domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2014

MARY: Like a mother, all I can say is, “Stay close to me. The forces are too complex for me to give you directions. But if you stay with me, I will keep you safe. Now is not the time to wander. Do not set aside the graces I give you today.”

5. Satan’s Traps

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“I must tell my children.  I must warn my children. I must protect my children”.  These are a mother’s thoughts when she learns of dangers.  They are my feelings that lead me to pour out these words.
World leaders do not act in faith.  People, also, do not allow faith to illumine their decisions.  All is done from the human intellect which casts a very shallow light.  It sees only the surface and never penetrates.  It cannot perceive the forces buried in human hearts nor can it confront evil.  Decisions which arise from expediency cause a thousand missteps and lead into Satan’s traps.
All will become so evident, like an army which has been cornered because of the foolishness of its generals.  Day by day, the trap is set and the world, enticed by false goals, eagerly enters.  A moment will come when the trap is closed and the world will see itself captured by forces that are suddenly and surprisingly released.  All is clear to my vision – the time, the moment, the places, the causes and the results.
Like a mother, all I can say is, “Stay close to me.   The forces are too complex for me to give you directions.  But if you stay with me, I will keep you safe.  Now is not the time to wander.  Do not set aside the graces I give you today.”  The time is short and there is so little opposition to slow down Satan’s timetable.  He waits only because he sees greater opportunities if he does not rush ahead.  Do not be fooled by the delay.  He wants to entrap the whole world and is merely waiting until he has greater control over a few important centers of power.
Comment:  Our Lady warns us.  People often judge a delay as if it will never take place.

4. The Shattered Dream

Once sin entered the world, the Father’s plan was shattered into a million pieces.  All that he dreamed and all the blessings he wanted to bestow had been lost.  How would he restore the gift?  He chose a woman.  She would be the new Eve, the mother of the living (Gen.3:15).  This was the Father’s plan from the beginning.  What I am teaching is based upon the ancient promise which is now coming into reality before your very eyes.
Yes, before your very eyes!  You will see these events and understand where they come from.  They are manifestations of sins which have been buried within human history for centuries.  Now is the time for them to come forth.  They come forth so they can be purged, like a human body suffering from a great fever.
Who will guide poor humanity through these manifestations?  I am the physician, a mother bending over her sick child, at once comforting and healing, planning each step until the illness is purged.
Remember my words and you will understand this coming year.  I will be at the bedside of mankind until he is well again.  Blessed are those who see, who believe and who know to seek my comfort.
Comment:  With all of man’s sins, there must be a purging.  Our Lady promises her help in these events.