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    segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2016

    Socci:There has been a coup in the Church... The Apostolic Exhortation is a turning-point in Catholic Doctrine

    Antonio Socci: There has been a coup in the Church

    Let us rebel against “the dictatorship of relativism” which is destroying Catholicism and our civilization.
    Antonio Socci
    April 10, 2016
    In “La Repubblica” yesterday, the Catholic ideologue of progressivism , Albert Melloni,  informs us that Bergoglio’s Exhortation (re-named by some “Familiaris divorzio” ) is “a praise to erotic joy”.  With this, he makes it seem like a playful treatise on pornography to be published in Dagospia* with the title: “Coito ergo sum”. 
    Isn’t the idea of ‘red-light’ Vatican pathetic?  To be sure, the Bergoglian “modernism” of today brings to mind the image of an eighty year-old woman running around in a mini-skirt and stiletto heels, exposing her bosom to all and sundry. Also on social issuesBergoglio rehabilitates the fossilized  slogans of those abominable “red-light” 1960s, now at the age of catheters and Alzheimer’sThen the Bergoglian pages on Eros which are a clumsy amateurish copying (with errors) of the theological  and pastoral masterpiece by John Paul II, who, in his catecheses on Genesis and the body, linked together splendidly the “Eros” and “Agape” in Christian marriage.
    To Genesis and the Song of Songs, Wojtyla added his past human experience as a poet- miner-theologian and in his youth took part in the resistance against Nazism and Communism reading St. John of the Cross and Monfort.
    Someone paraphrasing Melloni, says that the Bergoglian Exhortation is, in reality, “a praise to heretic joy”  (not erotic). And that is the rub.

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    Mortal sin is replaced with social sin and the door to Communion for the divorced and remarried is opened: the real sin is ignoring the poor
    Antonio Socci
     April 9, 2016

    Was Cardinal Kasper right when he announced “the great revolution” a month ago?  With the Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris laetitia is Bergoglio overturning the Magisterium of the Church, thus putting himself above the words of Christ and God’s commandments?

    With words he says he is not changing doctrine. But with facts he has today opened up to something that until now has been forbidden by Holy Scripture and the Church.