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quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2012

Corpus Christi:in Canada. Mount Calvary in Baltimore, Leiden, the Netherlands. Paris, France. Singapore

Corpus Christi in Canada

Church of the Holy Family in Vancouver.

Church of the Holy Family in Vancouver.

Corpus Christi from the Ordinariate Parish, Mount Calvary in Baltimore

Corpus Christi at Mount Calvary Church in Baltimore -- a parish which is part of the newly founded Anglican Ordinariate in the USA -- also happened to be the first Catholic Mass of Fr. Jason Catania, who was ordained for the Ordinariate only the day before.

The parish’s other two new priests, Fr. David Reamsnyder and Fr. Anthony Vidal, assisted as deacon and subdeacon for the Mass, along with Fr. Warren Tanghe, former chaplain of the All Saints Sisters, who was the assistant priest.

The community processed four blocks to the former grounds of Saint Mary’s Seminary for Sext and Benediction in the historic chapel there.

Corpus Christi, Leiden, the Netherlands

Continuing on with our Corpus Christi coverage, we have some photos from a parish in Leiden in the Netherlands. The procession started at St. Josephkerk and concluded at Heilige Lodewijkkerk.

* * *

If you are like me, the first photo probably had you somewhat curious as to the nature of the mural work found above the high altar. I was able to dig up the following photo which shows a bit more from St. Josephkerk:

I would certainly be interested in seeing a wider view yet of this church. If any of our readers can oblige, please email me.

Corpus Christi: Paris, France

Corpus Christi in Singapore