quinta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2015

MARY : Europe is weak and divided, with its economies burdened by debts, its religious faith long ago abandoned, and the Ukraine being dismembered. Such is my plea, the plea of the virgin mother of Jesus. “O Europe, accept me again. Claim me once more as ‘Our Lady’. I will embrace you and save you from the fires.”

1. Disillusioned With Man’s Road

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Wave after wave. Fires, large and small, on all sides. Constant threats and warnings. The world is being introduced into a new existence that I have spoken about often. Resources are stretched thin. More money must be borrowed. Weapons are distributed which soon find their way into the wrong hands.
Constant conferences and strategies. The news media cannot even begin to describe all that is happening and the news itself becomes the battlefield used to recruit and to stir fresh debate.
The world has entered a new process that will control its destiny. The tables have been shifted. The initiatives lie now with others. “What will they do next?” The world has to wait for the answer.
Meanwhile, life goes on. So much time is spent on the inane. Constant entertainment, endless movies. Complete absorption in the present delight. A society devoid of the mystical, with no anchor in heavenly gifts.
The heavens are closed and God has not closed them. Mankind has made the decision. “Let us rip out our religious roots. Let us claim earth for ourselves. Let us still the voice of God and stamp out any belief that would limit what we want to do. After all, earth belongs to mankind”.
Having walked that road for so long, you have come to this moment. Is there not another road? Is heaven closed forever? The human person is still the same. No one can remove his heart, his soul, his spirit. All are made for God. That is what I will do now. I will awaken you. Now that you are disillusioned with the false promises, now that you see where this road has led, you are willing to listen to the voice of heaven, the words of your mother, teaching you a deeper road.
Comment: God made the human heart and, no matter what takes place, it can still respond to the spiritual and mystical.

5. Europe’s Historical Decisions

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The time is coming when Europe will have very few options and will be forced into decisions that it does not want to make. Inevitability looms. This is happening now in the Ukraine. Step by step, what was once possible is taken off the table. The constant pressure of Putin and his resolve have forced Europe to abandon many of its hopes.
The problems (in so many areas) lie not just with Putin. They are constant pressures. Always many deadlines to meet and bills to be paid.
This is my message. The decisions of the centuries are coming to their full flowering, the decisions of the enlightenment when reason was exalted and faith was dismissed, the haughtiness of secular rulers who wanted to reunite the map of Europe, the pride of Hitler and Mussolini, and then of the European Union that refused to accept its Christian foundation. Even now, there is a belief that a truly vibrant Europe can be formed upon secular ideas and economic unions.
Everything is coming apart. What you have so recently constructed will not stand. You will be forced into decisions that you never wanted to make. The options are coming off the table. Your life will narrow as your economies are shaken.
Will you ever say those words, “We have walked away from Our Lady. We have set aside the mother of Europe”?
In your pain and your sufferings, I will come to you through my priest son. He will consecrate Russia and offer you the only chance you have to be restored.
Comment: Our Lady recalls Europe’s many decisions since the French Revolution that took the continent away from her protection. She invites a return.

4. Terrorism and the Social Media

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The dire consequences which lie ahead can now be seen by everyone. No longer does Satan try to hide his works because it serves his goals that what he is doing now should be seen. The growth of terrorism and the constant videos of their cruelty are meant to strike fear and to raise the level of security, so more money is spent to safeguard the population.
All of this converges into a powerful central force. The evil forces that for so long operated on the fringe, have become mainstream, their names known by all and on every tongue.
What will be Satan’s next steps? He will use the very responses of the leaders who try to stamp out his fires to spread them even further. The recruiting will intensify. The radicalization will deepen. All will be drawn into his fires, on one side or the other. Populations who seemed far away from his conflagration will suddenly see themselves on the edge. People who felt they did not need to make a choice, will suddenly be confronted by terrorism at their front door.
This spreads quickly because Satan so cleverly uses the social media of communications. The names of his terrorists are spread to the ends of the earth, like a new gospel of destruction. Once that word goes forth, he touches some hearts everywhere. Then, he just waits for the right moment to recruit. The seeds of this new harvest are planted everywhere. No place is exempt.
All will intensify. Radical Islam on every side, guided by the demonic intelligence. It would be bad enough if this were the only problem, but Europe is weak and divided, with its economies burdened by debts, its religious faith long ago abandoned, and the Ukraine being dismembered. All of these pressures will multiply and the future of Europe will be in the balance.
Such is my plea, the plea of the virgin mother of Jesus. “O Europe, accept me again. Claim me once more as ‘Our Lady’. I will embrace you and save you from the fires.”
Comment: Our Lady describes clearly the future of terrorism.

3. The Urgency of Fatima

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There is seemingly no limit to the problems, as one connects with the other, and all are intertwined, as if brought about by some mind that is far above a human intellect. All of this is true. The problems, although planted in human hearts, have their true roots in the demonic intelligence who inspires everything, big and small, personal or collective. All fits together and easily responds to human solutions, that only exacerbate the problems and multiply them. Such is the force that now confronts mankind.
This power has always been operative, always destroying, killing, confusing and disturbing. This moment, however, is the hour which Jesus spoke about so often. The hour took place in Jerusalem and was seemingly Satan’s hour when he killed the Lord of Glory.

So, all the events will again lead up to Jerusalem, and another confrontation. This time between Satan and the Holy Father. In this hour, death again will result, the death of the Holy Father and many others. The Fatima vision will be fulfilled. This hour of seeming defeat will release the greatest blessings, just as did Jesus’ death.
What about the time until that hour? All the blessings for the world and the Church are contained in the Fatima gift. In 1917, I foresaw the next hundred years. I foresaw the two roads – the road of Fatima and the road without Fatima. The Church has chosen to walk away from Fatima and to choose its own road. How urgent to return. The Fatima blessings do not wait until the Consecration of Russia. Every Catholic must go to Fatima now – in their hearts, in their reading, and some should travel there. The more the people go to Fatima, the quicker the consecration will take place. All is urgency.
Comment: Learn the story of Fatima and live its messages.

2. Europe’s Multiple Problems

There are too many factors and too many forces for anyone to bring about security. The resources are not available nor is the will of Europe rooted in a faith that motivates and guides. So, the current situation will continue to deteriorate. More and more parts of the world will fall into darkness.
Yet, the central problem lies within the crumbling structures and the inner decay. A resilient and faith-filled Europe could adequately respond but this is not the case. So, I must turn my eyes to the inner urgencies that Europe refuses to face.
Europe has constantly postponed the obvious solutions and has foolishly bought what it could not pay for. It has joyfully thrown off restraints of every kind, believing that they belonged to another era. Now, the external difficulties of constant Middle East wars and the new rising up of Russian nationalism, coupled with the internal problems of financial insolvency and the need to respond to constant crises have brought Europe to a breaking point that will soon erupt, causing a severe shift, a downgrading of life, and somber reflections on what has gone wrong.
In Satan’s plan, one problem worsens all the others, as they cleverly interact. Pressures are everywhere until something burst wide open. Resources are moved from one sector to another, only to discover greater problems somewhere else. All of these are the events that I said would begin in this year 2015, leading up to that special day of October 13, 2017.
You, my readers, do not stand idly by. Gather your loved ones for family prayer. I will meet you there and show you what steps you must take now. This is my message of urgency. The whole Church must be prepared so that when I raise up my priest, the full blessings can be received.
Comment: The problems are multiple and the faith needed to respond is lacking.

1. The Secrets of Terrorism

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The time is short. So much stands in the path of the coming destruction. I must speak about urgency. Do not put off until tomorrow. My messages will take on this new note of great immediacy. The themes will be familiar but the new tone will be evident.
The steps to crush ISIS will be of no avail. The terrorist groups just adapt. Seeing what the West hurls at them, they go in a different direction. The stream is always the same. They recruit and recruit and recruit. This is the source of their great strength. When they recruit, they train and train, all with the one goal of destroying, conquering and leaving nothing behind. Even they do not understand the demonic forces that encourage them and teach them what to do. All they see is that they are successful – a success that leaves behind only destruction of what previously existed.
What have they built? Nothing but groups, ever-expanding groups that spread terror. They feed off of what previously had been built up. They are like children who enjoy demolishing their sand castles. But they are demolishing cities and nations, with an ever-increasing hunger and power to destroy more.
Such is the urgency of the war on terrorism. But where does it fit in? What is its role in Satan’s plan and how can God use it for His purposes? These are the important questions.
Terrorism is an evil that flows from poverty and hatred which Satan has used for his goals. Great masses of people have been exploited, forced to live in inhuman conditions. They are born into poverty, live in poverty, die in poverty. Give them a gun and they feel rich and powerful. That is Satan’s tactic.
The important question concern’s God’s plan. Can there be any divine goal? This is my message. Terrorism is a new evil, rooted in false religious beliefs, deeply planted in their heart. With these locutions, and through the events that I will bring about, I am inviting all to return to religious belief. Terrorism fought merely by political strategies and weapons will totally fail. Terrorism is revealing the religious superficiality of the West. Only my plan of the West regaining its faith will end terrorism. But that is path which few want to walk.
Comment: Our Lady teaches what no one wants to hear. The faith of the Crusaders no longer exists in the West.

6. The Future of Europe

In the Ukraine, only two options remain, to allow Russia to take the land or to make war. There is a brink. For now, it will remain unsettled but that cannot last for long. Soon, there will be a definite settling. The land will be gone. No one is willing to totally confront. The risk is too great.
But the deeper problem is Europe itself and even NATO. All is being questioned. At this point, everything is shaking and there is no final settling. This will not be postponed indefinitely. The factors are too powerful and they are at hand. There is certainly the problem of Russia and the Ukraine but this problem has opened wide the deeper problems about the future of Europe.
Comment: As problems multiply, the urgency becomes more evident.

8. External Signs That Invite All

I come to my final teaching. I invite all, from every faith and every nation to walk my path of light. I do not limit this path to Catholics or even to the baptized Christians. The time is so urgent and the darkness is so great, that I must open my path of light to everyone. I say this by way of preparation.
At Fatima, thousands gathered. Some believed and some were skeptical. Yet, all saw the dance of the sun. All experienced its power to dry their clothes and to dry up the ground. All could photograph the phenomena and give excellent reports to the press. I did not limit the grace of Fatima to just the fervent believers. I reached out that day to all of Portugal and to all the world. So, it will be in the future. I have spoken in these locutions about the path of light that is available right now and should be walked immediately. This path involves inner steps and personal decisions. It asks people to join with others in faith. In that way, their candles will not go out. To whomever takes these inner steps, I promise that they will find their path to light.
But, now, I am speaking of external signs, invitations to all people of all faiths to walk my path of light. If they just know about me and about the path of light which I offer, they will be able to respond adequately to the signs.
Believers must help unbelievers. Prepare now to be missionaries of light. I am speaking to you. Who else? Have you not faithfully read these locutions? Do you not love my words? You must learn to be missionaries of the light.
The external signs, which are my invitation to the whole world, will open many hearts but you must be there with your nets, mended and readied, to receive the great catch of fish.
Comment: Up to now, Our Lady has spoken only of interior graces. Today, she promises external signs, as happened at Fatima.


quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

MARY: How few join their hearts to walk the path of light. This is the great secret that I am trying to reveal to the whole world.

Our Lady of Fatima

7. Light For the Hour of Darkness

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The path of light is open to all, but it is found most easily by those who walk with others, their hearts joined as one in the most important journey of all.  How many gather for other purposes, joined by the hopes of profits or delights.  They constantly move along those roads which the world points out to them.  How few join their hearts to walk the path of light.  This is the great secret that I am trying to reveal to the whole world.
In ordinary times, people do not need my special path of light.  The times are normal.  The problems can be overcome and the faith sustained.  However, these are not the usual times.  This is the hour, as Jesus called it.
In the hour of His passion, He told the apostles to stay awake, to pray that they might overcome the trial.  They failed and scattered, not grasping the darkness that they would face.
People might ask, “Why do I need this path of light?”  Because the darkness and the trial of the “hour” is at hand.  You must seek out others whose hearts are also seeking the path of light.  Join together and I will join with you.  The more you are joined, the greater will be the light.  When the darkness comes, just remain as one and you will have your light, your little candles burning brightly able to enkindle each other if your flame goes out.
Comment:  Find others who seek the light and pray together regularly.  Our Lady’s plan is not complicated.

6. A Path Revealed to the Little Ones

The path of light is a road filled with blessings which are hidden from the proud but revealed quickly to the little ones who want to walk my ways.
First, they see that I am with them in every danger, always protecting them from the harm which is caused by others or by their own foolish decisions.
Second, they experience my constant encouragement.  They know that when the great problems come upon them, that I will be there to help carry them.  Third, they often experience my presence, as warmth or a peace comes over them.  This quiets their fears and allows them to choose the right road.
Thirdly, they know that I will be with them until the end.  I will never abandon them until that moment when I embrace them forever and ever.  This is the path of light which is open to all the little ones.  How do your become “a little one”?  This is the great secret.  A person must decide to be a “little one” (and everyone in the world can make that decision).
First, they must see that their own strength and their own intellect are unable to overcome all their difficulties.
Second, they must be filled with hope, that I hear their every cry.
Third, they must walk in my ways, according to my truths.  This is the great illumination that takes place in the heart, when the person allows me to place my new light within them.
Now, they are my little one, able to walk my path of light.
Comment:  Our Lady gives a very simple teaching that anyone can follow.

5. Let There Be Light

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Those who seek the light need only allow themselves to be drawn and led by it.  The Father has created you for light.  He, Himself, is eternal light, shining from all ages.  His first words were, “Let there be light”.  He has formed in His only Son, Jesus, the new kingdom of light, the only hope for a world plunged into darkness.
I preach this kingdom and open its doors right now.  Where are these doors?  Just follow my voice.  My words will lead you.  Right now, you cannot see, so let your ears be open to my words.  They will bring you to the doors of sight.  Let me begin.
You are absorbed by a darkness that you do not even perceive.  The daily cares, the anxieties, and the attempts to gain security absorb the heart.  Every hour is filled, so little time, sometimes none, given to the light.
Now, you hear my voice saying, “Come over here.  Stay a moment.  Do not rush headlong”.  What do I ask of you?  Just a moment, a time to invoke me, to call on me with faith.  I ask some quiet moments, some stillness, an absorption into the light of prayer which has greater power to absorb you than the darkness.  Only I can bring you this light, Jesus, my Son.   The Father has placed Jesus in my heart, where all are called to receive.  You only escape darkness by coming into light and you cast out darkness only by grasping the light.   All other efforts will completely fail.
Now, I speak the most precious words of all.  In the beginning, all was darkness until God said “Let there be light”.   As the new darkness comes, the Father has given me the privilege, the task, the call, even the command, to use His words, “Let there be light”.   Through these locutions, I am saying those words day after day, in numerous images and teachings.  Now, I say it to you, “Let there be light”.  I will always say those words.  They are my daily, constant blessing.  “Let there be light”.
Comment:    In this Marian Age, the Father has given Our Lady many special privileges to help us in our darkness

4. The Flame and the Candle

The path of light is my gift to those who accept me.  Many set me aside, as if I were not important in the Father’s plan.  Others see no need to call upon my help.  If you are one of these, it is specifically for you that I speak today.  Without me, you can certainly walk a road to the Father through Jesus, but that road is hard to find and difficult to walk.
The heavenly Father foresaw this present time of darkness brought about by the cleverness of Satan’s plan.  For this moment of history, God reserved a new and special light, a candle burning brightly which each person can hold.  Is that not what you yourselves do?  When the lights go out, you use candles, because there is no central light.  So each person carries their own lit candle and all feel safe.
Picture me as the Heavenly Father’s candle and Jesus as the flame.  Can you have the flame without the candle?  I am not the flame.  Jesus is the flame, but I am the candle, easily available to all who accept me.  The candle comes first, then the flame.  Who would try to take the flame into their own hands?  That is foolishness. Only harm would result.
How long will the candle burn?  How bright will be its flame?  I am the Father’s candle and I will burn as long and as brightly as each one needs.  I am Immaculate.  The light will be pure, piercing and totally able to lead you.   When the night grows darker, I will burn more brightly.  When the wind comes, I, myself, will protect the flame.  Even if the flame goes out, I will ask the heavenly Father and He will light your candle again.
The time is now because you must get your candle before the darkness comes.
Comment:  So many object to or do not see the need for devotion to Mary.  Here, Our lady lowers herself, calls herself just a candle.  But how needed, so each person can have the flame!


Ofrecemos nuestra traducción de una entrevista que Monseñor Guido Marini, Maestro de las Celebraciones Litúrgicas Pontificias, ha concedido a la revista Radici Cristiane.


Parecería que, para el Santo Padre, la Liturgia es uno de los temas de fondo de su pontificado. Usted, que lo sigue de cerca, ¿nos puede confirmar esta impresión?

Diría que sí. Por otra parte, cabe señalar que el primer volumen de la Opera omnia del Santo Padre, de próxima publicación también en Italia, es precisamente el dedicado a los escritos que tienen como objeto la Liturgia. En el prefacio al volumen, el mismo Joseph Ratzinger subraya este hecho, señalando que la precedencia dada a los escritos litúrgicos no es casual sino deseada: siguiendo al Concilio Vaticano II, que promulgó como primer documento la Constitución sobre la Sagrada Liturgia, seguida de otra gran Constitución sobre la Iglesia. Es en la Liturgia, de hecho, donde se manifiesta el misterio de la Iglesia. Se comprende, entonces, el motivo por el que la Liturgia es uno de los temas principales del pontificado de Benedicto XVI: desde la Liturgia se pone en marcha la renovación y la reforma de la Iglesia.


¿Existe una relación entre la Liturgia y el arte y la arquitectura sagrada? El llamado del Papa a una continuidad de la Iglesia en el campo litúrgico, ¿no debería extenderse también al arte y la arquitectura sagrada?

Existe, ciertamente, una relación vital entre la Liturgia, el arte y la arquitectura sagrada. También porque el arte y la arquitectura sagrada, precisamente en cuanto tales, deben resultar idóneos para la Liturgia y sus grandes contenidos que encuentran expresión en la celebración. El arte sagrado, en sus múltiples manifestaciones, vive en relación con la infinita belleza de Dios y debe orientar a Dios su alabanza y su gloria. Entre Liturgia, arte y arquitectura no puede haber, entonces, contradicción o dialéctica. Por lo tanto, si es necesario que exista una continuidad teológica-histórica en la Liturgia, esta misma continuidad debe encontrar una expresión visible y coherente también en el arte y en la arquitectura sagrada.


El Papa Benedicto XVI ha afirmado recientemente en un mensaje que “la sociedad habla con el hábito que usa”. ¿Piensa que se podría aplicar esto también a la Liturgia?

En efecto, todos hablamos también a través del hábito que usamos. El hábito es un lenguaje, así como lo es toda forma expresiva sensible. También la liturgia habla con el hábito que usa, es decir, con todas sus formas expresivas, que son múltiples y riquísimas, antiguas y siempre nuevas. En este sentido, “el hábito litúrgico”, para continuar con el término que usted ha usado, debe ser siempre verdadero, en plena sintonía con la verdad del misterio celebrado. El signo externo debe estar en relación coherente con el misterio de la salvación realizado en el rito. Y, no debe ser nunca olvidado, el hábito propio de la liturgia es un hábito de santidad: allí encuentra expresión, de hecho, la Santidad de Dios. A esa Santidad estamos llamados a dirigirnos, de esa Santidad estamos llamados a revestirnos, realizando así la plenitud de la participación.


En una entrevista a L’Osservatore Romano, usted ha señalado los principales cambios realizados desde que ha asumido el cargo de Maestro de las Celebraciones Litúrgicas Pontificias. ¿Podía recordarlos y explicar su significado?

Afirmando, en primer lugar, que los cambios a los que usted se refiere deben ser leídos en el signo de un desarrollo en la continuidad con el pasado, incluso el más reciente, recuerdo uno en particular: la ubicación de la cruz en el centro del altar. Esta ubicación tiene la capacidad de traducir, también en el signo externo, la orientación correcta de la celebración en el momento de la Liturgia Eucarística, cuando celebrante y asamblea no se miran recíprocamente sino que miran juntos hacia el Señor. Por otra parte, la relación altar-cruz permite resaltar mejor, junto al aspecto de banquete, la dimensión sacrificial de la Misa, cuya relevancia es siempre esencial y, por lo tanto, es necesario que encuentre siempre una expresión bien visible en el rito.


Hemos notado que el Santo Padre, desde hace algún tiempo, da siempre la Sagrada Comunión en la boca y de rodillas. ¿Quiere ser esto un ejemplo para toda la Iglesia y un estímulo para que los fieles reciban a Nuestro Señor con mayor devoción?

Como se sabe, la distribución de la Santa Comunión en la mano sigue siendo hasta ahora, desde el punto de vista jurídico, un indulto a la ley universal concedido por la Santa Sede a aquellas Conferencias Episcopales que lo han solicitado. Y cada fiel, incluso en presencia del eventual indulto, tiene el derecho de elegir el modo para acercarse a la Comunión. Benedicto XVI, comenzando a distribuir la Comunión en la boca y de rodillas con ocasión de la solemnidad del Corpus Domini del año pasado, en plena consonancia con lo que está previsto en la normativa litúrgica actual, ha querido posiblemente señalar una preferencia por esta modalidad. Por otro lado, se puede también intuir el motivo de esta preferencia: se ilumina mejor la verdad de la presencia real en la Eucaristía, se ayuda a la devoción de los fieles, se introduce con más facilidad en el sentido del misterio.


El Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum se presenta como uno de los actos más importantes del pontificado de Benedicto XVI. ¿Cuál es su opinión?

No sé decir si es uno de los más importantes pero sin duda es un acto importante. Y lo es no sólo porque se trata de un paso muy significativo en vistas a una reconciliación en el interior de la Iglesia, no sólo porque expresa el deseo de que se llegue a un recíproco enriquecimiento entre las dos formas del rito romano (ordinaria y extraordinaria), sino también porque es la indicación precisa, en el plano normativo y litúrgico, de aquella continuidad teológica que el Santo Padre había presentado como la única hermenéutica correcta para la lectura y la comprensión de la vida de la Iglesia y, en especial, del Concilio Vaticano II.


¿Cuál es, en su opinión, la importancia del silencio en la Liturgia y en la vida de la Iglesia?

Es una importancia fundamental. El silencio es necesario en la vida del hombre porque el hombre vive de palabras y de silencios. El silencio es aún más necesario en la vida del creyente que allí encuentra un momento insustituible de la propia experiencia del misterio de Dios. No se sustrae a esta necesidad la vida de la Iglesia y, en la Iglesia, la Liturgia. Aquí el silencio quiere decir escucha y atención al Señor, a su presencia y a su Palabra; y, junto a ello, implica la actitud de adoración. La adoración, dimensión necesaria del acto litúrgico, expresa la incapacidad humana de pronunciar palabras, permaneciendo “sin palabras” ante la grandeza del misterio de Dios y la belleza de su amor.

La celebración litúrgica está hecha de palabras, de cantos, de música, de gestos… Está hecha también del silencio y de silencios. Si estos faltaran o no fueran suficientemente subrayados, la Liturgia no sería plenamente ella misma porque estaría privada de una dimensión insustituible de su naturaleza.


Hoy en día se escuchan, durante las celebraciones litúrgicas, las músicas más diversas. ¿Qué música, según usted, es más adecuada para acompañar la Liturgia?

Como nos recuerda el Santo Padre Benedicto XVI, y con él toda la tradición pasada y reciente de la Iglesia, hay un canto propio de la liturgia y es el canto gregoriano que, como tal, constituye un criterio permanente para la música litúrgica. Como también constituye un criterio permanente la gran polifonía de la época de la renovación católica, que encuentra su expresión más alta en Palestrina.

Junto a estas formas insustituibles del canto litúrgico, encontramos las múltiples manifestaciones del canto popular, importantísimas y necesarias: siempre que se adhieran a aquel criterio permanente por el cual el canto y la música tienen derecho de ciudadanía en la Liturgia en la medida en que brotan de la oración y conducen a la oración, permitiendo así una participación auténtica en el misterio celebrado.


Fuente: Oficina de las celebraciones litúrgicas del Sumo Pontífice

fonte: La Buhardilla de Jerónimo

BENTO XVI: ocorre neste dia 22 de Fevereiro a festa da Cátedra de São Pedro: “A Cátedra de Pedro simboliza a autoridade do Bispo de Roma, chamado a desempenhar um peculiar serviço em relação a todo o Povo de Deus.