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quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

Fotos do Santo Padre celebrando o início hoje da Quaresma com a imposição das cinzas na Santa Missa

Benedict XVI and Ash Wednesday - live

The Holy Father has begun his journey from Sant’Anselmo to Santa Sabina for the Ash Wednesday Roman Station Mass.

The Mass to be heard on Vatican Radio and CTV.

I know the liturgical eye-candy folks at NLM will probably be diligent in posting images, so I won’t do too much of that.

Maybe a few.

It is nice to see Archbishop Burke on hand.

The wonderfully preserved Roman Basilica Santa Sabina.

There are Cardinals vested as deacons.


The Holy Father and sacred ministers are vested in the wonderful "Philip cut" of the Roman vestment, which was in use after the Council of Trent. This style shows the organic development of vestments from the fuller version, to the more cut-down Roman vestment in use today.

Note the pontifical dalmatic.

icon for podpress B16 Sermon for Ash Wednesday 2010 [10:28m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

A view of an interpretation of the "Benedictine arrangement" of the altar.

Note that the corpus is turned to the celebrant. Also, note the 7th candle.

The Holy Father with the principle clergy of Rome, his cardinals.

In Italy is the custom to sprinkle ashes on the top of the head rather than to trace a Cross on the forehead.

A better look at a dalmatic. Note the tassels from the shoulders.

With Card. Arinze.


I thought other blogs would pick up more images from this Mass, so I stopped posting them here.

But I do have a few more.

Here are a couple for starters.

Here is the controversial editor of L’Osservatore Romano, Gian Maria Vian next to a cleric who may be known to some of you.

The Roman manner of giving the sign of peace.

If anyone around the Philadelphia area was wondering where Card. Rigali was today…