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segunda-feira, 9 de outubro de 2017

Divo BARSOTTI, “L’attesa. Diario

“Remain in perfect tranquility. Not stoic ataxia and impassiveness in front of the ruins of the world, but the security that humanity and the world are in the hands of God. Albeit, no great destruction can compromise the fulfillment of His Will; nothing can destroy man or take man away from God’s omnipotent love. The Christian life is always the same. God does not shirk any difficulty, any testing; it may seem that God abandons man to the destructive force of evil: but if He lives in you, it is the evil that is destroyed.” Divo BARSOTTI, “L’attesa. Diario: 1973-1975

“Every union and solidarity with men is a continuation of the solidarity of Jesus with all of humanity, but if this were to end, it would be proof of the supreme failure, because it is solidarity that is consummated and becomes perfect in death on the Cross. Death on the Cross is the way to resurrection, and resurrection is not the solidarity of Jesus with man, but the union of man with the risen Jesus.

Each solidarity with man, each union with him is the means and the necessary path to the union of all men with God; if not, it lead us to what is vain, does not save, but only makes us partakers of pain, poverty and death; it does not give life.” Divo BARSOTTI, “L’attesa. Diario: 1973-1975.”