sábado, 20 de maio de 2017

Brother David, Angels of the Hours

The Angel of the Hour feature is a legacy piece that was created by Brother David and the Gratefulness.org staff in the 1990’s. It features chants by the monks of Mt. Saviour monastery and images by Fra Angelico.
What is an ‘hour’? Is it nothing more than a unit of time composed of 60 minutes? Is it measured by numbers or by impressions, feelings, moods? Like the seasons of the year, the seasons of the day differ by the way we experience them. Each hour we encounter has a character and a presence infinitely richer and more complex than clock time. As a messenger from another dimension — an angel as it were — an hour has its own unique significance. Here is your opportunity to meet the angels of the hours, to befriend them, and to allow them to befriend you.
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