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domingo, 20 de outubro de 2019

Holy Theophany Monastery, a Romanian Greek-Catholic Monastery of Nuns, in Olympia, WA.

Monastic Conference 2019

Holy Theophany Monastery - Olympia, WA

Every year the Monastics (monks and nuns) of Eastern Byzantine Catholic Traditions that live in western United States, meet for several days to share their lives of prayer, fraternity, and common struggles and challenges. The annual conference was held this year on August 20-23 at Holy Theophany Monastery, a Romanian Greek-Catholic Monastery of Nuns, in Olympia, WA. They were the hosts for such important gathering, and as usual, they went our of their way to make this event as hospitable and fraternal as possible. Praised be Jesus Christ for Eastern Catholic Monastic life. 

Our postulant Kevin Gaughen was invested as a novice monk the eve of the feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Joining the monastic brotherhood in this holy occasion were his parents and other family members along with our devoted extended community who support us with their love and prayers.
The monastery was originally established in 1972 under the title of "The Monks of Mt. Tabor". Our founder, +Archimandrite Boniface, of blessed memory, was intent of making the focus of this new foundation in Michigan, the LIGHT of Mt. Tabor. That transforming Light of Christ follows Him as the Light and in following they in turn become transfigured IN HIM, with Him and thru Him.
It was later, with the encouragement of our Bishop that the monastery would be more properly identified as Holy Transfiguration and the legal corporation retained the title of The Monks of Mt. Tabor.
It is a great and wondrous work of God that lives and continues to be transformed in this holy place. We are grateful for the grace and strength that has been given to Kevin who, at his investiture received the monastic name of Br. Kosmas, to surrender his life more fully to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is realized in this place and in our monastic Typikon (Rule).
We are also aware of the great responsibility that now lies before us in instructing Br. Kosmas along with our postulants Jared, Joseph and Daniel in the way of salvation.
We cannot do this without your support and prayers. We are very conscious of how many of our friends are assisting in the renewed flourishing of our monastic community.
May God reward you abundantly. Pray for us sinners.
+ Abbot Damian Higgins