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quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2014

Mary: To Satan, his plans seem perfect, flawless and inevitable. But even he knows that the Woman is his enemy and that she stands on the sidelines, still not invoked or invited to come full into the battle.

7. The Two Floods

Once the walls break down, who can stop the floods?  Who can even predict where the waters will go?  Do they not take on their own life, set free to flow anywhere?  Such will be the flow of events once the walls are pierced, the weak and tottering walls that many know cannot hold back the floods of events.
There will be many floods, all converging and aiding one another in their destructive paths.  The convergence is deliberate, the design of the Evil One who has plotted out this moment for centuries.
He believes that his plans are foolproof.  He has arranged the people whom he needs as leaders.  He has stirred up the hearts of millions who are ready to respond to his signal.  He has weakened all the resources that can be used against him.  He has led Western nations into financial debt.  He has weakened the resolve of millions by their sinful lifestyles.  He has slain millions of children in the wombs of their mothers.
Is this not a true picture?  Who will argue against me?  Who will defend the opposite positions?  Will not all of these forces continue?  Who will reverse the tide?  This is my surprise, the promise which flows from the deepest regions of my Immaculate Heart.
To Satan, his plans seem perfect, flawless and inevitable.  But even he knows that the Woman is his enemy and that she stands on the sidelines, still not invoked or invited to come full into the battle.
This is my promise.  As the events begin (and remember there will be a series of events) an opening will be created.  Voices will be raised.  “Why has Russia not been consecrated as Our Lady has asked?”  Other events, within the Church, will coincide.  Finally, the consecration of Russia will take place.  A surprising flood will be released.  There will then be two floods, good and evil, one destroying and the other saving.
Comment:  Our Lady describes the first flood which we can all see.  She promises a second flood of her blessings when Russia has been consecrated.

6. Israel and Iran

Where do all these events lead?  I must again speak of Israel, the forgotten nation in the Middle East conflicts.  Satan has his eyes on Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is his prize.  There he was defeated and cast out.  God’s blood still abides in that city and it has never lost its place in my heart.
The fires that ravage the Middle East are really aimed at Israel and its destruction.  Satan has never lost sight of that goal.  Other world leaders have set Israel aside and have jeopardized its existence.  They have even signed treaties with Iran which has pledged to destroy Israel.
World leaders walk in such darkness that Satan easily plans his steps.  They do not grasp what is of true value.  So, I must speak.  Israel sees itself abandoned.  Its enemies are protected.  Its friends are absorbed with other goals.  It stands alone.  Better than any other nation, Israel knows the dangers that imperil its existence.  It sees that it cannot wait.  Others will not act in its defense, so it will act on its own.  It cannot allow the tide to continue to flow in.  It cannot allow these events to take their course, because their course is the destruction of Israel.
In Israel’s eyes, everything is clear.  Its enemies are strong and near.  Its friends show no interest and are powerless to put out the Middle East fires.  So, it must act in its own defense.  It cannot allow a nuclear Iran.
Comment:   Our Lady says that Israel will take whatever steps are needed to prevent Iran from getting nuclear arms.