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terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

Filósofo D. V. Hildebrand, elogiado por 3 Papas, sobre a Negligência Episcopal

Real Catholic TV Video Clip on Dietrich von Hildebrand Indictment of Bishops' Negligence

Dietrich von Hildebrand stated, “One of the most horrifying and widespread diseases in the Church today is the lethargy of the guardians of the Faith of the Church. …
I am thinking [here] of the … numerous bishops … who make no use whatever of their authority when it comes to intervening against heretical theologians or priests, or against blasphemous performances of public worship. …
But it is most especially infuriating when certain bishops who themselves show this lethargy toward heretics, assume a rigorously authoritarian attitude towards those believers who are fighting for orthodoxy, and who are thus doing what the bishops ought to be doing themselves! …
The drivel of the heretics, both priests and laymen, is tolerated; the bishops tacitly acquiesce to the poisoning of the faithful.
But they want to silence the faithful believers who take up the cause of orthodoxy, the very people who should by all rights be the joy of the bishops’ hearts, their consolation, a source of strength for overcoming their own lethargy.
Instead, these people are regarded as disturbers of the peace. …
The insult to God which is embodied in heresy is often not as tangible and irritating for them as a public act of rebellion against their authority.” ( Title is "Sloth : Not just a strange beast from South America")