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sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2015

Antonio Socci: So Bergoglio even manipulates Don Camillo ...

Antonio Socci
November 12th 2015

So Bergoglio even manipulates Don Camillo (but he is a Catholic priest, not like Don Francesco-Chichi)

“You see, I cannot absolutely bear deception. I have many defects Lord, but not the one of cheating and lying to my neighbor.”   
Don Camillo, Rare priest, still Catholic!
It’s not surprising that Bergoglio while he was in Florence, manipulated and exploited even Guareschi’s Don Camillo, since he does the same thing with the Gospel, making it say the opposite of what’s written (for example on Jesus, the Pharisees and moral themes).

Nonetheless it’s comical that Bergoglio, while instructing the Italian Church to stay out of politics (which means, instructing it to bend to the Powers and not disturb the manoeuvrer), he uses as an example Don Camillo, who did the exact opposite. 

In actual fact Don Camillo is the symbol of those thousands of courageous Italian priests, who risked their very lives, before and after 1948, along with Pius XII, in an epochal battle against Communism after the war, and literally saved Italy, by leading their people even into the election booth, to give freedom to the Country and keep it in the Western hemisphere; thus, saving Christianity and averting the Communist Party of Togliatti and Stalin from gaining power.read...