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terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

MARY: I now reveal this great mystery that the full power and glory of Jesus’ resurrection can be found in my Immaculate Heart.

11. Decades of Darkness

I have poured out the desires of my heart but I have not been able to pour forth the divine fire that abides in my heart. How I suffer from these flames that should have already been released upon the world. How much different the human history of the 20th century would have been if only my requests at Fatima had been heeded.
I made so many promises but few believed me or fulfilled what I asked. Now, I plead again, through these little locutions, so hidden yet so clear. These words reveal my longings.
For all these decades, I have watched the human race become entangled in darkness, violence, wars, addictions and sufferings. Even worse, I have seen millions of souls lost forever in the eternal flames of hell. This is the vision I gave to the three children.
Now I make this final plea. Yes, it is final. The time is so very short. The catastrophes are at hand, yet still able to be avoided. That is why I plead with such urgency. Holy Father, consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart so the great mystery can be released. O reader, you must enter immediately. So little time is left.

10. The Mystery Revealed

 Jul 18th, 2013
Just as God revealed to St. Paul the mystery that the Gentiles were co-heirs with the Jews to the riches of Christ, so I now reveal this great mystery that the full power and glory of Jesus’ resurrection can be found in my Immaculate Heart.
Why has this mystery been kept hidden? Why is it now being revealed? In the Ages of Faith, all accepted Jesus. The power and glory of his resurrection was seen by all. Now, Satan has been covering over these lights. The world lives in a new darkness, never present since the gospel was preached to the whole world.
The heavenly Father decreed this mystery from the beginning, when he promised that a woman would bring forth a Son (Gen.3:15). Now he has now decided to reveal this to the whole world. I am using these little locutions (themselves so hidden) to explain this mystery.
O reader, you need not wait. To you, the mystery is revealed. You believe. I invite you to enter my heart and find there the glory of Jesus’ resurrection.

9. The Resurrection Glory

When Jesus appeared to me it was not just for a short time as he did to the disciples. He remained with me with his permanent risen presence. I was continually taken up in the resurrection glory. Later, when he ascended to heaven, my spirit joined him in the glory of the Trinity. All that was lacking was my bodily assumption which would happen in a few years.
In the meantime, I would be with the disciples, explaining to them the full power and glory of the resurrection. This is my task to the present day, the one that absorbs me in the great time of darkness. Satan is trying to obscure, to cover over, to hide the glory of Jesus’ resurrection. He does not want my Immaculate Heart to be exalted because Jesus has prepared my heart for this very moment of human history. Oh, when will this happen? When will Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart? Until that moment, the darkness will increase.

8. The Fire of Love

 Jul 16th, 2013
On Saturday, I was in the deepest darkness. Only by faith could I cling to my God, who was preparing me to be the repository of the divine fire of love.
As soon as my Son rose from the dead, I knew that the whole world had changed. The cosmos was purified. The powers of darkness received a mortal wound and the divine life of grace was now available to all. Such is the great mystery that I held in my heart and which I now reveal.
All the divine love, needed by every person in the world was placed in my heart. Why was I given the power of the resurrection? Why did my heart receive the divine fire? Because Satan could never destroy that fire but he could cover it over by his darkness. That is what he has done. Modern man walks in Satanic darkness because he cannot find the fire of the resurrection.
Only when my Immaculate Heart is exalted according to the Father’s divine plan will Satan’s cover be removed and all the world will see clearly to enter this fire of love.

7. The Emptiness of the Tomb

Finally, I come to the greatest gift in my heart, pure love for God and for others. This love is a divine fire that the heavenly Father placed in my heart at the first moment of my conception. As I accepted this fire with a total “yes”, it continually descended from the bosom of the Trinity.
Then, the Holy Spirit overshadowed me and the Word became flesh within. For nine months, the Word fed this divine fire. When I gave birth, I saw the face of Jesus for the first time. All of my motherly affections were touched by this divine fire.
As I watched Jesus grow, this fire grew also. When I sacrificed him upon the cross, only the divine fire could fill my emptiness. The full emptiness came with his burial, as the stone was rolled in front of the tomb. No one on earth nor even the angels in heaven could understand that darkness. Only the divine fire sustained me. This is the beginning teaching on this heavenly fire.

6. The Gift of Truth

 Jul 14th, 2013
As you enter my heart you will encounter the Holy Spirit of truth. This light should fill your soul and all your thoughts and decisions. Truth is a mantle with which I cover and protect my special ones. They live only in the truth of God’s word and commandments.
They do not call evil good, nor do they pretend that they can do whatever they wish. They know that God is truth and that his laws are sacred. They listen to the Church, as an authentic voice of truth, guided infallibly by the Holy Spirit. They rejoice in the truth and want to know all that is revealed by God.
They do not avoid the light of truth nor put it under a bushel basket. They do not live in the darkness nor in the evil that grows in darkness. They hate lies because Satan is the Father of lies. When the light comes, they abide in it, grateful for its blessings and wanting no other gift. They are my true and faithful children whom I will never, never let go.

5. The Three Gifts of Light

My heart is filled with every light. Whoever enters is immediately touched by that light. First, they see how many times they have acted in darkness. They understand the foolishness of their decisions. They have been like Esau.
They have sold their baptismal inheritance for a bowl of soup. They repent of their sins and seek pardon.
As they enter more deeply, my light penetrates their being. They see their selfishness in relationships and their poor choices. They have fished all night in the darkness and have caught nothing of value. My light reveals what to do so their lives have true value.
Now, I come to the greatest gift. In my light, they will see my Son, Jesus, and the great love he has for them. They will come to know him and the power of his resurrection. Anyone who abides in my light will become a new person, putting away the deeds and feelings of darkness.

4. The Burning Divine Fire

In my heart, you will find a burning divine fire that will melt you. O reader, your own heart is wounded and isolated, sometimes even broken by the burdens and strife. You seek relief in so many ways, some of them sinful. All of these unresolved conflicts multiply. They remain within you and become infected.
Where is your relief? I reveal this burning fire and invite you to enter. Do not be afraid. It is a fire containing every blessing. Each time you come, the fire will purify you, free you, cast out your burdens, remove the anger and give you light.
In strife and contentions, you often ask, “How do I respond?” Enter the divine fire and you will make the perfect response. Oh, how many gifts in my heart and how few know about them!

3. A Mother’s Voice

In my heart, O reader, you can hear the voice of divine knowledge. I always said “yes” to God’s will and with each yes, greater divine light was given to me. I understood all the aspects of God’s plan. I easily distinguished light from darkness and true light from false lights. As you enter my heart, you will hear my voice, a mother’s voice that will save you.
In the world, and even in your own heart, you hear false and destructive voices which lead you into darkness. You have listened for so long to these voices, that your whole life has become clouded in darkness. You ask, “Where is the light? Where have I gone wrong? How can I gain again what I had?” In my heart you will hear my voice. Enter my heart. Hear my voice. Do this always, every day and every hour. I will lead you back to the light and you will tell others.

2. Lifting Anxiety and Burdens

Jul 10th, 2013
First, I speak about peace because there is no peace in the world or peace in the human heart. O reader, your heart is filled with anxieties of every kind. You do all you can to free yourself but you only get more entangled. When you enter my Immaculate Heart, you must always leave your anxieties there. You must give me your burdens. I want them. For you, they are heavy weights. For me, they are like the tiniest feathers which I easily lift up. For you, they are great difficulties. For me, they are great joys, the joy of a mother who frees her children.
When you enter my heart, be sure to bring all your burdens. As you mention them, you will recall others and you will see all the harm they are doing to you. That is only the first step. You must leave your burdens with me. They are your gifts to me.
When your prayer is over and you leave my heart to return to your tasks, I will be disappointed if you take any of these anxieties with you. If you do, then return again and again to my heart until they are all left behind. My peace will flood you and you will give me thanks.

1. Advertising the Gifts

 Jul 9th, 2013
I must once again go deep into my heart and bring forth the gifts. They lie there, waiting for you to seek them and open them. I must be like an advertiser who wants you to know all the benefits you will gain from his products so you are attracted and convinced. I will do the same.
Often I say, “Come into my heart and discover all the gifts that I have for you”. I must do more. I must describe each gift, show how easily you can gain it and all the blessings you will experience.
My heart holds gifts for everyone in the world. In my heart, all find the gifts meant for them. No one goes away disappointed. All the gifts are free, already paid for by the death of my Son, Jesus. Let us begin.