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domingo, 20 de outubro de 2019



 Who We Are
The The Benedictine Sisters of the Byzantine Church are the only Benedictine community of religious women in the United States who follow the Byzantine Rite. 

Benedictine Sisters live by the Rule written by Saint Benedict who lived in Nursia, Italy, from 480-547 A.D. Over the years, this Rule has been adapted to meet the current needs of the times, but its essential monastic values still remain very much alive.
We, the Benedictine Sisters at Queen of Heaven Monastery, deepen our relationship with God through the Benedictine monastic vows of Stability, Obedience, and Conversion of Life. With these vows, we promise to support one another on our spiritual journey. We listen to God's voice for guidance in our decisions. We commit ourselves to life-long cooperation with the life-creating grace of the Holy Spirit to grow more fully into the image of Christ.

PHILOSOPHY - CHARISM - MISSIONGOD IS WITH US! S NAMI BOH! The Gospel joyfully proclaims that the Kingdom of God is here (Mt. 4:17). God loves us and calls each of us to be loving persons. We, the sisters of Queen of Heaven Monastery, have chosen to respond to God's call and to witness to the gospel values through our Benedictine vows. We seek God in community life and prayer which overflows into a life of service.
In ministering to the people of God, we share the riches of the faith and traditions of the Byzantine Church. Our monastic community combines the charism of St. Benedict with Eastern Christian spirituality. We are a sign of the universality of the Church. Our goal is "that in all things God may be glorified!"