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domingo, 29 de setembro de 2013

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. by Elizabeth Wang

The Mass is like a window into time, through which we are present to the Saving Sacrifice of Christ, as Mary looks on


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    The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Remember the reason for our confidence, hope and devotion, whenever we gather before the altar. We belong to Christ's Church; and Christ's whole Church of earth, Purgatory, and Heaven is praying here at the Holy Mass, offering one, marvellous Sacrifice to the Father.

    Welcome Christ at the Consecration, as the priest holds up the Sacred Host. Speak to Christ in the silence of your heart.

    Thank Jesus for having died for you, as the Chalice of His Precious Blood is held up to view, when the wine has been consecrated.

    Remind yourself that when you're present at the Offering of the Holy Sacrifice it's as though you're at the foot of the Cross. We can be sure that Jesus is Really Present, praying to the Father on our behalf, asking for forgiveness and Salvation.

    Take heart from the Church's teaching that this Mass and the sacrifice of Calvary are one and the same Sacrifice, offered here now, in our presence, in reparation for sin, as Christ prays to the Father on our behalf; and Christ's prayer includes all our needs and all our good intentions.

    'Open' your heart and soul very fervently to God the Father, as you unite yourself, interiorly, with Christ, as the priest holds up the chalice and paten which contain Christ's Sacred Body and Precious Blood, and says: "Through Him, with Him, in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honour is yours, Almighty Father, for ever and ever."

    Add a fervent 'Amen' - by which you confirm that you yourself offer that honour and glory to the Father, through Christ, in the Eucharist.

    This text is published as Chapter 4 of How to Pray (Part One: Foundations), pages 31-38, entitled 'How to Pray the Mass'