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segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2014

MARY: This is the moment of the great battle, when Satan uses his entire army. The battle will be fierce. The struggle an immense one. The victory great; but only with my help can anyone be saved.

Our Lady of Fatima

7. The Moment of the Great Battle

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The army of darkness gathers on the horizon.  However, the daylight has not yet arrived and they cannot be seen.  This allows the forces of evil to spread out according to their plan.  They take strategic positions so that when the attacks begin there will be no escape.  They will capture and control.  Their goal is to inflict sufferings upon mankind, so that despair and helplessness seize the hearts of all.  In this way, their victory will be more complete.  They know what they wish to accomplish.  They want to cut mankind off from the Creator and to cast everyone into disbelief.  They are not interested in capturing material earth but in claiming immortal souls.
They want to destroy man’s spirit and cut him off from his life-giving relationship to Jesus and the power of the resurrection.  Once that occurs, he will have successfully overcome the defeat he suffered when Jesus died on the cross.  How he has waited for this moment!  Through all the ages, he has planned this.  Anyone believing that these are normal times and normal problems, is deceived.  This is the moment of the great battle, when Satan uses his entire army.  The battle will be fierce.  The struggle an immense one.  The victory great; but only with my help can anyone be saved.
Comment:  Wake up!  Future events will not just be the usual problems.  A spiritual war will break out with grave consequences for human history.

6. The World’s Communication Systems

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There are no limits and there are no walls – all have access to the unlimited riches of my heart.  Why hold back?  Why try to save for the future when the future is now?  Satan is ready to put everything on the table, to release all the evil he has stored up for 2000 years.  Why, then, should I do less?  Why should I hold back my gifts?  This is the moment.  All comes to a flashpoint.  Suddenly and without warning.  A breakthrough here.  Another there.  Suddenly, many at once, all interconnected, all planned by a great intellect that is totally saturated in evil.
Why, then, should I hold back?  Why would I not give every power and every protection to my children? This will surprise Satan.  He does not know these gifts which are hidden in my heart.  He has never faced them before.  They will puzzle and confuse him.  They will blunt his powers.  In spite of the destruction, people will not despair.  They will not give up.
I am speaking very clearly.  The world has built very sophisticated and complicated systems which can easily be rendered powerless.  The world now depends on those systems, like a sick person dependent on machines to sustain his life.  What if these systems are rendered powerless?  What will result?  Widespread confusion, turmoil and despair.  That is why I reveal these new giftsMy children will be protected, but only in my Immaculate Heart. Go there and stay there.  Let the churches be open for my people to come.  Let the priests, religious and lay ministers be there to pray with them.  I will be there.  How much I want my priests and people to gather!  This is not the time to scatter.  I have spoken clearly enough for now.  As the events get closer, my words will become sharper and more pointed.
Comment:  Our Lady is obviously speaking about confusion and disruption that will be caused by failure in the world wide systems of communication.

5. Stop Limiting Our Lady’s Power

Stop limiting my love.  Stop limiting my power.  Stop limiting my presence!  I speak so you throw off these limits to your faith.  The heavenly Father has placed every gift in my heart.  Do not be surprised at this.  Did He not place His only Son in my womb?  Did He not overshadow me with His Holy Spirit?  Now, He has given me a command to be with the world in a new way.  This is easy to explain.
The Word, the eternal Son of the Father, was always with the world.  Through Him, all things were (Jn.1:13).  But in the fullness of time, the Word became flesh.  This was according to the Father’s will.  The Son was told to be with the world in a new way.
Now, at this time and at this moment in world history, the Father has commanded me to come to the world in a new way, so He can reveal treasures that He has hidden in my Immaculate Heart and to release new powers that have never been given before.
All of this is the Father’s plan to aid the world as it enters a time of great tribulations.  I speak these words now as promises waiting to be fulfilled.  The time is now but the gifts must wait until people stop limiting my love, my power and my presence.
All will break through, like fresh streams, surprising everyone.   When this happens, you must believe.  You must go and drink from those new streams.  Otherwise, the Father’s great gifts will be wasted.
Comment:  Our Lady explains well how God always has new ideas of how to intervene.  The intervention is effective only if people believe and take advantage of the new streams.

4. Putin Is Dangerous

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I open up all my heart to the whole world.  I hold back none of my vision nor any of my secrets because the time is so short.
For years, I have been appearing to chosen souls, revealing to the world through them the teachings needed for the future trials.  These are well known and I invite the reader to study my revelations, especially at Fatima.  You will see that in these present locutions, I am not saying anything new.  The warnings have been on the table for decades.  Yet, so many have not heeded my words.
The Fatima warnings spoke of future events and now, almost 100 years later, they have not yet happened.  My words now are that the time is very short.  The events are on the horizon.  Although they have not yet happened, the events are beginning to come to the surface.  Putin is at the center of some of these events.  He himself has no set plan.  He is totally guided by the Evil One who is always using him to disrupt.  Putin is dangerous because he has so many resources at his disposal and because he is willing to risk everything to regain Russia’s former stature.
Comment:  Our Lady reveals two secrets – that the events she has spoken of at Fatima are close and that some of these events are linked to Putin.

3. The Heavenly Fire’s Powers

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There are two fires.  You see the fires of hell which lead mankind to wars and destruction.  Still hidden are my fires of heaven.  Fire should be fought with fire but until now the fires of heaven burn only in my heart.  How I long to pour out these fires upon the whole earth.
This heavenly fire has three gifts.  What can this heavenly fire do?  Love is its greatest gift and will be so much needed when the events begin.  In those days, people must love one another and care for one another.  People will experience gigantic losses and will need a support that no government can provide.  Only love from others will supply their needs.
This fire also gives light.  So much will be different.  The former wisdom will not suffice.  New lights, new directions and new initiatives will be needed that can only come from my fire.
Finally, my fire will protect.  This is the most important.  As Satan unleashes these events, one by one, the usual walls that protect society will crumble.  Satan will be like an enemy attacking a city which he can enter easily.  I will surround every person who calls on me, with my fire of protection.  Although the walls collapse I will keep them safe, individually and collectively, privately and especially as they gather.
Comment:  Our Lady reveals the three special powers of her fire.

2. What God Did For Our Lady

I want to reveal every secret in my heart.  Only in this way, will the world enjoy enough light to overcome the darkness.  I will begin with all that God did for me.
I am joined to God’s Son, more than any mother to any child.  This union comes from both nature and grace.  I am joined by maternal love, the greatest love any mother has for a child.  I am also joined to Jesus by my Immaculate Conception.  From the very first instant of my existence, Jesus flooded me with his Holy Spirit.  Not one inch, not one hairs’ breadth separated us.  No other creature is so intimately joined to Jesus.  The Father gave to Jesus’ humanity (which he received from me) all the divine powers.  Jesus shared with me every possible gift.  “I will use you as my instrument” said Jesus.
Can the Father do this?  Can He bring a woman so close to himself through the humanity that the Spirit formed in her, that He makes her an instrument of all his graces?  Who dares to say that God cannot do this while at the same time allowing me to be a creature, infinitely below Him?  Once this is understood, I can reveal all my secrets.
Comment:  Our Lady sets the stage for great inner revelations.

1. Retrieving Abandoned Lights

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I would bathe the world in quite different events.  History does not have just one road, a path that leads only into darkness.  That was the only road before Jesus came. Now, a new path lies before mankind.
Unfortunately, that path has been concealed and covered over.  People have set aside their light of faith.  It lies abandoned by the wayside.  They have been captured by all that is new, all the promises of a world built upon science.
I have picked up all these abandoned lights of faith.  They are not lost forever.  I have saved them in my heart, waiting for the moment when the events of darkness shatter the false illusions which have captured so many.
That moment will come.  The great illusions that science can produce a heaven on earth without the help of faith will be broken. Many will submit totally to despair.  Others will seek their lost torch of faith.  They will find it kept safely in my heart.
Why not seek it now?  Why wait until the dangers encircle the earth?  That is what I will explain now.  O reader, I offer to you a new torch of faith.  I will place it quickly in your heart.  You will cherish it and will never abandon it again.  Hold on to this light and it will never go out.  You will need it for the darkness.
Comment:  Our Lady invites us to a different path which can be seen only by the torch of faith.