S. Teresa
di Gesù


S. Giovanni della Croce


S. Teresa
di Gesù Bambino 
del Volto Santo




S. Elisabetta
della Trinità


S. Teresa Benedetta
(Edith Stein)

teresadelosandesS. Teresa
di Los Andes
miriamS. Maria 
di Gesù Crocifisso
(Mariam Baouardy)
nonio quadratoS. Nonio
di S. Maria
Maria Eugenio di Gesù Bambino
de Ossò
bamssBeato Alfonso
Maria dello
Spirito Santo
mgjBeata Maria Giuseppina
di Gesù Crocifisso
ciriacoSan Ciriaco Elia della Santa Famiglia
SenzanomeBeata Francesca d'Amboise
stmscgS. Teresa Margherita


S. Raffaele Kalinowski

stockS. Simone Stock
mceBeata Maria Candida dell'Eucaristia
beataannaBeata Anna
di S. Bartolomeo
mariadigesùBeata Maria
di Gesù
mariaincarnazioneBeata Maria dell'Incarnazione
dionisioredentoBeati Dionisio della Natività
e Redento
della Croce
jngBeata Giuseppa Naval Girbés
sacS. Andrea Corsini
SenzanomeS. Pier
del Sacro Cuore
di Gesù
albSant'Alberto di Gerusalemme
mcgBeate Martiri
di Guadalajara
teresarrBeata Teresa Maria della Croce
mcBeate Martiri
di Compiègne
bfpBeato Francesco di Gesù Maria Giuseppe
eliaBeata Elia 
di S.Clemente
fralorenzoVen. Lorenzo della Risurrezione
mariamaddalenaS. Maria Maddalena
De' Pazzi
Giovanni Soreth
Battista Spagnoli 
gioacchinaS. Gioacchina de Vedruna
mmjS. Maria Maravillas 
di Gesù
bmrBeati Martiri
di Rochefort
da Trapani
bmsslgBeata Maria
di San Luigi
miniBeata Maria
di Gesù Sacramentato
mariateresadisangiuseppeBeata Maria
Teresa di San Giuseppe
martirispagnaBeati Martiri di Spagna
































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quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

catechesis Benedict XVI gave during the general audience held in St. Peter's Square: "God Is; God Is Good, and His Mercy Is Eternal"

On Psalm 136 (135)

"God Is; God Is Good, and His Mercy Is Eternal"

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 19, 2011 (Zenit.org).- Here is a translation of the Italian-language catechesis Benedict XVI gave today during the general audience held in St. Peter's Square. The Pope today continued his catecheses on prayer with a reflection on Psalm 136 (135).
* * *
Dear brothers and sisters,
Today I would like to meditate with you on a psalm that summarizes the whole of salvation history as recounted for us in the Old Testament. It is a great hymn of praise that extols the Lord in the manifold, repeated manifestations of His goodness throughout the course of human history; it is Psalm 136 -- or 135 according to the Greco-Latin tradition.
A solemn prayer of thanksgiving known as the "Great Hallel," this psalm is traditionally sung at the end of the Hebrew Passover meal, and was probably also prayed by Jesus during the final Passover celebrated with the disciples; the Evangelists seem in fact to allude to it in their annotations: "And when they had sung the hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives" (cf. Matthew 26:30; Mark 14:26). The horizon of praise thus illumines the difficult road to Golgotha. The whole of Psalm 136 takes the form of a litany marked by the refrain "for His steadfast love endures forever."READ MORE...