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quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2015

Deliverance Prayers. Prayer of Liberation and Diabolic Infuences From Fr Jose Fortea

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Diabolic influences

The first thing to be said is that, just as in the case of possession it is possible to achieve complete certainty, or at least moral certainty, that a person is suffering from a possession, the same can not be said of the diabolic influences that some people suffer. In the cases of diabolic influences the data is more ethereal, more insubstantial and, in the majority of cases, impossible to verify. I say in the majority of cases, because in some cases the causal connection between the devil and the sufferings has been clearly demonstrated.

It's true that there have been cases in which, some visions, daily nightmares, apparent psychological problems and other things have shown to have a direct connection with the devil's actions.

But, even though there are cases in which this connection is indubitable and direct, nevertheless, in the majority of cases, we have to keep clear that it is almost never possible to know with certainty if that phenomenon comes from the devil or has natural causes.

Certainly, there have been people for whom, after months or years, medical science has not been able to find a solution to their apparently physical or psychological problems, and, nevertheless, the prayer of liberation has achieved the solution of the problem.

People who suffer from the influence of the devil can find a solution in the prayer of liberation. The prayer of liberation is a prayer that a Christian group prays to obtain the liberation of a person from whatever malignant influence of the devil he may have. These types of prayer are very frequent amongst the Charismatic Renovation groups. But, any prayer group can intercede for a brother to be liberated from whatever ties with which the devil has bound him.

If, for the moment, one cannot find a group to pray this prayer of liberation, one can pray the prayer that appears below.

And if, by praying this prayer which follows, one finds oneself better each time, and this betterment be lasting, then it could be a sign that the phenomenon had a cause which came from beyond the natural.
A person who believes himself to be suffering in his mind or body from an influence of the devil which comes from beyond the merely natural, can say the following prayer each day:

Lord, almighty, merciful and omnipotent God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Drive out from me all influence of evil spirits.
Father, in the name of Christ, I plead you to break any chain that the devil has on me.
Pour upon me the most precious blood of your Son.
May His immaculate and redeeming blood break all bonds of my body or mind.
I ask you this through the intercession of the Most Holy Virgin Mary.
Archangel St. Michael, intercede and come to my help.
In the name of Jesus I command all devils that could have any influence over me,
To leave me forever.
By His scourging, His crown of thorns, His cross,
By His blood and Resurrection, I command all evil spirits to leave me.
By the True God
By the Holy God
By God who can do all,
I command you, filthy demon, to leave me in the name of Jesus, my Saviour and Lord.

This prayer must be said each day, once or more. More important than the number of times it is prayed, is the fervor and faith with which it is prayed. To do so, it is necessary to concentrate on the prayer, beg God humbly and order the devil to leave. This prayer makes that petition to God with humility and love, but also orders the devil to leave, without wrath, but only with faith.

It must also be understood that this prayer must be accompanied by the person's conversion of life. That is, it is useless to pray that the influence of the devil be taken away from us, if we continue to live in mortal sin.

The person who wishes to break away from the devil must go to Confession, assist at Mass on Sundays and fulfill the ten commandments. The more one dedicates himself to prayer (rosaries, meditation of the Bible, etc.) the more that diabolic influence will loosen.