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terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2014

MARY: So, I speak to give hope. Where there is hope, there is light. Where there is light, the sufferings are less. When the sufferings are less, people can find their way to heaven. There is so much more to say.

5. Babylon is Fallen

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Walls are built to protect cities and systems.  Walls were also built to protect banks and economies.  These were the rules which governed the financial markets.  These walls have been destroyed, not by God but by man himself by decisions made secretly and unknown to many.
Voices were raised in warning but were not heeded.  Year after year, the broken walls allowed enemies to enter who consumed the wealth of nations.  Yes, the wealth of entire nations has been stolen.  These nations are worse than bankrupt.  They are flooded in debt.  Do not blame God for these problems.  Man has violated every law of God, the laws that demand honesty and true accounting.
Long ago, you removed your walls.  The enemies are not at the gates.  They are within your city, too numerous for you to dispel or overcome.  These enemies will consume you.  You will no longer own your own cities.  Others will claim them.  America, you have sold yourself into the slavery of debt.  You are owned by others who soon will come to claim what is truly theirs.  Then, your shame shall be seen.  You will be like the fallen Babylon.  Merchants will grieve over you.  Those who sold you their goods, will also despair.  You were their richest customer but now your economy is in shambles.
Can I save you?   Are there not ten just men in your midst?  I will save, but only those who follow me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun.
Comment:  Our Lady alludes to the fall of Babylon in Revelations, Chapter 18 and the saving of Lot’s family in Genesis, Chapter 19.  Read those texts.

4. Satan’s End Game

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The gaps continue to widen and the economic structures grow weaker daily.  There are also the gigantic costs of waging wars and the destruction of nations and societies.  The problems are not limited to one place or to one area of society.
Satan’s plan has been manifold.  He has placed his dynamite everywhere, in the hearts of his chosen leaders like Putin, in the hearts of the Muslim radicals, in the hearts of politicians making self-serving decisions, and in the hearts of all who have been caught up in selfish lifestyles.  His dynamite is planted everywhere, in the wars, the killing of the unborn and the total turning away from religious practices which have prepared for his end game.
That is the word that I have held back until now – the endgame.  The world is entering the era of Satan’s endgame, the goal he has had, not for just one century but for twenty centuries, ever since Jesus defeated him on Calvary and the gospel went forth. After that, he suffered many defeats.  The word of God spread.  Believers were baptized.   Satan was renounced.  Cultures were formed, especially in the Middle East and the West.  Missionaries went forth to Latin America and to Africa.  The waters of Baptism were putting out the fires of hell.  Satan was being cast out.
So, he developed a new strategy.  He could not put out the light of Jesus’ resurrection but he could cover it over.  So, he began, especially with the French Revolution and installing the goddess of reason in a church dedicated to me.  Then, he sowed the seeds of hatred, leading to two world wars.  He brought the world into the atomic age, the electronic age, the worldwide, global economy.  All of these were established on poor foundations, easily able to bring about worldwide chaos and destruction.  How many times I have already saved the world, as in the  Cuban missile crisis.
Now, I use will use these little locutions to speak.  In the face of all of these sources of destruction, I promise to do all in my power to save the world.  However, the time is not just short, Satan has begun the events leading to his endgame strategy.  The Church must be aware.  The Holy Father must awaken to this new reality.  More important, you, the reader, must run to me with total hope in your heart.  I will save whoever comes to me.
Comment: Our Lady helps us to look down the road that the world is traveling.

3. Hope Amid the Implosion

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As gaping holes open up and the shortages of resources become evident, great fears will grip so many.  They will realize that irrevocable changes have taken place which have no solutions.  The sinful decisions that have been made for decades, the wasteful spending, the false money supply, and the credit that expanded beyond control have finally hit their limit, an inevitable outcome of the present policies.
There will be an implosion.  When gigantic waves hit a wall, they turn back upon themselves.  Instead of expanding, everything will contract.  How far this will happen, no one will know.  Only time and the market forces will determine the final outcome.
All will be swept up in these financial collapses, from the richest financier to the poorest citizen.  That is the nature of an economy.  It is a system that embraces all.
Why do I speak when there is such an inevitability, when the forces move ahead with no restraint?  My goal is the salvation of souls, that all arrive in their heavenly home.  Satan will use all of these disasters to cast the world into darkness and despair.  I have constantly taught that Satan causes sufferings.  He uses sufferings to cast a darkness.  He uses the darkness to get souls into despair.  He uses despair so people end up in his hands and not in mine.
So, I speak to give hope.  Where there is hope, there is light.  Where there is light, the sufferings are less.  When the sufferings are less, people can find their way to heaven.  There is so much more to say.  I will continue to speak during this year as the events come closer.
Comment: Our Lady always gives hope.

2. The Downward Spiral

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The events will rush in from every side, far beyond the capacity of the world to respond.  A cycle will be created, one event feeding the other and leading to the next in a downward spiral.
The world will have no firm footing.  Anxiety will be everywhere.  Man will look to his own strengths and find them greatly wanting.  They will then reevaluate all of their leaders.  A sobering process will set in.
Into this setting, I will raise up people of integrity, whose hearts seek the good of the people and who walk in truth.  A complete shift in thinking will occur and those who brought about these conditions will be in disgrace.  Their foolishness will be unveiled for all to see.
But the response to these problems must go far deeper than choosing new leaders.  America must return to the religious spirit which is has set aside for so long.  There will be important religious leaders, who can lead millions back to faith.
These events will bring about the time for a great decision, because America will be at the crossroads.  Those who choose the path of faith will find comfort and hope, even in the greatest  trials.  Those who seek secular solutions will experience only despair.
Prepare.  Prepare.  Prepare for this coming year.  Do not delay.  Make every effort to reclaim and to deepen your religious practices.  I will give you surprising success and new helps.
Comment:  Even in speaking about events that are out of control, our Lady shows a path of hope.

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