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sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

Christmas in France . Usus Antiquior in India. Christmas in America

Christmas in France

We now turn our attention to France beginning with the FSSP parish in Bordeaux (the first two photos are from the Midnight Mass and the remainder from one of the Masses of Christmas Day):

* * *

Next, the FSSP parish in Lyon:

* * *

The parish of St-Eugene in Paris:

Usus Antiquior in India

The website of have some interesting photos up of the usus antiquior celebrated in India. The first, coming from another blog, Te Igitur, shows the weekly Sunday Mass which takes place in the chapel of Saint Anthony School in Chennai, India. (Formerly Madras.)

You'll note here the fact that the Indians remove their footwear within church. Note also how the men and women sit on separate sides of the church.

* * *

From the same sources, here are two images of a Mass in what used to be referred to as Bombay, and now Mumbai.

Christmas in America

St. Theresa's, Sugarland, Texas

* * *

Christ the King, Sarasota, FL

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