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sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

Articles about the Vatican II Council

 ARTICLES about the
Vatican II Council
What are Catholics to think of Vatican II?
"Not all of Vatican II is binding": Analyzing the comments of Cardinal Brandmuller
"Strangely enough, the two most controversial documents" for the SSPX - those on religious freedom and on relations with non-Christians - "do not have a binding doctrinal content, so one can dialogue about them," the cardinal said... 5-24-2012
Gherardini agrees with SSPX in new book about Vatican II
Msgr. Gherardini is a phenomenon producing seismic reactions in the Roman milieu. His is a dissenting voice in the all too common chorus of Hosanna in praise of the past Council... 5-11-2012
Is recognizing the SSPX questioning the Council?
"The rift between the Holy See and the SSPX arises because the Society rejects these particular elements of Vatican II [religious liberty, ecumenism, collegiality], not because of an intention on the part of the Holy See to defend Vatican II as a whole"… 4-19-2012
“Magisterium or living tradition?”, Fr. Gleize denounces a false dilemma
"Why this confusion? Why reduce the living magisterium to the magisterium of the present? Because since Vatican II they have been trying to invent a new magisterium. The magisterium is redefined, because its task [now] is to express the continuity of a subject and no longer the continuity of an object
..." 2-3-2012 DICI NEWS
SSPX answers Roman expert
L’Osservatore Romano of December 2, 2011, published a study by Msgr. Fernando Ocariz, one of the four experts who represented the Holy See during the recent doctrinal discussions with the SSPX October 2009-April 2011). The central question of the magisterial value of the Second Vatican Council is addressed straightforwardly, yet nevertheless insufficiently... 1-31-2012
Msgr. Gherardini: Vatican II is not a super-dogma
A translation of an insightful article by Msgr. Gherardini which provides an answer to Msgr. Ocariz's recent published defense of Vatican II. The article causes one to ask: If the Second Vatican Council is part of the Magisterium what adherence must be given to its text? 12-12-2011
Cardinal says post-conciliar Church is historically & theologically illegitimate!
"But there cannot be, nor could there be, a pre-Conciliar Church and a post-Conciliar Church! If this could be so, the second one—ours—would be historically and theologically illegitimate!" 11-10-2011
Roman Debates on the eve of Vatican II’s golden jubilee
It is rather encouraging to witness the controversy over the conciliar era broaden its front and coming from Rome. Fireworks are already sending sparks from all sides, on the eve of the golden jubilee of the opening of the Council... 10-28-2011

Fissures in the impregnable walls of Vatican II: a petition to the pope
An SSPX.ORG commentary and some extracts about DICI's posting, "50 Catholic leaders petition Pope Benedict XVI for a more in-depth examination of the Second Vatican Council" 10-14-2011
50 Catholic leaders petition Pope Benedict XVI for a more in-depth examination of the Second Vatican Council"In our souls and consciences as believers, this petition, written with all deference toward You, seems perfectly in harmony, we dare say, with the work of restoring, renewing and purifying the Church Militant that Your Holiness has courageously undertaken, despite resistance and difficulties of all sorts that are known to everyone..." 10-14-2011
The Second Ecumenical Vatican Council: a Debate That Has Not Taken Place, by Msgr. Brunero GherardiniThis book is a sequel to The Second Ecumenical Vatican Council: a Debate To Be Opened, that appeared in 2009. In this new work, Msgr. Gherardini does not stop at deploring that the debate on Vatican II shouldn't take place, he even shows why it would be more indispensable than ever today. And above all, he indicates how this debate could be opened, giving the reader the first elements of a rigorous analysis, far from sterile invectives and blind ovations... 9-19-2011
Vatican II: a debate between Romano Amerio, Msgr. Gherardini and Msgr. Pozzo
A brief analysis on the "authentic interpretation" of Vatican II [DICI]
How are Catholics to respond to the present crisis in the Church?Fr. Peter Scott gives an excellent analysis and practical answers to this important question
Post-Conciliar Church: is it a new religion?
This Catholic FAQ makes the proper distinctions while showing the revolutionary nature of Vatican II

Two Key Points for the Church's Recovery
Some insightful solutions for ending the ecclesiastical crisis
Two Interpretations of Vatican II: Myth or Reality?
Covers the two opposing views of the Council. Includes the article "The Erosion of the Council's Authority"

Fr. Basil Wrighton explains this keynote error of Vatican II and the liberal machinations that caused its adoption by Vatican II

Reply of Archbishop Lefebvre to Cardinal Ottaviani after the CouncilWritten in December 1966, nearly a year after the conclusion of Vatican II, Archbishop Lefebvre details the confusion already occurring in missionary Africa amongst the Holy Ghost Fathers
Archbishop Lefebvre Preparing the Council (1959 - 1962)
A brief story on Archbishop Lefebvre's participation in preparing for Vatican II

The Role of the Priestly SSPX in the Heart of the Church
This 1981 Buenos Aires, Argentina conference by Archbishop Lefebvre shows the SSPX's place in the Church to form priests and in combating Modernism. He also speaks about the struggles of the traditionalists against liberals