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The Prophecies of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich : "I saw the Church of St. Peter and an enormous number of people working to demolish it. At the same time I saw others repairing the Church. The demolishers took away large pieces; they were, above all, sectarians and apostates, in the majority. In their destructive work these people seemed to follow certain orders and a certain rule. I saw with horror, that among them were Catholic priests. I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who frequently, did the contrary of what he had ordered."

The Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich.......Part 1

Born into poverty on the 8th of September 1774 in the small German village of Flamske, this daughter of a farmers, was infused with the gift of contemplation from birth. Her gifts of prophecy, tears and suffering far exceeded any other known individual in the Church. Her virtue and innocence prompted the famous biographer Clement Brentano to state "All that I have ever beheld in art or in life representative of piety, peace, and innocence, sinks into insignificance compared with her."

She regularly conversed with the Divine, the Virgin Mary, the saints and her constant companion, her guardian angel. She could read the hearts of others and regularly suffered the ills of others for their relief of bodily, as well as, spiritual ailments. Through all this she suffered repeat humiliation, pointed hatred and straight forward bias. She served as a nun with the Augustinian convent in Agentenberg until it was suffered closed leaving her a long winter in her cell, in desolate isolation. An august example of every conceivable virtue, she lies buried, three times exhumed and found incorrupt, in the small cemetery of Dülmen, Germany. She now approaches beatification some nearly 178 years later.

Incomparable in her suffering, concise in her prophecies and full of ardent love of the Triune God and His Mother here are a few of:

Her Prophecies:

1) "They built a large, singular, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics, and all denominations, a true communion of the unholy with one shepherd and one flock. There was to be a Pope, a salaried Pope, without possessions. All was made ready, many things finished; but, in place of an altar, were only abomination and desolation. Such was the new church to be, and it was for it that he had set fire to the old one; but God designed otherwise. He died with confession and satisfaction-and he lived again!"

2) "I saw the Church of St. Peter and an enormous number of people working to demolish it. At the same time I saw others repairing the Church. The demolishers took away large pieces; they were, above all, sectarians and apostates, in the majority. In their destructive work these people seemed to follow certain orders and a certain rule. I saw with horror, that among them were Catholic priests. I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who frequently, did the contrary of what he had ordered."

3) "My Guide (Jesus) named Europe, and pointing to a small and sandy region, He uttered these remarkable words: 'Here is Prussia, the enemy.' Then He showed me another place, to the north, and He said: 'This is Moskva, the land of Moscow, bringing many evils.' "

4) "In the most terrible moment of the battle there will descend, to the battlefield, to the side of the 'good', the angels who will multiply the forces of the combatants. A marvelous courage will inflame the ardour of everyone. St Michael, himself will wound the enemies, followed instantly by a general overthrow of these enemies. A sword of fire will then appear above the heads of the triumphant good."

5) "The Jews shall return to Palestine and become Christians toward the end of the world."

6) "In the center of Hell I saw a dark and horrible-looking abyss, and into this Lucifer was cast, after being first strongly secured with chains; thick clouds of sulphurous black smoke arose from it's fearful depths and enveloped his fearful form in the dismal folds, thus effectually concealing him from every beholder. God Himself had decreed this; and I was likewise told, if I remember right, that he will be unchained for a time fifty or sixty years before the year of Christ 2000. The dates of many other events were pointed out to me which I do not now remember, but a certain number of demons are to be let loose much earlier than Lucifer, in order to tempt men, and to serve as instruments of divine vengence.

7) "Antichrist will fight a successful battle at Mageddo in Palestine after which seven rulers, from fear, will subject themselves to Antichrist and he will thereafter become lord of the world.

8) "I see new martyrs, not of the present time, but in the next century. I see them pursued. I see how here and there good and pious people, and especially the religious orders, are tortured, imprisoned and murdered.....

9) "I wish the time were here when the Pope dressed in red will reign. I see the Apostles, not those of the past, but the apostles of the last times, and it seems to me the Pope is among them."

Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 2
Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich........Part 2

1) "I saw heart-rending misery, playing, drinking, gossiping, even courting going on in the church. All sorts of abominations were committed in it; they had even set a ninepin alley in the middle of it. The priests let things go their way and said Mass very irreverently; only a few of them were still a little intelligent and pious. I saw Jews standing around the doorways. All this grieved me deeply. Then my Heavenly Spouse bound me as He Himself had been bound to the pillar, and He said: 'So will the Church yet be bound. She will be tightly bound before she shall again rise.' "

2) "The Church," she groaned, " is in great danger. I must ask everyone who comes to see me to say an Our Father for that intention. We must pray that the Pope may not leave Rome, for unheard-of evils would result from such a step. We must pray for the Holy Ghost to enlighten him, for they are even now trying to exact something of him. The Protestant doctrine, as also that of the Greeks, is spreading everywhere. Two men live at this time who long to ruin the Church, but they have lost one who used to help them with his pen. He was killed by a young man about a year ago, and one of the two men of whom I speak left Germany at the same time. They have their employees everywhere."

3) "The little black man in Rome, whom I see so often, has many working for him without their clearly knowing for what end. He has his agents in the new black church also. If the Pope leaves Rome, the enemies of the Church will get the upper hand. I see the little black man in his own country committing many thefts and falsifying things generally. Religion is there so skillfully undermined and stifled that there are scarcely one hundred faithful priests I can not say how it is, but I see fog and darkness increasing. There are, however, three churches they can not seize: St. Peter's, St Mary-Major's and St Micheal's. Although they are constantly trying to undermine them, they will not succeed. I help not. All must be rebuilt soon for every one, even the ecclesiastics are laboring to destroy-ruin is at hand. The two enemies of the Church who have lost their accomplice are firmly resolved to destroy the pious and learned men that stand in their way.

4) "They want to install bad Bishops. In one place they want to turn a Catholic church into a Lutheran meeting-house. I must pray, suffer and struggle against this, for such is my present task. If the saints did not assist me, I could not endure it. I should be overcome and that would be most grievous to me! I see the devil using every artifice to put me to shame.-He is continually sending all sorts of people to visit me, to torment and wear me out."

5) "I see the Church alone, forsaken by all and around her strife, misery, hatred, treason, resentment, total blindness. I see messengers sent on all sides from a dark central point with messages that issue from their mouths like black vapor, enkindling in the breast of their hearers rage and hatred. I pray earnestly for the oppressed!--In those places in which some souls still pray I see light descending; but on others, pitchy darkness. The situation is terrible! May God have mercy! O city!, O city, (Rome) with what art thou threatened! The storm approaches--be on thy guard! I trust thou wilt stand firm!"

6) "I saw a church sailing on the waters and in great danger of sinking, for it had no foundation; it rolled on the sea like a ship. With mighty efforts I had to help to restore it's balance, and we sent many people into it, chiefly children,, stationing them around the beams and the planks. In the three aisles of the church lay twelve men prostate and motionless in fervent prayer, and there were crowds of children at the entrance prostrate before an altar. I saw no Pope, but a Bishop prostrate before the High Altar. In this vision I saw the church bombarded by other vessels, but we hung wet cloths before it and it received no damage. It was threatend on all sides; it seemed as if it's enemies wanted to hinder it's landing. When by the help of extra weight it was again righted, it sank a little in the sand. Then we laid down planks to the shore. Instantly all sorts of bad ecclesiastics ran in with others, who had given no assistance in time of need, and began to mock the twelve men whom they saw in prayer and to box their ears; but the latter were silent and went on praying.--Then we brought great stones which we stuck all around the foundation which began to increase as if it were growing of itself. The stones came together, and it seemed as if a rock sprang up and all became solid. Crowds of people, among them some strangers, entered the door, and the church was again on land."

7) Once Sister Emmerich, still in ecstasy, uttered the following words: "They want to take from the shepherd his own pasture grounds! They want to fill his place with one who will hand all over to the enemy!"-- Then she shook her hand indignantly, crying out: "O ye German cheats! Wait a while! You will not succeed! The Shepherd stands on a rock! O ye priests! You stir not, ye sleep, and the sheepfold is everywhere on fire! You do nothing! O how you will bewail this some day! If you had said only one Our Father! The whole night have I seen the enemies of the Lord Jesus drag Him around and maltreat him upon Calvary! I see so many traitors! They cannot bear to hear said: 'Things are going badly!'--All is well with them if only they can shine before the world!"

Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich 3

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

The Prophecies of
Anne Catherine Emmerich....Part 3

On the Existence of Purgatory.......section 1

1) "I was with my guide," she says, "among the poor souls in purgatory. I saw their desolation, their inability to help themselves, and the little assistance they get from the living. Ah, their misery is inexpressible! Whilst contemplating their state, I saw a mountain separated me from my guide. I sighed for him like one famished, I almost swooned with desire. I saw him on the opposite side, but I could not reach him. He said to me: 'See, how thou sighest for help! The poor souls are always in the state in which thou art!' He often took me to pray before caverns and prisons. I prostrated, I wept with my arms extended, and I cried to God for mercy. My angel encouraged me to offer all kinds of privations for the poor souls. they cannot help themselves, they are cruelly neglected. I often sent him to the angels of certain persons in suffering, to inspire them to suffer their pains for them. They are instantly relieved by such offerings; they become joyous, so grateful! Whenever I do something for them, they pray for me. I am terrified to see the riches the Church holds out in such abundance neglected, dissipated, so lightly esteemed, whilst the poor souls are languishing for them."

2) "The prayer most pleasing to God is that made for others and particularly for the poor souls. Pray for them, if you want your prayers to bring high interest."

3) "The poor souls suffer inexpressibly. The difference between the pains of purgatory and those of hell is this: in hell reigns only despair, whilst in purgatory the hope of deliverance sweetens all. The greatest torment of the damned is the anger of God. Some faint idea of His wrath may be formed from the terror of a defenceless person exposed to the attack of a furious man.'

4) "Last night I was in purgatory. It seemed to me that I was taken into a deep abyss, a vast region, where I saw, and the site filled me with sorrow, the poor souls so sad, so silent, yet with something in their countenance which tells that the thought of God's mercy gives joy to their heart. Enthroned in their midst was the Mother of God, more beautiful than I had ever seen her before."-- Then she said to him (her inquisitor Dean Rensing) "Instruct your penitents to pray fervently for the poor souls in purgatory, for they in gratitude will pray for them in return. Prayer for these poor souls is most agreeable to God, as it admits them to His presence sooner."

5) "I went with my guide into a gloomy prison for souls, where I consoled on all sides. The souls were buried in darkness, all more or less so; some to the neck, others to the waist. They were in separate, though adjoining dungeons, some tortured with thirst, others by cold, others by heat, unable to help themselves, sighing in uninterrupted torments. I saw numbers delivered and their joy was inexpressible. They went forth as gray figures. They received for their short passage to a higher region the costume and distinctive marks of their state upon earth. They assembled in a vast place above purgatory enclosed as with a thorn-hedge. I saw many physicians received by a procession of physicians like themselves and conducted on high. I saw numbers of soldiers liberated, and the sight made me rejoice with the poor men slaughtered in war. I saw few female religious, still fewer judges; but led out by blessed nuns were numbers of virginal souls who had wanted only an opportunity to consecrate themselves to the religious life. I saw some kings of olden times, some members of royal families, a large number of ecclesiastics, and many peasants, among whom I saw some of my acquaintance and others who, by their costume, seemed to belong to foreign lands. Each class was led on high and in different directions by souls of their own condition in life and, as they ascended, they were divested of their earthly insignia and clothed in a luminous robe peculiar to the blessed. I recognized in purgatory not only my own acquaintances, but also their relatives whom, perhaps, I had never before seen. I saw in the greatest abandonment those poor, dear souls who have no one to think of them. Among those who forget them are so many of their brethen in the faith who neglect prayer! It is for such souls that I pray the most.

........Then I saw many of the poor souls whom I had known in life, with whom I had had dealings, looking wistfully after me from purgatory, and I understood the difference between true and false sympathy. They followed me with sad eyes, repenting of many things now that I was forced to leave them.--They were citizens of the little city." (Vol II pp 202-203)