quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

Difusão da Missa Tridentina no mundo

Juventutem Update No. 3: Cardinal Pell's celebration of Vespers and a Pontifical Mass by the Bishop of Lismore

Further to yesterday's Juventutem news, some further images have come the NLM's way.

The first image comes from the pontifical Mass of Bishop Geoffrey Jarret, apparently a convert from Anglicanism and present Bishop of Lismore:

Secondly, Juventutem had Pontifical Vespers and Benediction celebrated with Cardinal Pell:

Solemn Vespers from Malta

One of our Maltese readers again wanted to share some images from the liturgy in Malta, this time, from yesterday, where solemn vespers was offered by bishop Emeritus Nicholas Cauchi in Gozo, Malta.

Sights from Merton College, Oxford

Below are some exclusive photos from Merton College, Oxford.

Merton High Altar
The High Altar in Merton College's medieval chapel is prepared for Solemn Mass. Incidentally, the altarpiece is 16th-century, of the school of Tintoretto, and the surround, c.1923 is by Sir Ninian Comper.

Entrance Procession
The Procession enters the Quire. Behind the Crucifer are the cantors of the Schola Sainte Cecile who once again sang the most sublime chant and fauxbourdon at the Solemn Mass. There are more photos on their blog too.

At the foot of the Altar
Prayers at the foot of the Altar, followed by the Confiteor:


The Altar is incensed:
Incensing the Altar Cross

Pontifical Vespers from Oxford

As promised, here are photo's from Pontifical Vespers for the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola. Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP pontificated at this beautiful and solemn liturgy.

The Altar prepared with cope and mitres for the bishop to vest after he arrives in the chapel of Merton College, Oxford.

The bishop and clergy entered in procession.

The bishop paused for prayers before being vested.

Watched by the MC, Dr Alcuin Reid and assisted by Fr Tim Finigan and Rev Dr Laurence Hemming, the bishop was vested in pontificals over his rochet.

At this point, with the bishop seated in splendour on the faldstool, the organ sounded an organ voluntary and we paused to pray before the clock struck six to signal the appointed time of Vespers.

The bishop sings Vespers, seated at the faldstool.

Fr Tim Finigan and Deacon Laurence Hemming seated during Vespers, with the cantors behind them. The psalms were intoned by the bishop and 4 prelates in choir.

The bishop intoning the hymn.

Incensing the High Altar during the Canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The bishop, the prelates in choir and the clergy and then the laity were all incensed.


The bishop had been vested in the gold mitre but during the Gospel canticle, he had changed into the precious mitre. Here, he is seated before the Collect.

The bishop imparted the blessing from the High Altar.