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sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Communion in the Hands and Similar Frauds


Published on the web with permission of the author.


I wish to acknowledge my debt to Mr. Byron Harries for allowing me to make use of his researches into the Fathers on the question of Communion in the hand; for his kindness in travelling from Wales to Oxford to verify the quotations from the original sources, and for making the translations from the Greek.

I am also indebted to Fr. W. Lawson, S.J., for translating the passage from Bucer's Censura.

An Artificial Consensus and Mind Manipulators
The Significance and Practice of Communion in the Hand
What Was the Ancient Practice?
Ancient Rites and Customs
Protestant Reformers Insist on Communion in the Hand
An Abuse Fostered by Disobedience and Deceit
If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them
The Cult of Man
Venite, Adoremus, Et Procedamus Ante Deum
A Decline in Reverence
The Meal Obsession
Further Examples of Deceit
Irregular Procedures
Legitimate Resistance
Memoriale Domine: Instruction on Manner of Adminsitering Holy Communion