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Solemn Pontifical Requiem Mass in Canberra Cathedral

A 1962 Missal Pontifical Requiem Mass at the faldstool was offered on September 7, 2009 at St Christopher’s Cathedral in Canberra, Australia.

The Mass was for the repose of the soul of Mrs Marian Scarrabelotti. The Mass was offered by Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett, Bishop of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

Bishop Jarrett was assisted by Fr John Parsons (deacon), Fr Glen Tattersall (subdeacon), Fr William Define FSSP (Assistant Priest) and Fr Dominic Popplewell FSSP (first MC). A number of other clergy assisted in choir. Bishop Jarrett delivered a homily before the commencement of the Mass.

The choir, comprised of singers from the local Choir of Our Lady & St Cecilia and others from elsewhere in Australia sang the chant propers and the ordinary from Victoria’s Requiem. Many of the mourners commented on the beauty of the ceremony and the music, one noting that by the melody and character of these sung texts that Holy Mother Church cradles and comforts us in our grief.
A selection of photographs are displayed here, and a set covering the whole of the liturgy from the reception of the bier to the singing of Sub venite to the commendation at the hearse may be viewed at this photostream.

The altar before the arrival of the bier

Arrival at the foot of the altar
Introibo ad altare Dei
Aufer a nobis
Bishop Jarrett says the Gradual, Tract and Sequence

Holy communion

Absolution: Non intres
Absolution: Conclusion
In paradisum

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The deacon, Rev Mr Simon Harkins, a Fraternity seminarian who hails from Edinburgh, preached a most interesting sermon on the priesthood, pointing out the link between the day's propers and the Ember Saturday which would originally have preceded it. This link throws into perspective the story of Our Lord curing the man with the palsy by forgiving his sins: this is the Gospel of the day because it is a priestly action.

The Cathedral was restored not long ago and is a magnificent building; it is wonderful to see a Solemn liturgy here. The Mass was well attended and was accompanied by Haydn’s 'Missa Brevis St Johannes de Deo' to mark the 200th anniversary of the composer's death; this was sung by the Cantores Michaelis directed by Keith Davis.
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Congratulations to the local LMS Rep, David
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Solemn Mass in the Presence of a Greater Prelate in Wrocław, Poland

The Institute of the Good Shepherd in Poland sent in some photos to the NLM of a recent Solemn Mass in the presence of a greater prelate, Archbishop Marian Gołębiewski, who assisted in cope and mitre.

The Mass took place in Wrocław in the South of Poland. The Mass of was that of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, with the celebrant of the Mass being Fr. Stanisław Pawlaczek. Fr Jarosław Powąska was deacon, and Fr Grzegorz Śniadoch, IBP, subdeacon. Frs. Zbigniew Chromy of Świdnica and Fr Wojciech Gryglewicz of Wrocław were the Assistant Deacons. Additionally, Fr Wojciech Grygiel, FSSP, was also in attendance.

The NLM is told that the Mass was attended by almost three hundred faithful, clergy and seminarians of the St Pius X diocesan seminary in Wrocław. The servers, inclusive of the MC, were all taken from the parish's regular corps of servers.

When the Archbishop arrives, he will be greeted and offered holy water which he blesses himself with and sprinkles.

The Archbishop wears cappa magna and biretta.

The Archbishop proceeds to the altar and tabernacle, kneels at the faldstool and prays.

The Archbishop proceeds to the throne to prepare to vest.

The Archbishop vested.

The Prayers at the Foot of the Altar: the Archbishop comes before the altar steps and the celebrant of the Mass joins him to his left. The assistant deacons stand a little behind to the right, and the deacon and subdeacon to the left. The bishop and the celebrant say the prayers at the foot of the altar, with the celebrant answering the bishop, while the deacon and subdeacon and assistant deacons say the prayers to one another.

The Subdeacon chants the epistle, not turned directly toward the altar, but half turned toward altar and the Archbishop.

The Deacon chants the Holy Gospel.

Offertory: The Archbishop imposes incense from the throne which the celebrant will use for the incensations at the Offertory. (The Archbishop will also bless the cruet of water from the throne).

Offertory: the celebrant incenses the altar.

The Archbishop proceeds from the throne to the faldstool. The subdeacon with paten and humeral veil moves toward the epistle side of the altar and turns slightly, facing both the altar and the Archbishop.


The Last Gospel

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