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sábado, 9 de setembro de 2017


In Bethlehem, when we were asking for shelter, in all the houses they refused and closed the doors, while were walking forward, we saw a cave turned into a manger, in a stable where the animals took refuge. 

My Beloved and Virginal Spouse encouraged me to go to that place. As soon as we arrived, the beautiful Mary immediately began to work, to fix up, to clean, to put in order, while I lighted the fire with wood, and moved away the beasts from the small improvised cradle, where All Powerful God would rest. How beautiful it was to watch Mary work and serve!

Wherever Mary arrived, she came to serve, to put herself at the disposition of the smallest of her brothers. Also, there, in her state, Mary began to serve God. But from there, from that forgotten place, ignored, not even valued, the Redeemer was born, and his Work was born. The first to go to receive Him were some shepherds, some keepers of sheep folds, rough men without education, but poor, but very humble. Those men of small souls went to adore Him.

My children, with this I want to teach you that Heaven doesn’t need great things or great characters to build a Work. Here, in this blessed place, in a small Garden, in a Spiritual Cradle, in this small place, are the Three Hearts, who were united that night in Bethlehem, Jesus, Mary, and I, Saint Joseph. We don’t need something big to construct the Kingdom of God. The smallest things and the simplest souls are the stones from which we will build a great Work.And with this, also, 

I invite you to be simple and to be small. Only the smallest souls will comprehend that this small Work is something big for God. The Father exalts the meek, and those who hunger for love and holiness, He fills them with his Spirit. A simple heart is a docile, obedient, and serviceable heart.

I invite all the apostles of Our Sacred Hearts not to forget that you are with us in the Small Cradle of the Last Times. I love you and give you My Patriarchal Blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.