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segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

Solemn Mass at SS Gregory and Augustine's, Oxford. A splendid Mass - Pontificial High Mass with absolutions at the catafalque, celebrated by Bishop John Arnold and accompanied by the Westminster Cathedral Choir.

Heaven in ordinary, man well drest

Although George Herbert was committed to the Protestant religion, of which he was an ordained minister, his poem on prayer is still superb, and it seems applicable to the ancient Catholic liturgy. Obviously 'exalted Manna' is a reference to the Eucharist, and it seems reasonable to think of 'heaven in ordinary, man well drest' as an echo of the 'Sunday best' clothes we (clergy and laity alike) put on to participate in that liturgy which is eternal, indeed everyday and 'ordinary', in heaven.IMG_1647
You can't go wrong with the 'metaphysical' poets, of course, because every phrase a dozen meanings. Herbert was one of my own set texts at A Level, and he's stayed with me ever since.IMG_1679
Prayer the Churches banquet, Angels age,
Gods breath in man returning to his birth,
The soul in paraphrase, heart in pilgramage,
The Christian plummet sounding heav'n and earth;

Engine against th'Almightie, sinners towre,
Reversed thunder, Christ-side-piercing spear,
The six-daies world-transposing in an houre,
A kinde of tune, which all things heare and fear;

Softnesse, and peace, and joy, and love, and blisse,
Exalted Manna, gladnesse of the best,
Heaven in ordinarie, man well drest,
The milkie way, the bird of Paradise,

Church-bels beyond the starres heard, the souls bloud,
The land of spices; something understood.
Just another Solemn Mass at SS Gregory and Augustine's, Oxford, just another green Sunday After Pentecost. Just a plain old Chant Mass sung by the Schola Abelis, with the Offertory verses, Communion verses, and Mass IV. De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine! Out of the depths I cried to Thee, O Lord! But he has heard the voice of His Church: the church bells are heard beyond the stars, in heaven itself.

LMS Annual Requiem

A splendid Mass - Pontificial High Mass with absolutions at the catafalque, celebrated by Bishop John Arnold and accompanied by the Westminster Cathedral Choir.
I have acquired the ability to take photographs from two places at once, No, seriously, I took both of the last two myself - not with the same camera, of course. One of them I operated by remote control.IMG_1559IMG_0918
Bishop Arnold was (like all bishops celebrating Mass in the Old Rite) wearing a tunicle and a dalmatic under his chasuble, something which shows how the bishop's office incorporates the subdiaconate and the diaconate. He took these off in the sanctuary, and put on a cope, at the end of Mass, in order, first, to preach, and then to bless the catafalque.IMG_0928IMG_1596
Sharp eyed readers will see that Fr Armand de Malleray was Assistant Priest, Fr Patrick Haward deacon, and Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP subdeacon. Fr Simon Leworthy can be seen helping to distribute communion.IMG_1615More photos.

18 Nov

Yesterday members of the Society, readers of this blog and parishioners of St Mary Norwalk – a small but select group – came to the north reaches of Manhattan island to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Providence, patroness of Puerto Rico, and to explore the Spanish cultural heritage. And what better place to do that than at the Hispanic Society of America, which houses perhaps the most magnificent collection of Iberian art in North America?

The mass took place in the nearby parish of St Catherine of Genoa. It marked the return of the Traditional Mass to this altar after many decades of absence. St Catherine of Genoa (itself an unusual dedication) features the unique feature of stained glass skylights celebrating the life of St. Catherine (above). The pastor of St Cathrine was a most gracious host.

Reverend Mr. Steve Genovese served as deacon; Fr. Richard Cipolla was subdeacon. Mr David Hughes led the schola. A mass by Guerrero was sung. Mr Hughes had to improvise the chant for the propers – solo- since none have been provided for this recently instituted feast.

Fr. Greg Markey, pastor of St. Mary’s, Norwalk, preached in Spanish.

After the mass and a quick lunch, the “pilgrims” headed over to the nearby Hispanic Society. A docent of the museum gave us a very professional review of the museum, its history and collections – especially the unique room devoted to the depictions of life in the various Spanish regions by Joaquin Sorolla. Above, most appropriately, is the Holy Week procession in Seville.