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quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2014

MARY: I have tried to describe those forces that have been placed in the stream, waiting beneath the surface and ready to come forth. Now, I must move on to my Church and to describe its life. I will speak of what is hidden and often overlooked.

3. The Beginning Gifts

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With the many new blessings flowing from my heart should not these faithful Catholics be the first ones to know and to receive.  They already attend mass and call upon my name.  They have not abandoned their religious practices, even though others have walked away.  They are confused by all that is happening in the world but the light of faith and practice still burns within their hearts.  They will be the first group to receive, the first ones to experience the outpouring of my heart.  To them, I speak now.
When I come to you, when I offer you my new gifts, open wide your hearts.  I am preparing you.  You need these new gifts.  They will begin with an invitation, an opportunity to attend a gathering, to read a book or to join a group.  Do not set this invitation aside.  It is an invitation to a new way of life, to join with others on the road.
Others will not yet have this opportunity.  These, too, I will prepare by special private graces.  Everything that bears my name – the churches, the books, the traditional devotions will gain a hold upon you.  You will find new attractions.  Whatever carries my name will draw you, without any personal effort, into its power.
These are the beginning gift.  For those who accept these invitations, greater, more powerful and more lasting gifts await.  All is needed to prepare for the darkness.
Comment:  Our Lady is speaking first to devout Catholics, saying that new graces await them.

2. New Gifts for Faithful People

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How flourishing my Church was, so many vocations and so many faithful laity.  All were gathered around me and my name was on their lips.  Now, the flourishing harvest of vocations has become just a handful and many laity have walked away from their faith.  This is what catches the eyes of most.
But, look!  How many are still in the fields, laboring to bring forth good fruit.  How many still cherish the sacraments and the Catholic devotions.  Even among the young, the gift of faith flourishes in many hearts.  This is where I will begin.  They need only a light, a signal of hope, a direction, a new voice, clear and true, to inspire their hearts.  This is why I speak.
To you who labor in the fields, who have always sought to preserve the faith in your homes and in your parishes, I know your travail.  I know your sadness that many do not respond, even the members of your family.  I know the darkness that you have been through, not just the personal darkness but your dismay at all that has happened to a once glorious Church.  Do not say that the Church is in ruins and decay.  Within the Church is much hidden life, many people doing all that they can to preserve and pass on the ancient faith that is always new.
To you, I will speak.  Read these words carefully.  They will be your guide.  I know the labor of your hearts and all the efforts you have made.  None of them is lost, even when your words and your deeds seemingly had no effect.
Now, I call you in a different direction.  Before you continue on, come into my heart.  Find the new gifts that await you.  Should not you, who have been faithful to my Church, be the first ones to discover the new gifts of my heart.
Comment:  Our Lady accurately describes many Catholics who have been faithful to the Church, but saddened.  She knows their efforts and will open to them, first of all, the gifts of her heart.

1. Overcoming the Darkness

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These events will come forth because human history moves on, bringing forth what has been imbedded in its past.  I have tried to describe those forces that have been placed in the stream, waiting beneath the surface and ready to come forth.  Now, I must move on to my Church and to describe its life.  I will speak of what is hidden and often overlooked.
Many lay people take their Baptism very seriously.  They offer their help at the parishes, attend its services and keep their hearts loyal.  They are faithful Catholics and even though there have been many scandals, they do not allow them to shake their faith.
They have received a Catholic heritage and they want to pass this on to their children and grandchildren.  They have never given up the dreams placed in their hearts from the beginning.  They have always believed in the Church.  Even when the scandals came, they held on in the darkness and continued to serve and to believe.
Their numbers are much larger than the public perception.  These Catholic will be my foundation.  In so many ways, they have come through the darkness.  They have believed when the darkness of events covered over their churches.  Now, I am ready to use them.  To these I will speak now.
Comment: So many Catholics remained faithful during the scandals.  Now Our Lady will prepare them for what is ahead.