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terça-feira, 25 de novembro de 2014

The Joy of God in Us from The Revelations of Divine Love

And in the same showing [of Christ bleeding on the Cross) suddenly the Trinity almost filled my heart with joy. (And I understood it shall be like that in heaven without end for all that shall come there.) For the Trinity is God, God is the Trinity; the Trinity is our Maker, the Trinity is our Keeper, the Trinity is our everlasting Lover, the Trinity is our endless Joy and Bliss, by our Lord Jesus Christ. (Ch. 4)

[Our Lord God] made everything in fullness of goodness, and therefore the Blessed Trinity is always completely pleased with all His works. And all this He showed most blessedly, meaning this: "See, I am God. See, I am in everything. See, I do everything. See, I never lift my hands from my works, nor ever shall, without end. See, I lead everything to the end I ordained for it from without beginning by the same Power, Wisdom, and Love with which I made it. How would anything be amiss?" (Ch. 11)

Ah, Jesus wishes that we take heed to the bliss of our salvation that is in the blessed Trinity and that we desire to have as much spiritual pleasure, with His grace, as was said before. (That is to say, that the pleasure of our salvation be like to the joy that Christ has about our salvation as much as it can be while we are here.) The whole Trinity acted in the Passion of Christ (ministering an abundance of strengths and plenitude of grace to us by Him) but only the Maiden's son suffered (about which the whole blessed Trinity endlessly rejoices). (Ch. 23)

And so our good Lord replied to all the questions and doubts that I could raise, saying most reassuringly: "I am able to make everything well, and I know how to make everything well, and I wish to make everything well, and I shall make everything well; and thou shalt see for thyself that all manner of things shall be well. Where He says, "I am able," I understand as referring to the Father; and where He says, "I know how," I understand as referring to the Son; and where He says, "I wish to," I understand as referring to the Holy Spirit; and where He says, "I shall," I understand as referring to the unity of the blessed Trinity (three persons and one truth); and where He says, "Thou shalt see for thyself," I understand the one-ing of all mankind that shall be saved into the blissful Trinity. (Ch. 31) 

The all Powerful truth of the Trinity is our Father, for He created us and keeps us within Him;  and the deep Wisdom of the Trinity is our Mother in whom we are all enclosed; the exalted Goodness of the Trinity is our Lord and in Him we are enclosed and He in us. (Ch. 54)

I beheld the action of all the blessed Trinity.  In that sight I saw and understood these three aspects:  the aspect of the Fatherhood, the aspect of the Motherhood, and the aspect of the Lordhood, in one God. (Ch. 58)

And what can make us rejoice in God more than to see in Him that He rejoices in us, the highest of all His works? For I saw in the same showing that if the blessed Trinity could have made man's soul any better, any more beautiful, any nobler than it was made, He would not have been wholly pleased with the creation of man's soul. But because He made man's soul as fair, as good, as precious a creature as He could make it, therefore the Blessed Trinity is wholly pleased without end in the creation of man's soul, and He wills that our hearts be powerfully raised above the depths of the earth and all vain sorrows, and rejoice in Him. (Ch. 67)