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domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014

Mary: Putin will continue his aggressive strikes to gain lands and to destabilize Europe. The West has no wisdom or capability to encircle him and keep him contained.

1. The Four Difficulties of the Coming Year

The year ahead will be filled with difficulties and dangers. Difficulties will come from events. Dangers will involve human decisions. The difficulties cannot be avoided. They will happen. The dangers will come about from the wrong human responses.
I speak now about this year to come for many reasons. I am not appealing to man’s curiosity to know future events. I speak to console my children and to give them direction. I speak now of this coming year from a distant perspective. As this year goes on, I will speak more particularly. In this way, your minds are somewhat prepared and can better understand. Let us begin.
Many explosive forces lie right beneath the surface of world events. They are difficulties waiting to burst forth. In the coming year some, but not all, of these difficulties will surface. They will cause many difficulties and some aspects of human life will be changed forever.
More dangerous, however, will be the world’s response to these difficulties. People will want to regain what they formerly had. World leaders will feel pressured to find quick solutions when really none exist. I will outline specific areas of these difficulties and decisions.
Putin will continue his aggressive strikes to gain lands and to destabilize Europe. The West has no wisdom or capability to encircle him and keep him contained.
Muslim terrorists will grow much stronger. The West has been disengaged from the fight and, as the threat grows, will grow even weaker in its resolve.
The biggest difficulties lie in the economies which are too bloated and long ago have cut themselves off from reality. All is pretend. Trillions of dollars are just shifted around, a paper network that feeds upon itself.
The Ebola crisis will not be solved. Thousands will die. This is the effect of widespread poverty inflicted upon the people by corrupt African governments and worldwide economic policies.
Comment: Our Lady outlines these four difficulties in the coming year. In doing so, she shows that she will be offering her help.

6. The Next President

The washing, the cleansing, the purifying, and the stripping away come only with great pain and hardship. All of this is needed for an economic system that is built on poor foundations.  The market forces will be violent and unforgiving. No one will be able to chart the correct course.  How important is the choice of the next president.  So, let me speak to this choice that lies two years ahead.
The problem with America lies not primarily in its economy but in it morality and loss of faith.  Its economy runs like a wild horse with a government paying no attention to the realities.  However, this is just a symptom of an America run wild, with no restraints upon its desires and instincts, and little relationship to Almighty God.  The economic collapse is tied directly to its secularism.  Moving away from God has deceived America into moving away from economic restraints.
Everything is coming to a head and nothing can prevent the economic collapse.  So, who will lead America through these troubled times?  That will be the task of the next president.  How important is this choice.  The next president will need the greatest skills and the trust of everyone, on both sides of the aisle.  The person must be a believer, with a heart rooted deeply in faith and a life that is exemplary.  The next president must do what is right and make the difficult decisions.  The American people must not look at superficial qualities, like oratorical skills.  They must look to the heart of the candidates, to their truth and their goodness because the next president must inspire a country that will be going through devastating times.
Comment: With the mid-term elections completed, America turns to the 2016 elections. Our Lady prophesies extraordinary difficulties and the need for a president with great integrity.
We will begin again.  This is my promise.  We will not seek to rebuild.  We will seek rather to begin again.  Even in the midst of destruction, I will give new life.  I promise, “We will begin again” and the religious spirit will once more call America back to life.
Comment:  Our Lady continues to describe the economic collapse and its aftermath.