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segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2014

MARY: God has placed all the gifts of the kingdom of heaven, all the gifts that Jesus brought to this earth, in my Immaculate Heart. These gifts will do everything. They will protect, guide, purge sin, and lift to greatness.

1. An Even Clearer Word

 Jul 25th, 2014
Many who read these locutions are surprised that I would think about and express my thoughts on so many issues. Am I just a heavenly figure? Did I not live on earth? Did I not conceive and give birth? Did I not share in all the sufferings? I am a mother, who takes everything into her heart and brings forth a wisdom. That is what I am doing and people should not be surprised.
I know that so many delight in my words and anxiously await the daily locution. Those who read them all are formed by my thinking and I bless them.
Now, I will embark on an even clearer road. Up to now, I have revealed my heart. Now, I will speak my mind. No one will have to read between the lines or conjecture what I mean. The words will be both pointed and true. They will cut through the darkness and give light. They will chastise but always offer the grace of conversion. When I finish, no doubts will remain about where I stand and what I think. Let no one interpret away the clarity of my words.
I will speak to a Church which has failed me, to world leaders who have deceived their people, to the rich whose gold has made them an abomination, to the powerful who have manipulated the structures of power, to the average Catholic who has been swept along by the world, to the little ones who need my encouragement and to you, the reader, who are so anxious to find your way. To the whole world, I will speak my mind.
Comment: Mary’s words have always been to the point. Now, the words will become more pointed.

9. Treasures of the Kingdom

 Jul 24th, 2014
I bring forth these gifts for everyone. All are included. My arms embrace the whole world and my heart has gifts for everyone, a secret that I am constantly revealing.
The heavenly Father created a world in which man had gifts that precluded suffering. Suffering was brought into the world by sin which caused the first parents to lose God’s grace and these special gifts. Thus began the sinful and suffering-filled stage of human history.
The heavenly Father held on to his dream of the original creation. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of heaven and proclaimed that the kingdom was at hand. This is the secret which I proclaim. God has placed all the gifts of the kingdom of heaven, all the gifts that Jesus brought to this earth, in my Immaculate Heart. These gifts will do everything. They will protect, guide, purge sin, and lift to greatness. All of God’s treasures are present in the kingdom proclaimed by Jesus and all of these treasures are in my heart, waiting to be given away. Unfortunately, many of these gifts will not be claimed even by those who love me.
Comment: Jesus spoke about “as it was in the beginning” when man’s internal and external world were in order due to special gifts. These gifts can still be found in Mary’s heart.

8. An All Encompassing Gift

 Jul 23rd, 2014
For every person in the world, I have a surprise gift, which is not revealed at first. This gift lies deep within my heart and is given only at the moment when the person is ready to receive. This gift is God’s most important secret for each person, the whole reason why God created them. This gift encompasses everything and carries with it the greatest of blessings.
This gift is the person’s divine call in which God can totally bless them and bless many others, even thousands.
Many people never receive this gift. They have not searched in my heart nor have they cooperated with the earlier gifts. A few discover the gift but, surprisingly, they reject it (like the rich young man who did not sell all his possessions).
Some embrace their gift totally. They aid many others. Even generation after generation are blessed. You can see how important is this gift. My promise is this. Such a gift exists for every person in the world. If you just seek the beginning gifts, accept them and do what they require, I will lead you to this special gift that contains your identity, your fulfillment, your life’s work and your eternal happiness. I want you to find it. I want you to accept it. I will then help you to bring the gift to fruition.
Comment: If you have never discovered the call of your life, or have never searched, or have rejected the gift, return to Mary’s heart and seek God’s gifts waiting there for you.