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sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

How to Assist at Mass

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Christ the King, Sarasota, FL

Four Steps to Get the Most out of Holy Mass


Catholic Priest, Priest, Priest Saying Mass, How to Assist at Mass

Beginning of Mass to the Offertory

The priest, who is the representative of Jesus Christ, descends the altar steps and puri­fies himself by the confession of his sins and by sentiments of contrition.
Following his example, I should purify my­self by acts of humility and of repentance for my faults.
I confess to Almighty God, . . . Act of Con­trition.


Catholic Priest, Priest saying Mass, How to hear Mass

Offertory to the  Conse­cration

The priest offers the bread and wine of the Sacrifice. 
I should offer myself in like manner. “Here I am, my God, to do Thy Will.”
  • An offering of my entire being; my body and all its senses, my heart with all its af­fections and desires, my soul with all its faculties,
  • An offering of the past in repara­tion, of the present in order to sanctify it, of the future in preparation,
  • An offering of the merits of Jesus Christ,
  • An offering of the Masses being celebrated today through­out the world.
An Act of Oblation:  Take, O Lord, and re­ceive my freedom, my memory, my understand­ing, my will; all that I have and all that I pos­sess Thou hast given me, O Lord. I return it all to Thee; it is all Thine. Do with it as Thou wilt. Give me Thy love and Thy grace; they satisfy all my desires
(St. Ignatius Loyola)


Priest, Catholic Priest, Priest saying Mass, How to hear Mass

Consecration to Com­munion

The priest immolates the Divine Victim; he says in the name of Jesus Christ:

“This is My Body . . . This is My Blood.”

In union with my Savior I should immolate myself without reserve. Humble and loving acceptance of the daily crucifixion . . . duties of my state in life . . . trials of this life . . . hidden sufferings . . . physical pain . . . annoyances . . . humiliations . . . deceptions . . . loss of temporal goods, of friends, parents . . . spiritual trials . . . crosses no matter what kind they may be.— A general and particular acceptance in union with Jesus Christ.

“Obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross.”

“Obediens usque ad mortem, mortem autem crucis.” (Philip, ii, 8.)


Communion to the end of the Mass

Jesus Christ unites Himself with the priest and with the faithful.
I should unite myself to Him . . . Sacramen­tal or Spiritual Communion … In becoming one with Him I accomplish more perfectly the four ends of the Mass: I adore … I thank . . . I petition … I expiate.

Excerpt taken from “Guidefor Victim Souls” by Very Rev. Joseph Kreuter, O.S.B. with slight editing