatural faith what does not yet exist.
Faith is the only way that God enters the world.  Jesus became a man because I believed what I did not yet see (that the Holy Spirit would make me God’s mother).  I need the Holy Father and all the bishops and all the Church to see that I will come upon the world stage only when they believe.  Otherwise, I sit on the sidelines and the world races to its own destruction.  I want to do a new thing but I need people to believe before they see my actions.
Comment:  We must believe that Our Lady will act in ways in which she has never acted before.

5. Extraordinary Unshakeable Faith

Not everyone will understand what is happening when these events begin.  Many will not see any hope.  Others will curse and even blaspheme.  It will be the special person who will be able to see a road that leads to peace.
Hidden deeply in my heart is light, special light for the days of darkness.  I will not reserve this light for special people.  Everyone who now reads this locution is ready for the light.  First, I must explain.
The first effect from this light is to know that I am present.  This is the moment of my visitation, my coming to you just as I came to Elizabeth.  I am not alone.  I carry Jesus within me.  Without my saying a word of explanation, Elizabeth knew the mystery, “Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”
In this great light, you, too, will know that I have come to you.  I, the mother of Jesus, have come to you.  You will have total faith.  Nothing will shake that complete confidence.  Even in the middle of the events you will stand firm, living one day at a time and having no fear of tomorrow (which is always useless).  I will give this extraordinary, unshakeable faith to everyone who welcomes me like Elizabeth did.
Comment:  The world’s lack of faith limits Our Lady’s gifts.  So, she gives them individually, to each person.

4. A New Life of Purity

The winds will blow and the rains will come, but those whose hearts are filled with my gifts will survive the great events.  They will enjoy a strength and a perseverance.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, that Satan hurls against them will destroy their resolve to be faithful.  So, let me begin to list those powers which I am already pouring out.
Satan attacks through lust.  He twists the powerful sexual drive, meant to enhance marital love, and sends it in every possible direction.  Lust is a mighty river that frequently overflows its banks and destroys.
O reader, I know your own struggles with lust and I offer you the great gift of purity.  Accept my gift.  Ask for the continence needed for your state in life.  In this way, true love will be released within you.  Darkness and shame will have no power over you.  The chains of lust will fall to the ground, and you will easily walk away from their grasp.
I offer you a new life, where you can rejoice in a freedom that you have never understood because lust has so limited your steps and blinded your eyes.
Come.  I will lead you into a world of purity, where true love flourishes and all relationships are kept sacred.  When purified of your lusts, you will enjoy peace.  The former days will give way to a new glory.  No one will need to teach you God’s road.  You will see it for yourself.
Comment:  Our Lady does not condemn.  She just offers a new freedom which allows the person to respond to true love, both human and divine.