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sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

Papal Mass at Westminster Cathedral : This morning, our Holy Father Pope Benedict offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Cathedral of the Precious Blood in Westminster; the Mass is a Votive Mass of the Precious Blood . Here are some impressions (click to enlarge) which will be updated during the celebration.

(see Papal Visit missal here). 

The Cathedral before Mass:

View from behind the altar:

The Pope leaving the sacristy:

At the foot of the presbyterium:

Veneration of the altar:

At the cathedra:

While the choir sings the gloria of Byrd's Mass for five voices:

Bird's eye view:

Blessing of the deacon:

Proclamation of the Gospel:

The homily:

The offertory, during which Bruckner's sublime Christus factus est was sung:



Holy Communion:

General view:

Final blessing:

After Mass, the Holy Father adressed 2,500 young people gathered from the British parishes:

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