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quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

Day 4 of the pilgrimage with the Canons Regular: The Rite of Braga Today brought a celebration of the Mass using the Rite of Braga, which is a city in Portugal that has it’s own traditional rite. The Missa Cantata that was celebrated today is very close to the Roman Rite, with a few subtle differences. One difference seen in the first few photos is that the celebrant prepares the chalice with water and wine at the beginning of the Mass (before the prayers at the foot of the altar), and that the Mass begins with reciting the “Ave Maria”.

preparing the chalice at the beginning of Mass

Elevation of the Most Sacred Blood, with the chalice covered as per the Rite of Braga

while the assisting priest places the reserved sacrament back into the tabernacle, the celebrant continues to genuflect at the altar
kneeling, the celebrant and servers recite the commemoration of the Blessed Virgin