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sábado, 7 de outubro de 2017

The comunità: a new form of monastic life for Australia

The comunità: a new form of monastic life for Australia

Peter Westmore
A new monastic religious community, the Comunità dei Figli di Dio (Community of the Sons and Daughters of God), founded in 1946 in Italy, has become established in Australia.
What makes the community distinctive is that it is monastic in character, and includes monks, religious and lay people, but its members live in the wider community. One of the community's seven priests, Fr Serafino Tognetti, recently visited the AD2000 office.
The comunità is committed to a contemplative life, with particular devotion to the reverent celebration of the Mass, fidelity to the teachings of the Church, prayer (including the Divine Office), and study of the Bible and the Early Fathers of the Church.
Unlike other monastic communities, its members are mainly lay people - men and women, married and single - but includes priests as well.
The comunità was originally established in Florence, and its members commit themselves to attending weekly prayer meetings, monthly one-day retreats, and an annual week of spiritual exerciseread...