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sábado, 7 de outubro de 2017


Chapter I
The Shema
    The Lord God . . . morning by morning he wakens, wakens my ear to listen as those who are taught. Isaiah 50.4
ecause of our Consecration, each of us for our life of prayer recites at the beginning of each day, the 'Hear, O Israel', the Lord's Prayer, St Francis' Lauds of God, and the Beatitudes, prayers which should begin all our days.
We need to understand why we ought to say these four prayers, in what sense these are a constant reminder, a precise indication of the journey to carry out because of the Consecration we have made.
They begin with the invitation to listen and to welcome the word of God which is written for us as a fundamental law of perfect love. They end with the proclamation of the Beatitudes which spring from the fulfilling of the law as it comes to be through the Christian life: at the end of the journey of our present life peace awaits us, the joy of God, which is Paradise.
The four prayers follow the sequence in which the right places are placed in terms of this journey: we recall that the distance between us and God is infinite; yet, there is no journey except what God has established, joining us through the Incarnation, and this is the same road which we must take to